How To Make A Woman Happy In A Relationship?

How To Make A Woman Happy In A Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to Make a Woman Happy in a Relationship? When you are in a relationship with the person you love, you feel that your life revolves around that person. You want to do anything and everything that might make them happy. You feel content on seeing them happy, even more so when the reason behind their happiness is you. It is believed that women are the most complicated creatures on the face of the earth, and maybe, they are. But still, you love your woman and want to see her as the happiest woman. That is exactly what this article is about, helping you have a happy woman and relationship.

How to make a woman happy in a relationship?

Sometimes, your intentions might be of the purest form but it can be a bit difficult to express this love. It’s not like you have to make huge gestures or move nations to make your lady love happy. It’s the little things that matter, and let this be known, women tend to observe even minute differences in your behaviour and would catch on to your efforts quite quickly. So here are a few pointers that might help you along the way.

1. Love & Affection

Love & Affection

It might seem like the simplest thing in a relationship is to love. But actually, it can turn out to be a turning point in your relationship. All women are different in nature, but one thing that can be common among all the women is that they want to be loved and cherished. Even the most career-driven women want to come home to that one person who loves her. Thus, love becomes the most important emotion you should treat your woman with. Showing a little affection here and there, inserting small compliments into your conversations, and other affectionate gestures can make your relationship go a long way. If you love her, try your best to express it. All talk is cheap; show it through your actions.

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2. Respect


The next emotion you should treat your partner with is respect. A person always wants to be treated in a certain way, and that most definitely includes being treated with respect. It’s kind of a give and take thing. You want to be respected by your partner; you need to respect them first. If you truly love her, respect comes automatically from your heart. So, accept her the way she is, appreciate her for the kind of person she is, share your opinions and value her views on it as well. She is your better half, sharing each other’s lives gives her the right to speak her mind. The girl is not trying to make you feel inferior; she is just stating what she feels. Don’t belittle her in a way that she even loses her self-respect.

3. Loyalty


Next emotion that comes after love and respect is Loyalty. Although, when you truly love someone, being unfaithful to them seems like no less than a nightmare. And this is one of the most important traits women look for in their partners. Human beings are naturally possessive about things and people they love, so it is only natural for a woman to feel insecure and jealous when you are just as sweet to other women as you are to your partner.

Healthy jealousy in a relationship is fine, but when you intentionally try to make her jealous for getting attention, it only plants a seed of distrust in her mind, and then it eventually turns into development of doubts which are very unhealthy for a relationship. You already have a woman in your life; you don’t need to care about what other women might think of you. So spend time with her only and don’t forget to remind her that she is the only one for you.

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4. Taken for Granted

Taken for Granted

When it has been a long time being in a relationship, people tend to start taking their partners for granted. Their affection, gestures and love are something you get used to and start thinking that it’s their duty to love you. It’s not. No one is obliged to feel love for you, they love you for the person you are and for how you make them feel. So if you stop making them feel special and stop expressing your love for them, you might lose the most beautiful thing in your life.

Remember that there might be another person who is willing to make her feel loved, she is not stuck with you. It’s not like you have to prove your love every day, it is just a way to keep the spark alive. Continue to make small gestures and keep reminding her of the love and support you have for her. Only then you will get to have her love for as long as the relationship goes on.

5. Don’t burden her

Don’t burden her

Everybody has their own share of problems in their lives. Share your problems and difficulties with each other but don’t try to be the only one who is sharing their problem. Don’t dump the burden of your issues on her and not take any of her burdens. Consider yourselves as a unit and solve problems together. Apart from the emotional burden, there is also the burden of work. We have been made to believe that women have to take care of their partner and their house. Divide the responsibilities equally and stick by them. Women don’t want a child to take care of before they actually become a mother. So try lightening her burden as much as possible and she will definitely appreciate you for it. Being in a relationship means that you have a person to share your life with, not having someone to dump all your problems on.

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6. Have special days

Have special days

When it has been a considerable amount of time of your relationship, everything starts getting “normal”. Anniversaries, birthdays, date nights etc. are just some days that come around annually. Don’t let this happen. Keep having special days and special moments; keep celebrating small milestones of your relationship. This will help in keeping the spark between the couple alive for as long as you want. Celebrating these special days seems childish and unnecessary as you grow up and get mature. But it is not about having grand parties or celebrations; it is about having something to look forward to.

Nowadays everyone have a very busy life, so much that we often forget to spend time with our loved ones, so make it a point to make your woman happy by remembering such dates and try making it special for the both of you. Just having a small dinner to mark an important day in your lives can do its magic and make your woman happy.

7. Pay Attention

Pay Attention

Mean generally believe that women want them to magically know what they’re feeling and what exactly is on their mind, but that is not true. Admittedly, women want their partner to deeply understand them and their needs, but it’s not like they leave it all up to them. They surely drop subtle hints for their partner to pick. If you are successful in catching up to those hints, you have the key to your lady’s heart. The one and only way you will be able to truly understand your partner, other than proper communication, is by paying attention.

It probably sounds like a hard thing to do, but when you start doing it, you will see the changes brought about in your relationship just because of this habit. Notice her way of talking about something she’s passionate about, her ways of tackling things, if she is unable to openly talk about a sensitive topic and many more things.

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8. Listening


Paying attention and listening go hand in hand. There are women who like talking a lot and then there are women who don’t like to talk more than what is absolutely necessary. Whichever type of partner yours is, just listen to whatever she has to say. Now the main obstacle that arises here is the difference between hearing and listening. When you just hear her talk, you forget whatever she had said and that leads to her believing that you never paid heed to anything she talked about. And when you actually listen to her, you get to know her a lot more. Don’t think that you know her already.

Yes, people can understand each other’s nature and personality but the day-to-day mood can only be picked up by watching her behaviours and listening to her talk. This is also a give and take thing; you listen to her and she listens to you. If you want to be heard, you must also listen to her.

9. Doing things together

Doing things together

As mentioned above as well, everyone have a busy life nowadays. No one has a lot of time to spend together. So just doing little things together can prove to be healthy for your relationship. Make it a point to spend time with her so that she knows that you are there for her whenever she needs you to be. It doesn’t have to be something huge, even as something small as taking a walk together, or dining out in a cute restaurant can be memorable for the two of you. Enjoying each other’s company is the main point to be accomplished here. No matter how much you both love each other; misunderstandings can definitely lead to fights and bitterness in the relationship. These misunderstandings arise due to improper communication. So, spending time together will lead to you both talking your hearts out and hence, no miscommunication.

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10. Knowing her sexual preferences

Knowing her sexual preferences

A relationship is an emotional bonding of two people, but as humans, we also have physical needs. Each person’s view on having a physical relationship is different. So pay attention to how she is behaving and listen to her opinions on the matter. Don’t make her uncomfortable by taking advances. Only do what you both are comfortable in doing. Touch language is much stronger than the words, so if you fail to understand her preferences, you might end up losing her. If she is comfortable around you, it does not necessarily mean that she is indicating to something. Don’t assume things that involve her; ask her directly about what she needs. Respecting her in this manner does not only make you a gentleman, it also confirms a place for you in her heart. So have patience with her and she will get comfortable around you in her own time.

These were some of the pointers that you might find helpful. May you have a happy woman and a healthy relationship!

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