How To Improve Your Appearance?

How To Improve Your Appearance?

In this article we are going to talk about how to improve your appearance. A person’s appearance says a lot about the person. It is essential to keep in mind that every person is beautiful in their own way. It is our differences that make each one of us individual and unique. However, there is always room for improvement and enrichment and there are several methods to improve your appearance, a few of which are given below.

10 Ways to Improve your Appearance

The best ways to improve your appearance are discussed below in detail:

1. Self care

Self care.

Taking care of yourself is the first step to self love. Having a skin care routine and taking out time to take care of your body is very important. We are always caught in the middle of something or the other and are constantly on the go trying to meet our deadlines and fulfil our dreams. In the constant hustle, it is crucial to take some time out to detox and relax the body. This can be done by establishing a skin care routine for your skin to remain hydrated and healthy.

Finding a skin care routine that suits your skin to repair all the damages caused by the day is crucial. Other forms of self care could involve taking a long, relaxing shower to relax the body muscles from the hassles of a long and tiring day or even apply a hair mask to relax and hydrate and repair the damaged roots. The importance of self care is often neglected but its importance needs to be understood. Neglecting self care for a long time will eventually lead to the wear and tear of the body. Engaging in self care rejuvenates the body thus making you look fresher and better everyday. Be nice to yourself. It is very important.

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2. Exercise


Working out and exercising not only promotes fitness but it is also crucial to keep the bones and muscles of the body healthy and mobile. If you are uncomfortable in your own skin and you want to make a change, exercising will help a great deal. Staying fit is very crucial as it promotes a better and healthier lifestyle. Being thin has nothing to do with looking attractive even though that is what is portrayed to us through the media, however, exercising promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Joining a gym and finding a trainer to guide you is often the first step to exercising effectively. However, if that is not possible, there are numerous apps and websites that are available which provide work out and exercise routines that can be followed. One can spend a minimum of fifteen minutes per to day to stretch the body and exercise and that will help one remain fit and healthy. The body is a complex system. Therefore, one must be careful while exercising so as to not damage the body.

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3. Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy

A well balanced diet is not only good for the internal workings of the body, but it also reflects on the outside. As the famous saying goes ‘You are what you Eat’, the importance and value of healthy eating must be understood. A healthy, well balanced diet comprises elements from the four food groups that are essential for the body, i.e. Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Proteins and Minerals. Consuming junk food or fast food on a daily basis damages the body in the long run because of the damaging components and oils in them.

The consumption of a healthy diet will promote proper functioning of the body and a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, consuming fresh, healthy foods shows on the outside, it makes one look fresher, fitter and healthier, thus improving your appearance. Eating fruits and vegetables can help improve ones appearance, for example, the vitamins in lemon and oranges and other citrus fruit is good for the skin and promotes healthier, better skin.

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4. Sleep


Doctors and Scientists have suggested a specific number of hours of sleep the human body needs that is directly proportional to their age. We are constantly on the move and are always working. It is essential to rest our bodies and our minds for an adequate number of hours to ensure its rejuvenation. Not ensuring bodies and minds rest will result in the eventual deterioration of the same.

Not sleeping for the required number of hours can make one look tired and unwell. Thus, sleeping and resting for the suggested number of hours is important not only for a healthy life but also because it makes one look fresh and rejuvenated. One can record their sleep cycle in a journal to ensure they are sleeping enough. There are several apps and websites that also allow one to track their sleep cycle. Following a sleep cycle can help improve ones appearance to a great extent because it will make you feel fresh, rejuvenated, confident and ready for the day. And if you feel good, you look good.

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5. Groom Yourself

Groom Yourself.

Being neat and clean is one of the most essential steps towards improving ones appearance. One must take some time out to groom oneself and stay neat and clean. Grooming oneself is crucial and helps one look neat and more appealing. Taking a shower every day is crucial and it helps one feel fresh and look good. One must also groom oneself on a regular basis and trim their nails and hair to look neater and sharper. There are several ways to groom oneself in terms of physical aspects but one must also groom themselves in terms of their manners. Therefore, one must make efforts to groom themselves and this will make them feel good and improve their appearance to a great extent.

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6. Dress Well

Dress Well.

The importance of dressing well has been gaining more and more attention in the past few years. One must dress neatly and aptly according to the occasion. Keeping your wardrobe clean and fresh is crucial. One must find a style for themselves and must choose clothes that compliment their bodies, themselves and their personalities and styles. Wearing clean, well tailored, fitting clothes makes a person feel confident and that in turn improves their appearance to a great extent.

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7. Meditate


Meditation and Yoga has numerous benefits and helps concentration, attention, focus, etc. Spending a few moments everyday meditating and focusing on oneself allows for better mind space throughout the course of the day. It is often suggested that one must meditate in the morning as it is the prime time for the self and for the environment. Meditation allows the mind to focus and concentrate and thus if done in the morning, it allows for a calmer mindset throughout the course of the day. Meditating rejuvenates the body and allows fresh, healthy elements of the earth into the mind and body and this in turn reflects on the outside and improves the appearance of a person. Meditation also makes a person feel fresher and better thus making them look good.

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8. Drink Enough Water

 Drink Enough Water

Studies have shown that not drinking enough water can dehydrate the body. The body requires water and we often neglect this need. Water contains minerals and vitamins that rejuvenates and repairs the body and promotes healthier, better looking skin and hair. Thus drinking sufficient water can help improve ones appearance.

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9. Posture


A person’s posture says a lot about a person. How one carries oneself and walks impacts how people react to or respond to you. If one is often slouching, they look haggard and tired  all the time, on the other hand, if one works on their posture and stands up straight and confident, they feel good about themselves and they look much more appealing. One can improve their posture by keeping their back straight and standing upright with their chin up and holding their head high. This posture can be incorporated in ones walk and stride and can be practiced in front of the mirror. If one works on their posture, they will be able to draw the attention of others and effectively improve their appearance.

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10. Energy


It is often believed that a person’s innate beauty reflects on the outside. Acts of kindness, politeness and being caring are all aspects that come under inner beauty. Thus, the energy or vibe a person gives out also greatly impacts how people see them. One must constantly try and better oneself and not only in terms of physical or external characteristics. One must constantly strive to improve their souls, minds and personalities. Ones mind can be sharpened and their horizons must be broadened by reading more, watching more films, exploring new places and meeting new people.

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This makes ones mind grow continuously and it enriches them. One must also find some time to enrich and nourish their soul. Find some time to talk to an old friend, do something you love, cherish the small things in life. Being kind, gentle, and grateful for things often makes the person look more appealing because it is the innate goodness and the inner beauty of the person that is being shown. External, physical beauty fades over time, but it is the inner beauty that shines through and reflects the true beauty of a person. Thus, by working on yourself internally, you can improve your appearance and your true beauty will shine through.

One can choose to follow one, or several methods to improve their appearance but while doing so, one must not forget to love oneself and their body. Learn to embrace  and cherish your differences and try not to harm your body. Every single individual is unique and that uniqueness must be celebrated. One must not feel compelled to change anything about themselves from anybody, including society. If you want to improve your appearance, do it for yourself. Love your body and mind and work on it, It might be a journey that will take time but it is a never ending journey. One that can never end. There is always room for improvement and over time, you will begin to see it as enjoyable and a way of life.

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