How to impress a girl on chat?

how to impress a girl on chat

How to impress a girl on chat? : The answer of this question is explained in this article. Here I am going to tell you how to impress a girl by chatting on whatsapp or facebook or instagram. The days have gone where the boys used to impress the girl through different tricks or used to send her some sort of signals. Now it is the era of Facebook and WhatsApp. The first meeting and first chatting occurs over here only. It is quite obvious that you will be searching for her first in facebook and then you will go through her profile to know her interests and then you will want to start a conversation with her. Here we are going to help you all to avoid saying that conventional “hi” or “hlw”. In this technological era, the first impression by chatting is the last chance to impress her.

Just to help you to get your dream girl, here in this article we are providing you with some small tips which you can apply to your real life to lead a cheerful and jolly life. Yes, just remember that these tips might be small but these are 100% effective.

How to impress a girl by chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook or Instagram?

To know “How to impress a girl on chat?” read the best way to impress a girl through chatting that are mentioned below:

1. Your first ‘hi’

Try to avoid the conventional way of telling ‘hi’. Instead, try something unique, try something new and out of the box. You can try the following lines : 

  • Can I disturb the busiest person in the world?
  • Hi beautiful, looking gorgeous in your dp.
  • Can I have the pleasure of saying a few lines about you Miss World?
how to impress a girl on instagram chat

These are certain proven lines that will make bound to reply to your texts. Once, she replies back don’t lose the grip, continue to maintain the rhythm. Slowly start to develop some respect in her heart for you. Please don’t start your conversation with an emoji and too a ‘hi’ one.

2. Pick an interesting topic

Choose any trending interesting topic and start the chat. This will allow you to know her points, her views on that topic and from there you can get her interests and her likings and disliking. But don’t start with a topic when she is offline. This will make her lose interest. To get the timings when she is online you can just follow her for 2 – 3 days and get her timings, in case of WhatsApp. In the case of Facebook, you can see the last seen and can easily get the timings.

how to impress a girl by chatting on whatsapp

Try to be online at that very particular moment and start your conversation with any random but trending and interesting topic. As far as possible try to avoid long texts and also keep the frequency of your messages low or less than hers. Also, try to include your literary skills in your texts. This will not only impress her but also this will lit a feeling of respect in her heart for you.

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3. Send stickers and emojis

Have you ever read a book without any drawings, images or figures? Just long going texts and those black and white texts. How does it feel like? Yes, you are correct the person on the other end reading the messages also feels the same. So, try to include stickers and emojis in your conversations. This will allow you to convey your emotions and feelings. But then again don’t send an ocean of emojis or stickers as that can also make her feel bored.

how to impress a girl in chat conversation

Also, try to include small jokes in the midst of your conversation so that the conversation doesn’t get bored and she also might have the same interest talking to you just as yours. Cracking small jokes can also share your humor instincts and who knows that she might also be having the same humorous nature and that will eventually strengthen your bondage.

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4. Don’t ask for the same thing again and again

Just think about your relatives asking you about your exam marks or about your results and that too continuously. How does it feel like? Yes, the same kind of awkwardness and that feeling also goes through the veins of the girl when you also ask for her routine or her hobbies for n number of times. Yes, many of you might say that these are just to get her attention but then again how do you feel if you need to type the same messages. Obviously not to her but to any of your friends. She can also think it to be creepy and might think you are invading her privacy.

how to impress a girl on facebook chat example

5. Don’t invade in her privacy

Every human being has some sort of hidden secrets or some privacy. Believe me why only girls nobody likes to share those things with anyone just around. Give her all the space and time she needs to understand you. Just talk to her as if you are talking to a new friend. Just be casual. Also, try not to text her when she is busy. Otherwise, she might feel it to be creepy.

how to impress a girl on whatsapp chat

6. Share about your life

A girl tends to reply to those messages first if it catches her attention. You can easily do so by letting her know a little about yourself. Just asking for her hobbies or likes might be interesting from your point of view but it is quite boring from the other end. So, telling about your naughty stories of childhood might add some sort of fun and you can easily understand that through the type of replies that you will get. If you find that the response is positive then you can continue and proceed further. But if you get something not expected in the response then it is a red signal and you need to stop.

how to impress a girl on instagram chat

If you find the response to be positive then you can also share some laughable images of your’s childhood and can make her laugh. Take your time to reply back. Don’t be in a hurry this might show that you are desperate and might break her interest for you. You can also share some small videos or gifs of yours which might allow her to know you more closely.

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7. No Boring Messages

As I have mentioned earlier also the brand new way of telling a simple ‘hi’. Similarly, you can by yourself turn a conversation to a piece to enjoy or you can also turn it to be monotonous. Like asking about where she is or what she is doing is quite boring and might kill the interests. Many of you might feel that it expresses a caring attitude. That is ok but that again depends on the style of your chatting and your smartness and creativity.

how to impress a girl through chatting

8. Be there for her

A woman is a woman and she has many friends of the same sex with her and she will never want to add another one in the queue. I hope you got that. A woman searches for a bold and strong shoulder where she can cry her heart out. So be a man of her choice but wisely and rationally. This will lead you to get more of her respect.

If a girl at any point of time thinks about you to share her sorrows then try to be there with her at that very moment. As if you can’t be beside her in her gloomy days then you don’t have any right to be by her side in the happy days. So, be by her side when she needs you the most.

how to chat with a girl and impress her

You can also understand her personality even much better by helping her in her gloomy days. You can also create a soft corner for you in her heart by doing this.

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9. Don’t push it

If you want to impress a girl through chats then this is the most important point. Give her the time that she needs and the space that she needs. If she takes enough time to reply to your messages then give her the time and don’t send continuous messages that make you look more desperate. If you send more continuous messages then it will only annoy her more. It will make her frustrated due to the continuous notifications sounds.

how to impress a girl in chat conversation

Don’t make yourself too available and space out the time of messages. If you see that she is least bothered about your interests or least interested in your likings then she is not the match for you. Don’t get disheartened by this as you deserve someone more special.

10. Give her compliments

Which person on this earth doesn’t like to get appreciated. Every person crave for that respect and also crave for those small tokens of appreciation. The same is the case with your girl, even it is much more. Passing small compliments in the midst of your chats just seeks her attention more and also increase your interest in you. But the compliments must be a real one.

how to impress a girl in first chat

If you are over exaggerating it then she will catch you and that might take another turn. You can also send confusing emojis so that she will get back to you just to ask for the reason and it is that time when the ball is I your court and you can flaunt your literary skills and can also play a little with your words to impress her.

Now It doesn’t matters whether you are chatting with a girl on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. As I hope you have got understood How to impress a girl on chat conversation by using WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, etc. social media platforms.

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