How to make a boy fall in love with you?

How to make a boy fall in love with you

Read this article to know that how to make a boy fall in love with you? : You really like a boy and he has no idea about it? Boys do not easily understand if they’re liked by someone and confession are not that easy. When you like someone you start liking everything about them and you like spending time with them. When you like a guy and even if he knows that it’s not going to help, because he won’t come straight up to you and say that he knows that you like him. You must already be giving him attention and importance and who wouldn’t like all that? Or sometimes he might just be enjoying everything you do and all the efforts you put in.

Now you want him to feel the same about you. Or even if he does but he hasn’t confessed it yet? Maybe he is not sure or maybe has no idea about how you feel. Making a boy fall for you isn’t as easy as people think it is. It takes a lot of efforts and time. Firstly make sure that he doesn’t already like someone else because that can make the situations worse. And to help you for the next which would also give him hints and make him clear with your feelings here are some tips.

How to make a Boy fall in love with you?

The 10 Best ways to make a boy fall in love with you are mentioned below:

1. Give him Attention

When you want to make a boy fall in love with you, the important thing initially is to give him attention. When you give him attention he tends to feel special which strengthens your bond. Giving him attention also means receiving attention from him, that could make both of you feel that you have a connection between you two. When you tend to make time for him give him attention automatically at some point he gets an idea that you’re into him. Quick replies is also just another way of attention which you should give and you might as well receive it.

He would know that you are making time for him or treating him different/better than others which would also express that he is special to you than the rest out there. No one asks for attention but when they get attention they automatically get to know that they are important to you. Attention here also means prioritise them. Make sure he always feels that he is not one of all for you.

2. Care

Show him that you care for him and are genuinely concerned for him be it his health, work, family, studies and everything else. Make him feel affectionate and cared always at all stages of life and in all situations. Care for him and importantly for his family and people he cares about, Guys like when girls are genuinely caring and concerned for their family equally as they are for him. Make him feel that he is not alone at any stage and that you care for him and will always do, but that does not mean being clingy. Care for a person can be shown by different ways but whatever you do, you just have to make sure you that genuinely because boys can figure out the difference between a girl who is into him or a girl that wants something from him. By caring a girl tends to depict that how much his wellbeing means to her and when a boy notices such behaviour towards him, he is likely to fall for that girl.

3. Be understanding

It’s hard to understand things from others point of view but very important to be compatible with someone you want to. Situations maybe different for both of you but trying to understand what the other is going through is all that is required. Understanding is root of any relationship which helps it grow stronger. Understanding a guy and work he does is showing interest in the things he does, asking him about what he’s planning to do. Showing a keen interest in his life makes him think that you’re really interested in his work and him. Also, asking him if he needs any help in the work he does is a nice gesture as well and when he knows you’re putting in a efforts understanding him, his work and his life, he’d probably think of you as a good future partner.

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4. Listen to him

Having a good and meaningful conversation does not only mean to speak but also listen to what other person says. Not only hear it but also understand it that’s what listening refers to. Give him a chance to say and express whatever he wants to share and not speak continuously which would also make him bored and he might not even pay attention to everything you say. Interaction and communication are very important to make a relationship healthier not only so that it lasts long but never lasts. Let him speak and try to listen whatever he says. If he tries to understand everything you say then make sure he gets everything in return that he deserves.

how to make a boy fall in love with you without talking to him

5. Be trustworthy

Gaining ones trust is the most difficult part of a relationship. Without trust there is no relationship. When you like someone and he trusts you make sure to never do anything that might break his trust. As always said ‘Honesty is the best policy’. You always need to make sure that you’re always honest about everything no matter how hurtful it is. You for yourself have to make sure that you’re a kind of person he could rely on. He should not need anyone else’s shoulder to cry on in your presence.

Make sure he is comfortable in sharing everything in detail. He should feel that his secrets are safe with you and you are the best one he could get. Even if he is not being able to trust you easily due to any reasons or past experiences make sure to give him enough time, after taking his time when he starts trusting you and notice that you had always been there for him that would be more than anyone else.

6. Frequent Eye Contacts

The best way to make someone to be into you is by making frequent and especially non desperate eye contacts with them. The guy should not be uncomfortable with your presence, as the smoothness of how you both look at each other matters. When you make an eye contact with someone, you tend to speak your heart out. It will make the guy feel that there is some truth in what you are talking to him. Doing it on regular basis even during your small talks will make him used to it knowingly or unknowingly, he himself will give you those side eye looks.

Trust me, it works with all the boys. Being his habit is the first key to be his priority. These eye contacts maybe full of shyness at first but this is what will bring you closer to each other. It is often said that half of the talking is done through eyes, make sure to it the right way.

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7. Personal space

One of the most important things in a relationship is to give each other their personal space . This can be anything from going on a morning walk once in a while to a weekend away with just your friends. Having lives out of your relationship will ensure that you don’t lose your identity and that it doesn’t become too monotonous.

Giving each other their personal space can avoid your relationship from becoming emotionally exhausting and even stressful at times.

Being clingy will usually affect your relationship negatively, so it’s important to give each other time when they require it as some  people may feel bothered instead of peaceful ,by being constantly in contact with someone.

Giving each other space will also allow you to focus on your own problems more critically. So give him time and all will be fine.

8. Sweet Attitude

Ever heard of taste choice? Why 90% people prefer dairy milks over dark chocolate? Sweetness, is the answer supposed by most of us? Exactly it’s where the point lies. Be sweet to him, but not cheesy. You don’t have to make him feel that you are over him. Be your real you with a soberness and delicacy. Many a times in terms of being sweet we tend to scare the guy away, showing him that how desperate we are. Sweet attitude particularly means be good to him. When he asks you something, answer him with a serene smile. The most crucial point here comes that be good towards his family also. Not just to show him but in actual.

Psychology says that more than 95% of the guys are very sensitive towards their dear ones. Make them and him feel as if you are a part of their daily routine, like that morning walk which makes them fresh and their surroundings vibrant. This will make him realize that no matter whatever happens, besides his family, there is someone who’ll be with him and he’ll start getting attached to you. Be his best friend before becoming his girlfriend.

how to make a boy fall in love with you through chat

9. Look your best

Looks helps in the formation of first impressions in the mind of the viewer and if it’s about making a guy fall for you make sure to look your best not only for the first time but always better than the last time so that he cannot take his eyes of you. You should always make sure of your appearance. By making sure of your appearance it does not mean you have to change how you look but being aware of your best features and highlighting them so that you look your best and attractive. Once a boy is attracted to you by your appearance and as well as nature. Also when you know you look your best, you gain confidence in yourself, and that confidence is reflected in your attitude and behavior. Look the way he likes to see you.

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10. Flirt

When you’re interested in someone you should always flirt with them in a healthy manner. Just letting them know that you’re interested in them requires a lot courage so healthy flirting is an easier way to do it. When boys know that a girl likes them they are usually more attracted to those girls. Flirting has to never come out strong that would make things awkward. Be playful with him, tease him on things both of you are comfortable with and if you want to get closer to him maybe touch him gently on his arms playfully, or make fun of him but also in a way complementing him. Tell him he looks good. Guys like it when some small initiatives are taken by girls.

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