How To Impress A Girl Older Than You?

How To Impress A Girl Older Than You?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to impress a girl older than you? Being in love and having a relationship is a very common thing nowadays. Love is a pure feeling we all know, it just happens, it never sees a person caste, religion, age, colour, background etc. This is the reason love is known as the purest feeling in the world. Being in love, makes one a better person.

But, we all have seen around and noticed that being in love with the people of same age is common and that is completely okay. In love the most important thing is having a good sense of understanding between the partners. Everything is okay until both the partners are comfortable with each other. As it is common to be in a relationship, where the partners are of same age group, but it is different and a bit weird for some people to hear about some partners with a wide age difference.

How to impress a girl older than you?

We all have seen that the male partner is elder than female partner in many cases. But, it is uncommon to see that a boy is younger than the girl in a relationship, which is completely alright, but some people treat this thing as a huge problem or something. Boys easily get attracted towards older girls, but they do not know how to impress that girl and attract them back towards them. The boys thinks that it is not easy and possible to impress a girl who is older to them, but this is not that tough to impress a girl older than you. Here are top 10 ways to impress a girl older than you-

1. Have a good sense of dressing

Have a good sense of dressing

A good dressing is always important as it enhances your personality. Everyone has a good dressing sense in their own view, but everyone should know that what kind of clothes suits them according to the other persons, who watches you.

We all have seen that mostly the younger boys nowadays like to wear funky clothes like sports dresses. Where, many older girls likes to see a guy who wears formal dresses and casual clothes. They also like to see that the guy have similar dressing sense as theirs.  So, the younger boys must have a good wardrobe collection to impress a girl who is older than him. His clothes must be pressed and he must have variety of clothes. The boy should make the girl feel that yes, it matters to the boy how he appears to the world because appearance to the outside world matters a lot to the girls.

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2. Good confidence level

Good confidence level

A good confidence level, is always important. Being confident makes a person smart in their own way. A good confidence level is always helpful to each one us.

Young boys generally have lower confidence level or over-confidence, which is disliked by older girls. So, if you want to impress a girl who is older than you, then you must have a good confidence level. Show up yourself to her, as the way you are do not try to become fake, show her your own self. If the girl would be understanding and respects each kind of person ,then she would exactly understand you if not then be confident in yourself.

Talk to the girl in confident way, this is one of the key role to impress a girl who is elder than you. It is a fact that older girl notices confidence level a lot. So, talk to her in a confident manner and with a good sense of humour, through which she can easily be impressed.

3. Maturity matters

 Maturity matters

In today’s date, we all know that having maturity is very important. The world, outside is completely different from our imagination so having maturity is really important. And if you want to impress a  girl who is older than you, then it is definitely important that you should be matured.

Your maturity can be seen by your behaviour, the way you with her and the way you behave with other people around you. You should not show the girl your tantrums like you are angry, because showing tantrums is not a sign of a matured person. Your behaviour matters a lot as the girl who is older than you, notices this a lot. You should never complaint about anything to her or in front of her as it is not a sign of matured person.

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4. Good understanding

Good understanding

Any relationship needs to have a good understanding. As good level of understanding is the base of any relationship. A girl who is older than you, will firstly notices the level of understanding in you.

As the boy is younger than the girl, the girl will be in the confusion regarding his understanding level. So, the boy must show her that he is good at understanding things, he do not judge people. A matured boy can easily understand that what the girl who is older than him wants, can definitely impress her.

5. Give her proper time

Give her proper time

If you are in relationship, it is important to give your partner proper time. As the relationship of love is about understanding and you want to have a good understanding level with your partner you need to give her proper time.

As the girl is older than you, here you need to spend more time with her. You should try to make her feel special. You should try your best that she do not feel stressed about the age difference you guys have, and this thing will definitely impress her at the best. Take her out for shopping, dinner, trip etc. As this thing definitely makes a girl feel like a princess. Give her surprises at a while and confess her about your love towards her at certain intervals. Making her feel so special will obviously impress her and attract her towards you.

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6. Treat her properly

Treat her properly

A girl always want that her man, her guy treats her properly. And here the situation is a bit different you are the one who is younger than the girl. May be the girl never express this but she feels that as the boy is younger than her then he must behave with immaturity. But you are the one who should not give her the chance of feeling that.

A good behaviour towards her will make her feel that how matured and understanding you are, and this will definitely help a boy like you to attract a older girl than you, towards you. Do all the activities which a matured gentleman do, as this will attract her towards you like a magnet. Be punctual, be polite,  dress nicely do all these stuffs to impress her. Treat her nicely in every aspect, take to different places she like and this will help you to impress a women who is older than you.

7. Good conversation skills

Good conversation skills

Talking to a anyone is normal, talking to girl is also okay, but if you want to impress a girl who is older than you, then you must know the proper way to have a conversation with her. As having a perfect level of conversation between a girl and a guy impresses a girl a lot.

As the girl is older than you, she is definitely having more expectations from you. So, you should know that how and what to talk to her. An older girl than you loves a guy, who makes her feel that he is passionate about their relationship. You must have a nice conservation with her regarding her likes and dislikes. Talk about her, shoe your interest in her, but of course not too much as it will make her uncomfortable, So, by having good conversation skills will also help you to impress a girl who is older than you.

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8. Be smart and behave accordingly

Be smart and behave accordingly

As you like a girl, who is older than you. So here you need to be smart and act according to it. So, if you are just thinking to take her out for a date is not going to work. You need to do something that would grab her attention and attract her towards you.

As the girl is older than you, so you must do the things according to her, do not try to do anything more like do not try to act with more maturity in front of a girl who is older than you, because she is more smarter than you, and will see your this behaviour as a childish behaviour. Do not do deep stuffs to impress her, as it will not impress her instead it will make her feel that you are still a kid. So simply have good conversations and take her out at a while and this is it, and will impress her.

9. Talk about common things between you both

Talk about common things between you both

You are younger than the girl. Here the common thing which both of you think is that due to age gap you won’t have anything in common. So, you talk individually about each other’s interest. And here’s the point which makes the conversation between you two a weak conversation.

So, to avoid such situation you need to talk to her and know about her likes and dislikes, also try to know about her hobbies. Then talk to her about the things girls like the most like shopping, tracking, etc. also talk to her about the things in general like movies, music and many more. Show your interest about the things she is involved in, it will definitely help you to attract her towards you.

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10. Be respectful and attentive

Be respectful and attentive

A respectful person is always liked by everyone. As you are the younger one, the girl will definitely think that you must be like the other guys of your age, who do not think about other etc.

So, here you should prove her wrong and show her that how respectful you are. Behave politely with every people around you and earn respect. Girls will automatically get attracted towards you seeing that you have such great impact in the society. You should be attentive and notice her activities as this will be liked by her. You should also try to do stuffs which could grab her attention and grab her towards you.  

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