How to impress a Girl ?

how to impress a girl

How to impress a Girl ? : The answer of this question is explained here. In this article I am going to tell you about the best way to impress a girl easily. A girl can be hard to impress. Girls notice some particular things in every guy. So, boys you might want to write down few points on how to impress a girl. As a girl I know what girls like to see in a guy. So, I’m going to share some of the ways in which you can impress the girl you like. Also, you don’t want to go overboard with ideas to impress the girl because then you may look desperate to her. There are simple and basic ways in which you don’t have to try hard to impress the girl. This article is help you learn some of the ways in which you can impress a girl.

How to impress a girl ?

Now you can know “How to impress a girl?” by reading the ways mentioned below:

1. Dress well to impress a girl

Each and every girl notices a guy’s outfit first before even knowing or talking to the guy. So, dress nicely if you are trying to impress a girl. For a girl, outfit matters a lot. So, you might want to dress up casually in front of a girl. Also, don’t overdress yourself or you might look weird in front of the girl and instead of impressing her you may end up not impressing her.

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So, keep in mind that you should dress appropriately for any kind of occasion and you don’t have to be overdressed or undressed. So, think wisely before choosing an outfit. For example, you can never go wrong with some denim jeans and a button-up shirt. And don’t have bright colors.

2. Compliment her to impress her

Each and every girl in this world love compliments. They always want compliments. So, if you are trying to impress a girl then compliment the girl about how pretty her outfit is or how beautiful she looks or how pretty her smile is. These are some of the things the girls love to hear especially from a guy. So, boy get your charm on and compliment your girl. Also, don’t go overboard while complimenting her like how much her smile bright your day or she looks out of the world. These lines are cliché, girls like to hear these but not when she doesn’t like you. So, saying this may be weird. So, keep these things in mind while complimenting her.

how to impress a girl for love

3. Don’t compliment another girls in-front of her

Girls hate when the guy she like compliments another girl in front of her or even looks at her when he is with her. So, guys if you are trying to impress a girl try avoiding complimenting other girls’ outfits or looks if it is not your mutual friend. As it may show the girl that you are not serious about her. So, your concentration should be on your girl not another.

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Keep that in mind not to compliment other girls in front of your girl as it may make her think that you are just fooling around with her and are not serious with her. So, these are some of the tips which you should keep in mind while impressing any girl.

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4. Give her flowers and chocolates

Flowers and chocolates are some of the thinks the girls except from a guy. If you are trying to impress her buy her flowers on a random day to show her how much she is important to you. You can randomly give her her favorite chocolates which may earn you some brownie points. Don’t only give her gifts on occasion or Valentine’s Day only. If you want to impress her then give her flowers and chocolates you can give it to her on a random day.

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This will make her understand that you like her and you are not giving her flowers and chocolates as an obligation to any occasion. So, flowers and chocolates by you can make her happy and it make impress her more.

5. Ask her about her day

Every girl wants someone who will ask her how her day was and talk to her about it. So, it is your responsibility to her how her day. Also listen attentively to her when she is sharing her day with you. If you are not paying attention then she may think that you don’t have any interest in her talks and it may lose you some of the brownie points. So, if she is sharing her day with you then you might be an important person in her life. So always ask your girl about her day.

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6. Show interest in her work or career

A girl can be ambitious. So, she wants someone you will understand her dreams about her career. If you girl talks to you about her career then listen to her and tell her how much you like her ambition or how much you support her to pursue her dreams. If your girl already has a career then talk to her about how her working is going on and what new she is doing at work.

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This may earn you some brownie points as girls like if a boy shows interest in her career or work. So, keep this thing in mind to show interest in her talks regarding her work or her career.

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7. Pay attention to her

A girl loves attention especially if it is coming from a guy. You should pay attention while she talking or how she actually is. You should pay attention to her likes and dislikes which you noticed while being with her. You should pay attention on what her favorite food is or what are the foods which she hates. Also pay attention to her needs like she is feeling cold then give her your jacket. You should pay attention to the little things which she does like her smile or how she laughs. This may impress her a lot that you are serious with her and giving her your attention fully.

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8. Make her laugh

If you like the girl then make her laugh which means that she is happy. Share jokes with her and be goofy and fun around her. Make her laugh with every chance you get. As you have heard laughter can be infectious. So, it will make her feel that you want her to be happy and you know how to make her laugh.

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The jokes should be simple and funny don’t make it sound like sarcasm or offensive. Making her laugh can get you some more brownie points. You can also joke around with each other and be playful with her like chase her, tickle her, etc. it will make her feel special and like you more.

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9. Don’t be on phone when you are with her

I have seen a lot of guys you play games in their mobile phones when their girlfriend is sitting right next to them. This act may look really bad and make her upset. So, try to not use your mobile phones when you are with your girl. You can use the mobile phones if you get a call other than that don’t use it when you are with your girl. Remember not to play games on your mobile phones, this is one of the most hated things by a girl. It makes the girls angry if you are paying more attention in your games then you have ever on her.

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10. Be Yourself

Every girl wants a genuine guy in her life. A girl searches the honesty and loyalty in every girl. If you really want to impress the girl you like then don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Just being yourself in front of her making her know the real you will make her like you a lot and can earn you some more brownie points to win her. You can be honest with her about your views and thoughts about life. Just being you can make a lot of difference then being someone who you are not.

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As a girl these are some of the things which I like to find in a guy. As of now no one whom I have met is like this. This is every girl ideal guy. So, follow these ways and be her ideal guy. Hope this article was helpful and you can use these ways to impress the girl you like. So, I hope that the girl you like will be definitely be impressed with you. So also share if these ways worked or not.

Thank you so much for reading.

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