How To Increase Height In A Week?

How To Increase Height In A Week?

In this article we are going to talk about the Height is a prominent factor in creating the first impression of a person. A tall person appears more confident, well-built, powerful and can be led to better career opportunities. A person attains height during the earlier stages of his/her development. A person gains 2 inches of height every year from age 1 to stage of puberty. From the time of puberty, a person grows an average of 4 inches a year. Even so, the rate of growth and the maximum height that a person attains depend on several factors. Genetics play a major role accounting for 60 to 80 percent of your maximum height. The Pituitary gland is responsible for regulating several functions of the body. This endocrine gland is in particular responsible for releasing growth hormone which provides height.

How to increase height in a week?

In case of boys, they continue to gain height until about 25 years of age (maximum) while the growth of girls stops much before, mostly at the age of 21(maximum). People generally achieves maximum height during puberty and the growth retards after that. Nevertheless, there are several methods to gain height even after adolescence. Here are some ways to increase your height in a week.

1. Daily exercises

Exercising daily for at least 1 hour is good for the whole body. Certain exercises are meant to improve specific body parts. There are several workouts that helps in gaining height. Bar hanging strengthens the spinal cord and the abdominal muscles. Hang on the bar for maximum period and increase the time progressively. Making a crab on the shoulders can strengthen the lower back. Jumping, skipping and playing basketball toughens the muscles and bones which increases the height. Body bending is also helpful in getting tall. The ‘cobra’ pose is good for the spine and in stretching the back of the hips. 

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2. A balanced diet is essential

A balanced diet is essential

Adolescence is a period when a person must consume maximum amount of food in a balanced way. It is the period of maximum growth and related food items can boost the process. The diet should contain protein rich items as they are the primary factor behind growth. Including fresh fruits, green vegetables like spinach, cabbage and asparagus that are rich in minerals and vitamins, dairy products like milk, cheese and butter, pulses, egg, liver, meat and nuts like cashew and peanut are some of the essential items to be included in your diet daily. A nutritional diet promotes growth of bones and maintains the muscle strength.  Together with this, avoid items like sugar, trans fat and junk food which is also necessary.

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3. Getting adequate amount of sleep daily

Getting adequate amount of sleep daily

Having a good amount of sleep daily can affect your growth in a positive way. It is the best way to increase your height naturally. A person gains height while sleeping. Especially from 11 pm to 1 am. Therefore, it is important to sleep early and tightly for adequate hours. The maximum amount of growth hormones (HGH) are released during sleep. Therefore, the more a person sleeps, the more is his/her chance to gain height. It is recommended by experts that an average person should sleep for 8 hours at night. While sleeping try to keep your hands and legs extended which lengthens the spine.

If possible, sleep on a hard surface. It is recommended that children of ages six to thirteen should get nine to eleven hours of sleep while teenagers of fourteen to seventeen years of age should have eight to ten hours of regular sleep. Getting extra sleep can also increase the production of growth hormone.

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4. Sports


Performing sports related activities is another beneficial method. Activities like swimming, skipping, running, cycling, playing badminton and tennis are some of the sports item that helping in increasing height. Playing these sports items improves the body fitness and creates a good posture for the body. While cycling adjust your seat such that the distance between your seat and the pedal is maximum. It leads to stretching of your legs to reach the pedals. Take care not to place the seat too high as it can damage the joints.  Swimming is considered one of the most effective activity. The load on intervertebral disks and bones are relatively low while inside water which increases the mobility of the joints. This leads to an increase in height.

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5. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

Practising daily yoga is an effective method. It not only increases height but enhance the whole body. It improves muscle strength, aligns the body and improves posture.  There are several yoga postures available online which helps you increase height. Mountain pose, Cobra pose, Child’s pose, Warrior II pose et cetera are some of the few yoga poses which can be beneficial. It aids in the better production and functioning of hormones and to relive stress. Tadasana is a yoga posture to increase height.

Performing Tadasana stretches the muscles of the whole body. In order to perform this yoga pose, stand erect in a flat floor, keeping the legs, neck and waist in line. Raise your hands upward keeping it parallel to each other. Inhale deeply. Next, lift yourself and stand on the toes. Stretch the body maximum upwards. Maintain straight arms and legs. This pose is said to increase the height in one week when practiced regularly.

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6. Shirshasana


Shirshasana is another yoga posture useful in increasing the height within a week. It exerts pressure on the pituitary gland thus releasing more growth hormone. Lie flat on a plain surface. Let the palm face downwards. Lift the legs, buttocks and back upwards supporting it with the hand and come up high on the shoulders. Make the spine and legs straight. Retrieve from the position if experiencing strain. Else, maintain the posture for 15 to 30 times. Yoga is an effective way to improve health, body posture and flexibility.

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7. Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Drinking the appropriate amount of water daily is one of the best methods to gain height in one week. Water removes toxic elements from the body helping it to function smoothly. It aids the digestive system to function better and regularize the hormones in the body. Normal functioning of growth hormones is essential to lengthen the body and to maintain the flexibility of muscles. Adequate amount of water required by a person depends on their age. On an average, a person is to drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. It can be increased to about twelve glasses if he/she exercise regularly.

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8. Avoiding unhealthy food habits and other bad practices

Avoiding unhealthy food habits and other bad practises

Together with practicing healthy ways it is also important to get rid of some unhealthy practices from life. Such practises can stunt the growth of a person. Avoid consuming excess amount of junk food regularly. Soft drinks, aerated drinks, burgers, pizza, doughnuts and other oily and sugary food items should be avoided.  They contain high amount of saturated fat and carbohydrates which is harmful for the body and can lead to obesity.  Having it occasionally is fine, as carbohydrates is a source of energy supply for the body.

Consuming caffeine, using drugs and drinking alcohol can affect the rate of growth. Caffeine makes the body cells more fatigued. It reduces the flexibility of the person. Consuming excess tea or coffee regularly is also harmful as it contains caffeine. On the other hand, taking green tea or any other healthy drinks can have a positive effect in your body.  These requires effort but leads to positive changes.

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 9. Using supplements

Using supplements

Sometimes having supplements help increase height. Ashwagandha Tablets, Height Top Cap, Growth Factor-9 Hashmi Heightol-XL etc are some of the few tablets that helps you become taller.  Although this be so, medicines available at the market promising a sudden increase in height it is not advisable to be consumed without the prescription of a physician. It is only in cases like a deficiency in the production of growth hormone that supplements would be recommended.

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10. Maintain the proper posture

Maintain the proper posture

Maintaining a perfect posture is an effective method to look taller. In fact, slumping and slouching for a long period affects the actual height. It also leads to shifting your back curves into the wrong position to accommodate the improper posture causing neck pain and back pain. It will also be difficult to change the body posture all of a sudden once it is fixed. Therefore, train yourself to walk in a better posture. Be cautious while sitting, standing and walking. A good posture gives a person an elegant and confident look. It radiates a positive energy to people around.

Gaining height is a genetic phenomenon and is hereditary. Although this be the case, external motivations can lead to an increase in height at most cases. Lack of height can be due to several reasons. Always consult a physician if necessary. The above-mentioned methods are useful and is effective when practiced during the adolescent age.

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