How To Impress A Shy Woman?

How To Impress A Shy Woman?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to impress a shy woman? All the guys can relate that its difficult to impress any women. So imagine if your dream girl is shy? How can you go about attracting her if she is not willing to open up? How much is too much when dealing with a shy woman?

How to impress a Shy Woman?

Find answers to these exciting questions and more in the below Top 10 ways to impress a shy woman.

1. Fairy Tale love

Fairy Tale love

Is there any woman who could resist the charms of a well woven Fairy Tale. Of course not. The silence of the words, the beauty of the words and the simplicity of a happily ever after is attractive to anyone. A shy woman and her fantasies of a relationship usually begins with the stories she have read before. The shy woman relates so much to the damsel in distress characters. The stories of prince in white horse, castles and dragons have been etched deep into our heads. Guys start scripting your own fairy tales for your princess. Make sure you are there every step of her troubled times always lending a hand.

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2. Confidence booster

Confidence booster

Woman loves men who always support them in their initiatives. A shy woman would fall head over heels to a such a guy 100 times more. Why? because they need self-assurance all too often and a patient guy who reassures them of their skills and abilities is of course the dream guy. Guys should break her shell of shyness slowly and not harshly. Make her feel comfortable in trying out new things with you. This will surely make her feel that you are indispensable for her and by the way no woman has ever resisted the charms of a confident guy.

3. Flirty but not dirty

Flirty but not dirty

This is an important point to all the guys out there. Never, I repeat never act dirty to woman. Especially shy women. It would be way out of their comfort zone and you would never be able to make any progress. It is a bit too outdated but wooing is the best when it comes to shy women. Move at their pace, flirty cute advances are welcome but outright sexual advances are a big No Noes to shy women. Next time you need to impress a shy woman be respectful and flirt. In simple words struct those peacock feathers with moderation.

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4. Comfy zone

Comfy zone

All the shy women in the world can relate to this, a guy as comfy and warm as a cup of tea and a blanket on a rainy day. Shy women love their little turtle shell to crawl back in when the world is too loud. Be with her in her comfort time. Be a part of her comfortable environment. Make sure that your presence calms her.

5. Mystery


Create an adventure out of yourself. Present yourself as a mystery that needs to be searched for by your dream woman. The women never gets out of their comfort zone unless they feel the need to. If guys present themselves as a thing of mystery, the women of course subconsciously try to find more about you. Hence your goal is achieved. You would be wondering how can I create such an image. Well, it is easy if you try to find opportunities for it. help her without her knowledge, place random cute love notes on her books, ask about her to her friends, create a buzz about yourself through others around her. She would definitely find it exciting.

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6. Open up

Open up

Vulnerability is scary. But to share your deepest truths to a person is so precious and bonding. Shy women have their insecurities about themselves. Pacify them by telling your own. Love does not come easily. If you are willing to risk this much you would be rewarded with a soulmate. Make her believe that she is very special in your eyes. By opening up, shy women also do the same. They now have trust and respect for you. They are in awe of your confidence to share your vulnerable side.

7. Walk beside her not behind her

Walk beside her not behind her

show the world how proud you are in knowing your woman. Compliment her for all the little things that make her the whole part. Be her knight in shining armor. Impress her with how passionate you are. A word of caution, don’t be creepy though.

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8. Travel buddy

Travel buddy

Show her the world out of her comfort zone. Make plans to travel together. Even if you actually do not go this planning brings two different type of people together. DM her your favorite locations to visit in Instagram, delicious delicacies of destinations and much more. Impress her through your knowledge of all the places, strut your know how’s. take her on short trips to scenic locations, show her your travel photos and excite her. She must feel comfortable to be excited around you.

9. Good listener

Good listener

Fall in love with her silence and be a part of it. when she feels overwhelmed in any scenario take her out, talk to her about her problems. Listen to all her little complaints and happiness. Keep telling her to share more. Show patience when listening, ask questions in between and make her laugh out soo loud that she forgets all her worries. Standout as the only guy who has ever truly listened to her. Listen not only to her words but also to her gestures and movements. Don’t forget shy women may tell more with their eyes than through words. Understand even the tiniest motions of the curves of her mouth.

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10. Partner in crime

 Partner in crime

There are times when even shy women like to be a little extra. Be their go to crazy partner. Love and encourage their craziness and be a part of it. Your confidence should drive her to act on innocent fun be it class bunking or other craziness. She would slowly associate you with all her little adventures. You are now a part of her exciting secrets. Be her best friend in fun.

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