How to Increase Stamina For Playing Soccer?

How to Increase Stamina For Playing Soccer?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to increase stamina for playing soccer. Soccer or football is a widely loved and played game. It is a game that originated around 2000 years ago. Countries like Greece, Rome and America claim to have started the sport, but it was England, that was responsible for soccer gaining so much popularity throughout the world. Everybody knows that it is a game played between two teams consisting of 11 players each on a rectangular field called pitch with a goal at each end.

10 Best ways to increase stamina for playing soccer

The objective of the game is to score goals by moving the ball into the opposite team’s goal post. As the game continues for 90 minutes, the players require a lot of stamina. So today we will go through some points to increase stamina for playing soccer.

1.  Plan


This is the first and the most crucial step when you wish to achieve something in your life. Plan your schedule properly. Prepare a timetable. Give equal importance and time for everything, may it be exercise or practice or rest. Plan your sleep hours and input every single detail into this timetable. Plan your days. Dedicated days to different activities like exercising, training and resting. Because this plan will help you inculcate discipline in the player. The secret behind becoming a successful soccer player is to be well planned and disciplined.

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2. Practice related exercises

Practice related exercises

The best way to increase one’s stamina is by making the heart strong. For this it is advisable for the players to practice cardiovascular exercises like jogging, swimming, skipping, cycling and many more. These exercises should be done every day for approximately 40 minutes. These exercises are not only useful in increasing one’s stamina but also prove vital in the long run of life. To increase speed and muscular strength the players should perform exercises like weight training, pushups, lunges, squats and jumps.

3. Train the body

Train the body

Now that the body is getting muscular, it is time to train those muscles. The players are required to run, sprint and jog for almost 45 minutes continuously during the game before they get their break in the half time. So the players should train their bodies with sprinting and jogging which will help them run on the pitch for long duration.

You can also train running and jogging by adding additional weights during training by wearing weighted pants. So that when you actually run on the ground your speed will increase automatically. Practice speed endurance runs as these are necessary to increase the ability of the player to run long distances with great speed. One of the most effective stamina training is the soccer ball drill as it integrates stamina build up with control over the ball. So I think that you should consider this as well along with other trainings.

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4. Balanced diet

Balanced diet

From scoring marks in exam to scoring goals, balanced diet is a must in your training schedule. You should always eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and other essential components. Your diet must include protein sources, fruits, leafy vegetables, green vegetables, fruit juices. You should completely avoid the consumption of sugar, packed foods, junk foods. Having a balanced diet plays an appreciably important role in building your stamina. It not only helps build stamina but also helps you keep your mind and body fresh and rejuvenated.

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5. Staying hydrated

Staying hydrated

The liquid that has no taste and no color is very important than those with color and tastes. Yes, keeping your body hydrated is of utmost importance than it sounds. Players lose a lot of water when training, so staying hydrated is of utmost importance to build stamina. Water helps in muscle building and trainers advice to drink water before and after your training. During the training you must drink water in small sips and only when you are really thirsty. If you ignore drinking water, you may start feeling tired and exhausted which will cause a resistance in your training and eventually will affect your stamina. During summer try training as early in the morning as possible because the heat can make your body unnecessarily tired. And also see to it that you drink enough water during the summer.

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6. Avoid over training

Avoid over training

When you are training and exercising, the tissues of the muscles wear and tear. To cover this tearing, the body prepares another layer of tissue over the damaged tissues. Due to this layering and bundling of the muscle tissues one above the other, we can see the muscle growth on the external side of our body, making the muscle stronger and tougher. Now if you over train your body, exercise rigorously and continuously the body will not have enough time to rebuild the muscle tissues leaving them as they are. Due to this, the muscles will not grow and remain weak. And weak muscles can hamper your stamina on a great deal. Hence it is very important to rest your body time to time.

7. Warming up and stretching

Warming up and stretching

You should warm your body up before you start training and exercising. Warming up is important as it helps to increase the body temperature and increases the blood flow. This will exert less stress on joints and tendons. Warm joints help the body to be ready for sudden and jerky movements. Stretching makes your muscles flexible and healthy. Stretching helps give your body agility and flexibility. The Stretching also helps increase the range of motion of the joints. It also increases the blood flow to your muscles and helps heal minor pains caused due to exercising and training. Also stretching helps relieve stress in the muscles.

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8. Increase those repetitions

Playing Soccer

It is very important to keep increasing the work load when training and exercising. If you run 5km for a week it is time to increase it to 6km. don’t be stagnant on one specific amount of repetitions. If you swim 7 laps every day, it is beneficial to increase those laps by one per week. Try and push yourself to the maximum limit in each of your training sessions. Keep challenging your system every day.

9. Motivate yourself

Motivate yourself

Self motivation will help you push yourself to your limits. Learn from your friends who are expert in the game. Watch famous and expert players like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo play on field. Learn how they have control over the ball and how they dribble the ball through the pitch. This may not increase your stamina physically, but it will surely help you encourage to play like them and motivate you to go out there in the field and practice until you are perfect in it.

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10. Be patient

Be patient

You must understand that things take time. Rome was not built in a day. To increase your stamina that will help you keep running for 90 minutes will take a lot of time and it will require your determination, hard work, persistence and most important your patience. If you are not patient and rush into things, there are low chances that you may reach your goal. And by doing thing like exercise and training hastily, you may even injure yourself. And an injury like a damaged ligament, bone or muscle can cripple your dream to be a great footballer.

These were a few points focusing on development of stamina for playing soccer. But these ways mentioned are not restricted only for soccer. All the points mentioned above are applicable to any field sport you wish to excel in. The biggest care you should take while training for and playing field games is to avoid injuries. Serious injuries can demotivate you for a very long period of time shattering your dreams of being a good player in the particular game. Work hard, train hard and be careful.

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