How to improve English communication skills in 30 days?

how to improve english communication skills in 30 days

Learn about how to improve English communication skills in 30 days by reading this article. Earlier, the British ruled almost every part of globe. They couldn’t learn each and every language related that to region so they came up with an idea to make English as a common language to every part they ruled. Thus English came into existence to rest of the world and gained popularity. This was called British English.

America also became free about 200 Years before India. They used and pronounced words in different form and called it American English.

Today with more than 1.8 billion speakers around the globe, English has become the most popular, widely used and International language of the world. Therefore it is necessary for everyone to learn English communication for job opportunities.

how to improve english communication skills

10 Best ways to improve your English communication skills in 30 days

Here is the list of best ways to improve your English communication skills in 30 days :

1. Pronunciation practice

For good English proficiency, pronunciation plays a major role. Every speaker has its own accent and way of pronouncing the particular words. Someone shouldn’t be ashamed of way they speak English.

Just dedicate some time approximately 15 to 20 minutes daily to practice pronouncing words.

Soon you will be comfortable in pronouncing the toughest words with no problem. Concentrate in pronouncing the words clearly and properly.

2. Communicate in English

This is the best and effective way to improve your English communication.

Talk your colleagues and friends in English and ask them to correct you for any grammatical or pronunciation mistake you make during conversation.

One of the best ways to speak with native English speakers is by travelling and visiting the place where English is official language.

One funny way is to choose English as an option when you call to customer care rather than your mother toungue.

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3. Read English books, articles, newspaper and magazines

There is more in English communication than just speaking correctly.

With any instruction or warning given everywhere to modern business styles, English writing now just plays an important role as it is to speak it.

Some of the best ways to improve English communication skill is by English books, magazines and newspaper. You can start by reading short news headlines at first and then proceed with reading short books and English magazine articles.

If you still can’t gain confidence in your written English, start by reading materials you have already read such as children’s book which is an excellent tool for mastering English.

how to improve english communication skills at home

4. Record yourself Speaking

Everyone is afraid of making mistakes and some feel shy of their accent when they speak English. This is common issue faced by many non-English speakers in their initial stage and can be overcome by one simple method.

The method is record yourself while speaking no matter where you are, it can be your home or office and then listen to your voice in your free time. You will notice your strong points from confidence in your voice to pronunciation and your weakness. When observed carefully,  you will be now aware of your strong points and weaknesses making it easy to improve your spoken English and communication skills.

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5. Online classes

This can be simple solution to our problem. We have came across some moments where we mispronounce word we have only seen written somewhere. You can improve your English communication skills by taking online classes with good professor around the globe to master pronunciation, phrasing and tone of voice.

Listening to them for some time daily can reverse your pronunciation issues.

There are many online courses available online in sites like Udemy and coursera where they teach you to master pronunciation.

6. Watch English TV shows and movies

Some of us don’t have much time to invest for online courses and some of us don’t live in such environment where English is widely spoken and finding a friend to chat in English can be difficult.

To overcome these issues, there is a method and the method is to start adding English TV shows and movies to your weekly routine. Initially start with subtitles on and switch them off gradually when you become familiar to English vocabulary.

how to enhance my english communication skills

Try watching movies of UK and USA etc. that speak English. In this way, You will be able to know wide variety of accents and help you understand spoken English from any type of speaker.

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7. Maintain Personal Diary

We have now known method to improve written by recording your thoughts and ideas in the diary. Keeping a journal is the best way to master written English and increase your vocabulary.

Try to write a short journal everyday about your day and every time you write, try to use a new word in your journal. Over a course of year, you will add over 300 words to your vocabulary using this simple method.

Keeping a diary is always a fun and memorable item in your life.

8. Hold a word

Generally we come across new words everyday where we make meaning of the new word from the sentence we are reading.

Avoid such behaviour and quickly go through or google the proper meaning of word. After knowing the meaning, try to use it while speaking. This will increase your communication skill to a great extent.

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9. Use Mirror

We are always afraid to speak wrong English in front of someone. This issue can be easily solved by making the mirror your best friend.

I mean to say that speak to mirror in English and it will make you feel confident in the way you are speaking and doing conversation in English.

how to develop communication skills in english

10. Sing a song

This is a fun method which will help you to speak English fluently. Every day, choose an English song with lyrics. Play the song once and then try to sing it by yourself. At start you will be facing difficulty but with time you will become pretty comfortable.

This method has two more advantages: First is that you will learn some English songs and second is that you will get some new music for your playlists.

These were some the ways to improve your English communication skill and make sure to follow at least any five of them to communicate properly in English.

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