How to impress a girl on phone call?

How to impress a girl on phone call?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to impress a girl on phone call? Are you a guy crushing on a girl? Wondering how to impress her? Impressing a girl on a phone call is feeling like a big task right. To talk with a girl on phone makes a guy nervous. To impress a girl, guys mind is filled with so many doubts and questions. Don’t worry here are some important tips to help you out in this situation.

How to impress a girl on phone call?

While trying to impress a girl, there are a lot of things a guy must take into consideration. How to start the conversation and hold on to it? What should I talk? How to express my feelings towards her? Here are some answers to all your doubts. So stop this brainstorming. Feeling nervous is not going to impress the girl. Follow the below mentioned tips to impress a girl on phone call.

Let’s have look at the top 10 ways to impress a girl on phone call.

1. Be calm

Be calm

Be calm because this is not a math exam .There is no need to be so nervous to talk with her. Being nervous may mess things up. Girls like the guys who are very calm. No girl likes an anxious guy.  Present yourself in the sense of confidence. So slow down be calm be collected and take it easy. Guys with calm behavior are often considered as they are positive minded people. Greet her well. Talk in deep voice girls loves it. You should approach her first; with a very positive attitude the output will also be positive.

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2. Be an active listener

Be an active listener

Listen to what she is saying, and let her talk .While talking to a girl do not to talk too much about you, shift your focus on to her. This is the most important quality a girl looks in guy. You should be a good listener in order to impress a girl because; girls want a guy who understands them.  If you don’t listen to her and keep talking about yourself. It shows you’re dominant, self-seeker and not interested in her. So be a very good listener, girls always have lot to talk so listen what she says. She will feel good. Don’t distract yourself while listening to her. Be attentive.

3. Make her feel special

Make her feel special

Talk naturally. While talking to a girl never show your attitude .Keep your ego and attitude aside and let her talk her heart out give her independence. Make her feel comfortable. Showing attitude proves that you are rude.  So be gentle and take it slowly. Become her comfort zone. Emphasize that she is important to you. If a girl feels comfortable talking with you, then she definitely wants to spend more time with you. Be a opinionated guy in your beliefs and also be respectful towards her. Make her feel like talking to you is a worthwhile. Don’t be creepy; be in a pleasant and relaxed mood.

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4. Show Concern

Show Concern

While talking to her, pay attention to her words. Make her feel like she’s your priority. Value and acknowledge her emotions. Be polite with her. Give respect towards her words. A girl always looks for three things in a guy caring, loving and making them happy. So, give them these they will definitely fall for you .If you show concern it means that you are caring her. She will like that quality. While she’s talking with you, you must answer everything in a very positive way. It may be about people, things and everything. Think from her perspective too.

5. Have good sense of humor

Have good sense of humor

Make her laugh. Girls love the guy who posses very good sense of humor. It is a proven fact by many researchers. Sense of humor makes her get attracted to you and you care her the most. Most of the girls like the guy who makes them laugh. Being a guy you feel that you are nervous to talk with her but girls feel even more nervous to talk with a guy. So make her laugh, and then you both will feel comfortable to start a good conversation. Keep the conversation fun and clean.

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6. Don’t bore the conversation

 Don’t bore the conversation

Ask what is she interested in and the things she like most because at the end all little things matter. Share something you are passionate about and find your common interests and talk about them. Match her vibe. Talk about movies and music. Sing a song if you are good at singing because you’re feelings can be expressed through it. Get to know about her. Talk about your passion and accomplishments, future plans. Talk about your life prospects. But do not rush things. Keep it easy and simple.

7. Ask her questions

Ask her questions

Asking questions will keep your conversation never ending and you will get to know about her a lot. Talk about social media like YouTube, Instagram and snapchat. Ask her to hangout with you. Know her favorite place to hangout. Make plans; give the girl options to choose the place to hangout. This shows that you give importance to her decisions. Be a decisive guy. Talk about the last place you have visited with your friends or family and how did it go.

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8. Express your feelings towards her

Express your feelings towards her

Yes, you read it correct. Feel free to express your feelings towards her because you are trying to impress her right? But not too much. Let her know how you feel about her. A girl wants you to show intent but not too much, pace yourself. She should know how you are feeling about her. It doesn’t mean that propose her directly. Tell her that you like her and you are into her, but don’t be overbearing. Take things slow girls like the guy who takes things slow; it shows that you are invested in her and trying to get to know her.  Don’t annoy her with over excitement. Complementing makes people feel good. So, dude you should complement her; say something’s you like about her, but note this don’t over complement her because it shows you are needy. Be confident, girls like the confident guys.

9. Be honest

Be honest

Honesty is one of the important qualities a guy should have. Put yourself out in front of her. Always be honest with girls because if girls finds out that you are lying to her you are done, things will mess up your efforts will become useless. So, try to be honest girls appreciate honesty and guy who stands in his ground. Being dishonest and lying leads to serious trust issues. If you lie to her once she will never trust you again. You are doing all these to impress her then, show her who you are because at the end all you want is her. Be true to yourself don’t try to pretend like someone else. Don’t bend the truth so you seem more likable to her. You must be honest.

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10. End the conversation with a spark

End the conversation with a spark

Ending conversation with sweet gesture is one of the best tips. If you are willing to communicate with her further, then you must end the conversation with sweet note. Tell her that talking with you made me happy. I spoke my heart out with you. Confidence in a guy plays vital role in the game of impressing a girl .So, show her that you are confident and serious about her she will simply adore you. People often say that first impression is the best impression yes, it’s true but last impression also matters the most.

These are some of the important tips a guy should follow to impress a girl on phone call .Now you are good to go, keep all these tips in your mind, you will definitely ace the conversation and impress the girl. You got this man.

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