How to Know if a Shy Girl Likes you But is Hiding It?

How to Know if a Shy Girl Likes you But is Hiding It?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to know if a shy girl likes you but is hiding it. Girls have always been perplexing for boys and to understand a shy girl who does not speak what she feels is the most difficult task on the planet. Girls prefer boys who make the first move, as it is really difficult to express your emotions and to analyse the feelings of a shy girl is even more challenging. Body- language, change in expressions, variations in actions etc. are some minor yet valuable points to keep in mind if you want to decode the hidden feelings of a shy girl for you.

How to Know if a Shy Girl Likes you But is Hiding It?

Here are the top 10 ways to know if a shy girl likes you but is hiding it discussed below:

1. Eye Contact

Eye Contact

If you like someone, you love the feeling of getting a glance at her every single second. Crackers are bursting inside you and there is a different shine on your face. In the case of a shy girl every time she tries to look at you, her expressions do change but as soon as she realizes that you have seen her or the eyes of you two have met, she pretends to not looking at you by breaking the contact.

She tries to avoid the stare, looking here and there, to ensure that there is no awkwardness and others do not judge her. She does not want you to know about her interest but do not forget it is one of the most important signs she is giving you. There are good chances that she is into you.

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2. Laughing at your Jokes

Laughing at your Jokes

Jokes could be a good way to crack if a shy girl likes you. Jokes are not only for entertainment but can also work to understand if a girl likes you. But how? Observe if the girl laughs at all your jokes, be it silly or a humorous one. Laughing at your jokes is one of the most risk- free signs that a girl can give to the guy she likes. A shy girl does not open up well and laughing out is the best way to express everything she has within her. They pretend to be funnier than they actually are.

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3. Smile


A beautiful smile can be the strongest signal to express one’s interest or liking for the other person. If a girl really feels for you, she would happier around you. Your presence would change her mood completely and the smile on her face signifies a lot of emotions, joy, love, genuine jolliness and shyness. The beautiful smile is with all her heart and the most honest one.

A girl might not even realise that she is smiling in your presence but her facial expressions would speak on her behalf. Her smile not only presents her feelings and emotions but her eyes have a different sparkle every time she smiles looking at you or smiles in your presence. Her eyes become broad and the spark can be easily observed. Her eyes smile with her.

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4. Hair touch

Hair touch

Girls love their hair like anything. Their body language includes her contact or movement with hair as well. A girl touch or playing with her hair can have different meanings. If you ever observe the girl playing with her hair or adjusting them, it signifies that she is not confident and nervous. She might be trying to make her appearance better in front of you. If a girl tries to present herself in a better manner, there is a high probability that she is interested in you.

5. She wants to be around you

She wants to be around you

If a shy girl really likes you, it can be assessed when is around you. She tries to stay around you and spend maximum possible time in your presence. She enjoys your presence and your company. Being shy she does not really ask for direct opportunities to spend time with you or be around you but seek for some indirect options.

She might try to ask you for some help or try to help you out in case you are in a problem or contact you with some other random reasons just to be in your proximity. She would always try to show that she is not into you or has no liking for you but you must ensure that if you really feel the right symptoms you must be wise enough to react accordingly.

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6. Astonishing Behaviour

Astonishing Behaviour

Have you ever felt a girl looking baffled or confused when you suddenly happen to cross her? On the other hand, she looks towards you every time you cross her or her body language changes and fluctuates when she gets a chance to see you. If she becomes nervous or anxious, these are some real positive signs that there is something in her heart for you. You might see her blushing when around you or trying to pretend if she was not looking at you but in reality she was trying to be more near you without showing it. Her random talks or some strange signs can be a good sign for you.

7. Loves your Passion

Loves your Passion

Have you ever noticed a girl who is shy about being interested in singing or dancing or a sport that is loved by you the most? This can be a very strong sign that she is feeling something for you and is trying to show how she can mould herself into your preferences and likes. This also gives her an opportunity to spend more time with and around you. She might try to know more about your choices and try to adapt herself with the same and show her compatibility with you.

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8. Friends


Friends play the most crucial role to express the feelings be it the friends of the girl or the guy. The very first moment your friends realise that you have started to like a guy or a girl, they are the first ones to tease you and especially when you are around the guy you like. The friends know the most about you and the shy behaviour that the girl has.

Her friends start to giggle when you are around them or all of a sudden, their facial expressions change and they start to stare at the girl as if something special just happened. This was about the friends of the girl but your friends are important too. The girl would try to connect with your friends and build up a bond to hang out with them to spend more time around you and your social circle

9. Dressing Style

Dressing Style

Did you notice a sober girl dress up uniquely in the past few days? It might be possible that she did this to seek your attention. She would wear the best dresses that she possess along with a slight makeup or maybe a new and alluring hairstyle. She would try to make sure that you notice these small little changes and modifications without making it look obvious that you are trying to give indirect hints. Every girl might not be comfortable with make-up but would definitely style herself so that she gets attention. She would definitely come in the best look that she has and present herself to be the most beautiful and perfect at all times.

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10. Ignore or Talk more

Ignore or Talk more

A shy girl is the most difficult to understand at all times. She might love to be around you with some of the other reason or might walk out of the room if you are present there. A shy girl would not try to initiate a conversation but would enjoy your company the most. There would be times when she would be avoiding you and talk to all the other guys or people present around you two. Deep inside, she wants to talk to you but is worried and does not want to reveal her liking for you.

She would make sure that you look for her and observe the fluctuations in her behaviour and actions. Another reason she is trying to ignore you and involving herself in conversation with other guys might be to make you feel jealous and check how do you respond to her strategy. Try to initiate a conversation, she might hesitate at the beginning but would love the vibe.

The feeling of love or being loved is completely out of this world. You are confused, you are happy, you feel excited and you feel annoyed or irritated at the same time. Decoding the feeling is a real tough job and understanding the feelings of a shy girl is the most difficult of all. However, her actions speak for her emotions. There can be a number of significant and insignificant actions or changes in her behaviour or in the way, she carries herself around you and other people. The feeling of love or liking someone else is really troublesome at times but the perfect response to the actions can build a strong bond and the kick-start to a beautiful and new experience of life.

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