How To Make A Woman Happy In A Long Distance Relationship?

How To Make A Woman Happy In A Long Distance Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to make a woman happy in a long distance relationship? Hey! Are you in relationship? But not able to meet your girlfriend from a long time due to any reason. It is general problem of many lover. They want to spend time with her but not able to spend time. This makes the relationship so boring. Are you also fed up with such type of relationship? It is also seen that the friends and family members also discourage you and give advice to break such relationship. But it’s too difficult. Remember one thing always it is just far away from you, not from your heart.

How to make a woman happy in a long distance relationship?

Now a day’s technology world has increased too much. You can take advantage of technology to make your long-distance relationship stronger and interesting. Such type of relationship is tough but you can make it stronger by doing something different. Here, we discuss such things which can make a woman happy in long distance relationship.

1. Talk her regularly

Talk her regularly

Talk is the most important thing in relationship, especially in long distance relationship. Talking on current situation or anything. Talking ensure that your girlfriend is feeling good or not. Regular talking with girlfriend ensures her that you still care her and have feelings for her. It is quite obvious that you are busy and not able to talk with her but always remember that she is your priority and she gives her heart to you. It becomes your responsibility to take some time from your busy schedule and talk to her. Talking to woman always pleasure them. She wants to talk with you and more important in long distance relationship.

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2. Play online games with her

Play online games with her

Playing online games not only relaxed you but also makes your bond strong. There are many types of online games which you can play with your partner. For example, ludo, spade, boggle bash etc. It is absolutely fun to play games with your partner. If you are in long distance relationship and so much tensed that how to survive in such relationships. Then playing online games is one of the great ways to keep your woman happy. Everyone likes to play games. Games have the capability to change your whole mood. So, if you are stuck in long distance relationship and feeling that your relationship is boring then find out game of your partner choice and play with her. It makes your partner happy.

3. Give her updates

Give her updates

Every woman wants to listen your daily routine. What you do entire day. Where you are. These are such questions that every woman asks from you. So, always give answers to such questions and tell them about your daily routine. If you tell what you do and what you want to do next. It will build up your trust. Ask her about their schedule. Giving all updates makes your bond stronger and better. It is generally seen that long distance relationship partners not know so much about their partner but if you share all update then it will build up the trust level and you will feel that your long-distance relationship have some great time.

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4. Don’t hide anything

Don't hide anything

If you are in long distance relationship then never try to hide something. Seriously, it will be a blunder if you hide something. Relationship have strong base where there is no secret. So, try to disclose everything. Mark one thing in your mind that if you are doing something without telling your love one then when she came to know about this then it will break her trust. Always remember do not hide anything from her and also do not do such things which you have to hide from her. A single secret can destroy your whole relationship.

5. Like her social media posts and comment

Like her social media posts and comment

This is the time of social media world. Everyone is on social media. If you are in long distance relationship then social media is a great tool for you. These apps show your love and care for your partner publicly. So, whenever your girlfriend posts something on social media then quickly tap on like button and comment something interesting. Now comment is very crucial because it is not two-way conversations. It is in front of many other people also. Always try to write sweet words. Write some good compliments like you are looking fabulous, stunning, your smile is just fantastic. These types of comments always make woman happy. For a long-distance relationship social media is one of the fantastic platforms to show your love in front of your relative and friends.

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6. Give her surprise by visiting

Give her surprise by visiting

Woman like surprise too much. A long-distance relationship has always in huger and that is to meet your partner as soon as possible. So, took some time from your busy schedule and give surprise her. I am 100% sure that this is the biggest surprise for her. This will show that she is your first priority and you can’t live long time without her. Always try to purchase some gifts for her also. You can purchase chocolates, pretty dress or something of her choice. Your surprise visit with gift definitely makes her happy and she is on cloud nine.

7. Send gifts occasionally

Send gifts occasionally

Long distance relationship cannot make difference in relationships. This will make your love deeper. In long distance relationship you come to know about the true value of love. There are some rules of relationship such as you have to remember all occasion like her birthday, your first meeting etc. Keep your gift ready for such occasion. In long distance relationship the value of such gifts is too much. Send gifts of her tastes and preferences. She will definitely feel happy and loves you more. It makes her feel special. It shows that you not forget her birthday or any special event. So, if you are in long distance relationship then spend your little bit savings on her gifts. Believe me, it’s not an expense it is an investment on which you will get love of her as a return on investment.

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8. Online dating

Online dating

Couples always plan to go on dates. In earlier time we can’t think about date in long distance relationship. There is only one way to communicate and that is post letter which sometimes takes couples of weeks. Nowadays you can do online dating. Really, you can organize online dating. It will definitely interesting. There is no one there. Only you and your partner. Such online dating makes your love stronger and better. Online dating is the new concepts and very beneficial for long distance relationship. Now you don’t have to meet her for dating. You can organize such dating via Zoom, Google meet or Skype. Online dating keeps your love alive. It will make your partner happy and make her feel special.

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9. Always start and end day with her

Always start and end day with her

Love is a state of mind where you and your partner think of each no matter where they are. Love makes you to think about other. When you start your day with talking her then she definitely feels happy. Just a text message like good morning, have a great day ahead, makes her feel special. If possible, also call her. If you start your day with her then she feels that she is the first one in her priority list. A good message in sweet voice always feels her good. It is not right just forgot her after saying good morning. It is always good to end her day with her. So, before sleeping make a phone call and say good night or sweet dreams. Thus, if you are in long distance relationship then always try to start and end your day by calling or texting her a message.

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10. Avoid chatting and calling continuously

Avoid chatting and calling continuously

It is a human tendency that we are fed up with things very quickly. If you are just calling your partner and talking for 4-5 hours then it is possible that she will feel irritated. It is good to talk but constantly talking for long hours is not a right approach. Also do not text her continuously. If she is far from you then definitely, she has some work. Otherwise she will always with you.

She is far from you because she also wants to expand her career or want to spend time with family. So, give her some time. It is also possible that she is far from you due to job. Now suppose she is on work and you are continuously calling her. It will be very irritating for her. Thus, it is okay to give her some space. She will happy that you care about her work and not disturbing her in working time.

This not matter that how much she is far from you. This also not matter from which time she is not with you. Technology makes the love stronger. You can call her, do video call and text her. Long distance relationship teaches you the true value of love. You will come to know that how much she is important for you. This will tell you that how much it is difficult for both to stay far from each other.  In long distance relationship you can make your bond deeper and stronger. There is no power in the world which can break your relationship. So, if you are in long distance relationship then never disappoint. You can please her by doing many activities. You can make her happy by doing above ten points. This will make her feel special and happy.

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