How To Know If A Divorced Woman Likes You?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to Know If A Divorced Woman Likes You? Love is a complex feeling to deal with. It gives us the butterflies and makes us fluster. When in love, we fail to rationalize properly. Being rational becomes a lot harder because of the rush that comes along with love. Plus, we are not taught these things in school. We are not given education regarding how to deal with such emotions. We are mostly on our own, trying to figure things out. There are also other feelings such as lust and like, which make matters even more puzzling as if it wasn’t already. It’s because it is hard to discern between them. It is unfortunate how these things can be confusing to make sense of at times.

To make matters worse, we have popular movies and tv series that do more harm than good. If anything, they are the cause behind a lot of people who have misplaced trust in the wrong things. They normalize wrong conduct and ill-judged ways of approaching certain things.

Some could potentially be correct, but most are an exaggeration and are misleading. As a result, many end up ruining their relationships since they do things or adopt an erroneous line of thought based on the content they have absorbed. Forget being in relationships since many cannot even get to that stage because they cannot figure out whether a woman likes them or not.

How to Know If A Divorced Woman Likes You?

Now, imagine being hit on by a divorced woman. Many might get off on the wrong foot simply because they focus on the fact that she is divorced. At the end of the day, she too is a woman. Regardless, this article is specifically for those who are having a hard time determining whether or not a divorced woman likes them. Many of these also apply to most women in general. The following 10 ways will help you know if a divorced woman likes you –

1. She Enjoys Your Company

She Enjoys Your Company

Some people you get along with, some people you don’t. The people you do get along with most likely are those with whom you enjoy spending your time. Similarly, pay attention to the interaction between you two. Focus on how you make her feel, or more specifically, how she reacts to you. Doing so will make it easier for you to recognize whether or not she enjoys being in your company. How could she come to like you if she doesn’t even like being in your presence?

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2. She Finds Reasons To Be With You

She Finds Reasons To Be With You

Piggybacking off of point number 1, if you like spending your time with someone, it naturally follows that you actively try to spend more time with them. It means that you go out of your way and allocate some time for the other person. It goes to show how important the person is to you. This second way is about figuring out whether or not she considers you to be important in her life, enough for her to continuously make the efforts to hang around you. The fact that she finds one or another reason to always be available is an indication of her having feelings for you.

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3. Getting Personal And Touchy

Getting Personal And Touchy

Some people are touchy by nature without any underlying intentions; however, some are touchy because there are other motives. Touch is one of the 5 essential senses of a human being. In the animal kingdom, touch plays an important role in bonding and social interaction. Depending on the species, touch can mean many things. Even in human beings, just because someone shakes your hand does not mean that they have feelings for you. However, one also cannot rule out the fact that they could be trying to be affectionate or that it is an indication of their underlying fondness for you. The most common area to touch is the arm. As mentioned before, observe her behavior. Are you the only one whose arm she grabs or is that how she interacts with everyone in general? These are exactly the things you need to keep an eye out for.

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4. Laughs At All Your Jokes

Laughs At All Your Jokes

We generally love to hang around people with whom we can have fun. I personally, for example, like socializing with funny people. Laughter is a guaranteed way of having a good time. If you’re funny it’s a great plus point for someone to like you. But regardless, even if you aren’t humorous, try cracking jokes from time to time. It can help you discern her level of interest in you. You not being humorous can be a boon because if she laughs at your jokes despite how bad they are, know that that is her way of telling you that she values and cherishes your attempts.

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5. She Is Interested In Your Personal Life

She Is Interested In Your Personal Life

This is one of the best ways to figure out if a person likes you or not. At the very least, it lets you know that the person is interested in getting to know you. Whether it’s a romantic interest or some other interest, that is for you to figure out. But this point paired with the others will make it much easier to do so. If she starts asking you questions about yourself, your past, your plans, it could be because she wants to get to know the type of person you are and whether you guys are compatible or not.

Her showing interest in your friend’s circle and family (and maybe even wanting to meet them) is a sign of her wanting to be a part of your life. If the feeling is mutual and you like her as well and want to move ahead with things, then make her feel like you are including her in your life. Let her know that she is important enough for you to incorporate her into your life.

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6. She Messages You A Lot

She Messages You A Lot

How much time she spends talking to you should also let you know if she likes you or is interested in you. A good giveaway is how much you talk on social media or call each other. Within the world of texting, there are clues and hints that one can leave behind. If you guys are busy texting each other till late in the night or she remembers to send you good morning texts, then it is safe to assume that she cares for you. Whether her feelings for you are romantic in nature is still something that you need to figure out. However, that is why this article provides 9 other ways to better grasp the situation. They work better together. 

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7. Consistency


Just because she ends up grabbing your arm once, or she laughed at one of your jokes, does not mean that she likes you. You must recognize that if whether or not she does certain things consistently, it cannot be a one-time thing. There needs to be a noticeable pattern upon which you can base your conclusion. Otherwise, you are simply being foolish. Make sure that your judgments are based on consistency or else you might find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

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8. Prolonged Eye Contact

Prolonged Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the ways you can pick up on the hint if she likes you or not. Even studies suggest that the underlying reason behind her making (prolonged/frequent) eye contact is because she has feelings for you. It is a sign that you have her undivided attention. Remember to not shy away if the feeling is mutual since eye contact can be pretty intimate.

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9. Compare Her Behavior

Compare Her Behavior

Occasionally, we need to make comparative accounts for the sake of better understanding. A comparison between how she behaves with you and how she treats others is a great way of knowing her feelings for you. Make a note of how she interacts with you and how it is different or similar to her interaction with others. It will tell you a lot about the dynamic of your relationship

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10. Is She Nervous Around You?

Is She Nervous Around You?

Occasionally, we need to make comparative accounts for the sake of a better understanding. A comparison between how she behaves with you and how she treats others is a great way of knowing about her feelings for you. Make a note of how she interacts with you and how it is different or similar to her interaction with others. It will tell you a lot about the dynamic of your relationship

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