How to Increase Sales in Retail Grocery Store?

How to Increase Sales in Retail Grocery Store?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to increase sales in retail grocery store. Everyone in business field wants to gain profit. This profit can only be increased if the sales of the market goes up. Therefore, most of businessman look for methods to improve their sale. Grocery store also comes under this department. The margin in the grocery item is generally less and thus in order to make the business profitable, the sales of the retail grocery store should be high. We can increase sales by attracting huge volumes to customer to our store. Businessman should make different strategies in order to increase sale as failure of one strategy shouldn’t hinder their business.

How to Increase Sales in Retail Grocery Store?

It is very necessary to view from the customer point of view to get advantages. Thus, the proven ways to increase sales in retail grocery stores are:

1. Understand the business

Understand the business

It is very necessary for any retailer to know its business. Retailer should know that in retail grocery store has very less profit and has to remain patient to gain profit in this field. He should understand that he has to take proper measures and make good strategies to increase the sales in his retail grocery store. He should also find the places where he can make profits easily and also find points he is continuously going in loss. Recovering from loss may be important aspect to increase sales.

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2. Know the customers

Know the customers

It is very necessary to satisfy your customer to increase sales in retail grocery store. Understanding the customer needs will help you draw customers towards your grocery store. Satisfying needs will make customer do business with you and buy from you. The services and items you provide to your customer should show that you are interested in doing business with them and providing services to them. Thinking from customer point of view will help you know the needs of them and then you can do measures to satisfy customer perspectives. Knowing your customer thus becomes crucial factor to increase sales in retail grocery store.

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3. Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

In the modern world, no one wants to wait for somebody specially in places like grocery stores. Reducing the wait time for customer may help you to improve sales in your place. This can be reduced by improving the efficiency of your staff. Long lines are something everyone hates to be in. Customers even gets frustrated during peak seasons and festive times as time is wasted can be used in fruitful way and other preparation. Retail shop owner should come up with some solution to reduce the wait time. He can use mobile POS solution in grocery store. Installing some game machine or something can even help.

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4. Reduce the price

Reduce the price

This is something ever retail shopkeeper is hesitant to do so but is necessary for growth of sales and increase profits. Customers are usually attracted to grocery stores where the rates of basic daily use items are cheap and of good quality. You can reduce the price by buying items in bulk from the wholesale market at low price. Rounding off some small amounts can be beneficial for your business. Discount are new trends in today’s market. Specify the discount given in every item as customers are always attracted to discounts.

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5. Give gifts

Give gifts

All of us love presents and free items. Thus, we can offer some small gift item on purchase of some fixed amount. Fixed amount can be little high. People will try to buy items till that fixed amount is reached and become eligible for gift. Gift can be daily need item from your store which is not being sold for long time and expiry is near. In this way, your sales will go up rapidly and wastage of items will also be reduced. Another good option is to make customers eligible for lottery on purchase of that fixed amount and give some good item in the prize. In this way, we even don’t need to tell other customer who is winner and keep the prize with us for no loss.

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6. Give suggestions

Give suggestions

Supporting customer may help you increase the sales. You can support your customer by suggesting brands suitable to their use and this may help you drawing a connection with them. People respond best when given suggestions, which will give you idea about the type of things they want. Training your staff at the grocery stores to respond and build rapport with customers can be helpful too. Grocery stores contain many items like rice and wheat for which customers are specific. Asking and suggesting them different type of low price and good quality can make them as your permanent customer.

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7. Combo packs

Combo packs

This is something we all have bought once in our life. Consumption of this combo packs is very rapid in every retail grocery store. Selling items in combo packs is advantageous for both seller and customer. It is advantage to customers as the price of combo packs is less than the combined rate of the products inside it. It is also an advantage to seller as assembling secondary products which aren’t sold too quickly can be combined and sold with primary items which are used regularly. Another advantage of combo pack is that as the combo packs are sold quickly than normal items, we can combine the items whose expiry is near with the items in demand and reduce the loss.

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8. Improve the service

Improve the service

This is an important aspect to increase your sales in retail grocery store. Improving the service can draw customers that use to shop earlier with your store as well as new customer. Services are something every individual expect from any shop. Service like good customer experience is valuable for increase of sales.  Customer should be treated well while providing the product. Other services like proper ventilation and billing system is also useful. Your staff should talk to customer politely which helps to make a bond with the customer to your store. Home delivery system will definitely increase your sale as charging extra for home delivery will be preferred by people than people standing in the queue.

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9. Advertisement


Advertisement in the present scenario has become very important to grow your business and increase your sale in retail grocery store. Advertising your grocery store may help you to get more customer to your store. While advertising, make sure to highlight the offers and services provided by you. To make advertisement cost efficient, advertise in your locality as people generally buy groceries from their local store or stores located near them.

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10. Digital payment

Digital payment

Digital payments has gained importance after the demonetization. The Digital payment be useful for customers as well as retailer. Buying groceries may cost you thousands of money which is not safe to carry in present world, so customer may pay the amount directly to seller through online payment. The advantage to seller is that he doesn’t need to round off due to lack of change.

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