How to impress a girl who already have a boyfriend?

How to impress a girl who already have a boyfriend

Do you know how to impress a girl who already have a boyfriend? : Well if not then start reading this article. As here I am going to tell you about the best ways to impress a girl who already have a boyfriend. Each one of us has emotional feelings, some of us show it and some of us try to hide it. It is really important for everyone to have someone special whom they can share everything without any hesitation. This can be a paraphrase for love. Love can be between any two people, can be mother and child, father and child, girl and boy etc.

It is obvious that girls and boys are attracted to each other except few cases. They develop feeling for each other. It is bad for a guy to fall for girl who is ready for commitment or relationship. It gets even worse when the guy falls for a girl who already have a boyfriend. Anyways it is important for him to know the ways to impress that girl.

How to impress a girl who already have a boyfriend?

The best ways to impress a girl who already have a boyfriend are mentioned below in detail:

1. Become mature

It is very important for a boy to become or act mature in order to impress a girl. Girls are generally attracted to boys who are elder or on who are mature. This is due to their knowledge that mature guys can handle their tantrums easily and act according to it. Maturity comes from age and experience and thus very well defines the guy’s personality which makes him attractive. We all are attracted to people who are mature and tend to become closer to them which is common human behaviour.

2. Become her Best Friend

If not best friends, atleast become her friend. We all have observed that we generally develop feelings for person whom we stay with more time. Best friends are someone girls share everything from their breakfast to dinner, which guy told him what, talking bad about different girls, the girls they are jealous of, every single detail of her relationship provided that you are the best friend of her. To become her best friend, take out time to acknowledge, share yours stories etc. and boom you are her best friend. Try to make her comfortable when she is around you.

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3. Don’t rush things

This is a very huge mistake most of the boys makes while they are trying to impress a girl. They start sending her good morning messages, gifts, acknowledging her like she is his girlfriend etc. This makes it pretty obvious that you have feelings for her and she will start avoiding you with course of time. So it’s better to not act more like her boyfriend and behave as normal friend, more of well-wisher type of friend. Some girl may like and promote this type of behaviour but generally girls don’t like boys who always try to stick around her.

4. Give her Attention

This is very important aspect of impressing the girl whether she has a boyfriend or not. Girls, in general are attention seekers and they become happy when they get attention from their acquaintance like family, best friends, boyfriends, colleagues etc. As it goes unquoted “Don’t rush things” but you can ask her that how was her day or what is she doing now. These are some questions that won’t give hint to her and make her feel that she is important to him. You can plan something on her birthday or days she is not feeling good making her naturally attracted to you.

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5. Groom Yourself

In the modern world, there is a little space for feelings and girls are attracted to boys who are good looking, smart, have good sense of humor or are attracted to those who have lot of money. Thus it is important for any boy to groom himself up to impress a girl. To impress a girl who already has a boyfriend, you have to be more properly groomed than her boyfriend. Grooming include your hairstyle, beard style, fashion senses etc. So it is necessary that you choose your hair and beard style according to your facecut which suits you. It is also important to have fashion knowledge and good dressing sense too.

How to impress a girl

6. Money

As stated earlier, money is an important aspect to impress a girl in today’s world. To impress a girl who already has a boyfriend, money will play a major role for you. Becoming her best friend is not sufficient to impress her. You have take her out and give her treat(but as a friend), give gifts( not too couple types) and throw her surprise parties occasionally. Money is so strong factor that it can help you impress her without following the previous steps provided that you have large amount of money. This money factor may not be a way to impress some girls.

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7. Flirt with her

This totally depends on way you define flirting. Flirting is of two types that is healthy flirting and bad flirting. There is a thin line between Healthy and bad flirting. In the case of healthy flirting, it involves praising her about her beauty, her habits etc whereas bad flirting involves commenting about her body etc. Healthy flirting will also make her feel good and make her attracted towards you. But it is very important to flirt with while remaining in your limits and don’t offend his boyfriend.

8. Trying to fill voids

Everyone has some or other shortcomings. Her boyfriend must shortcomings too. By becoming her best friend, you will know his shortcomings and things where he couldn’t satisfy the girl. Here the role of you comes into play. Try to fill the voids that means do things that her boyfriend is not doing which will impress the girl to a large extent. Show her that you are better than her boyfriend and care for her more than boyfriend. The bad habits of boyfriend will help you to impress her and this is moment where you start giving hints that you are interested in her.

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9. Try to know her case

It is very important to know that is she happy or not in the relationship. You can know about this by becoming her best friend. She will share you the instances which made her sad while she is in relationship. If she is not happy, her emotions will be like roller coaster like ups and downs and you have to handle it utmost care. If she is not happy and you are trying to impress her, then try to convince her that his boyfriend is not the right guy for her.

10. Be patient

If you really like her and are trying to impress her, try to be patient. Impressing a girl takes time and you have to be patient enough to understand her feelings. Don’t ever become creep and try to unnecessarily gain her attention. Believe that everything takes time. If now also she isn’t impressed, then understand that she is not the right girl for you.

So now as you are totally aware of the ways to impress a girl who already have a boyfriend, go and give it a try if you like some girl like that!

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