How to make someone feel guilty for ignoring you?

How to make someone feel guilty for ignoring you

Read this article to know that how to make someone feel guilty for ignoring you? : Human beings are social beings. We live, develop and thrive in a community. It is the social relations that give meaning and value to our life. Most of our actions are for the benefit of the society that surrounds us, especially to our dear ones. A person meets and get acquainted with numerous people during his life on earth. Some of them get more closer, creating an inner circle of people that may include his immediate family, friends, relatives and neighbours.

Due to this special bond, any sort of harm or neglect from the members of this group hurt the person. Whoever it be, the purposeful avoidance cause wounds. We would have often wondered on how to make a person feel guilty for avoiding us. It is a human instinct to be vindictive towards them. But such actions should not be encouraged as it would only result in aggravating the situation.

How to make someone feel guilty for ignoring you?

Here are some useful ways to make a person feel guilty of avoiding you without causing harm to either of you.

1. Confront the person directly

Being ignored is not pleasant experience, particularly by someone dear to you. The best way to tackle the situation is to have an open discussion with him/her. It can resolve the relationship to a great extent. It is always wise to understand the other side too. Often the action may not be serious or even intentional. It might be due to some stress or other personal matters. It is a common tendency to consider yourself as the only person suffering from the situation. In such times as these, it is advisable to speak to him/her. Express your feelings about the whole matter. Explain to them about how much you have been hurt by their actions.

Try not to overreact or assume reasons. Give them time to explain. Maybe it was not intentional. Maybe it was the circumstances. Sometimes they might need to be blamed. Whatever the reason be, discussing the situation will help a great deal. Try to reach a mutual agreement. The very fact that you were open about it would make them feel guilty. They would try to prevent this from occurring in the future. Confrontation is the best method as it also does not provide room for any misunderstanding.

2. Give the person the choice and time to solve the issue

Every person wishes to have a time and space of his own. When you feel ignored by someone, never jump to conclusions or take immediate actions. Such behaviours are driven by emotions and can make the situation worse. It would be wise to give the person time to reconcile. This offers him time to tackle the problems in his personal life, if this was the reason behind ignoring you. Imagine that the person is struggling to find a job or is involved in some family issue which cannot be discussed openly. It would be a grave mistake to complain about his/her behaviour without understanding their situation.

By giving them time, they can come back to the reality more peacefully. They will be grateful for your corporation and at the same time feel the need to be with you. This method is beneficial to the other person to. Afterall, the person is someone dear to you. Leaving them peacefully can sometimes be the best way to help the person.

3. Forgive the person

Forgiving someone is the best revenge you can have on the person. When someone intentionally ignores you, any negative action of yours will only tempt him to do more harm. Forgiving the person, even if they are to be blamed, will make them feel guilty of their actions. Forcing someone to apologize will not bring genuine regret. They may only feel contempt towards to. It is not a healthy solution as the relationship itself can get strained. Forgiving them leave them no other option but to get back with you. Even if they were planning to hurt your feelings it goes futile. Also, it clears your mind. Rather than getting disturbed or angry you will experience a peace which is beneficial.

Forgiving someone who have hurt you is not an easy task. It requires vigorous self-control and dignity. Only a person who is aware of his/her worth can be forgiving. Try to develop such a quality. It helps you to think clearly without being judgemental. Being able to forgive is a symbol of maturity. Only the strongest person can forgive someone. This understanding is important. This is sure to make the person feel guilty of his actions sooner or later.

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4. Live your best

This is a method of sweet revenge you can have. When a person ignores you purposefully his intention would be to hurt your feelings. Such people are sure that you will suffer from their absence. If so, the best way to get back is to prove them wrong. Seeing you enjoying your life will be a huge blow to them. Be your best always. The realization that you are independent of the person and that you can be your best without him/her will make them ashamed of their actions. It will be their turn to feel guilty and at loss. Being yourself is beneficial to you mind too. It helps you to be independent. You get time to explore your talents.

Even if the person does not come back to your life, this can help you cope with the fact. Go out, be cheerful, socialize and do not seem to bother about the person even when both of you are in the same place. This will compel them to rethink on their actions.

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5. Go out and make new friends

Another tactic to be employed is to create new friendships. Hang out more with new people. Interacting with a different group will help you improve your perspectives. It can even help you realize the toxic relations in your life. It broadens our mind. If the purpose behind ignoring you is to alienate you this will be the best way to prove them wrong. Also, it leads them to understand and value you more.

6. Apologize to the person

It could be a difficult task. It hurts our ego to say sorry to someone who has hurt us. But consider the other way. Suppose his avoiding you is due to some behaviour of yours. You may or may not be aware of it.  When we ask them pardon, it compels them to reflect on their behaviour. If they are on the wrong side, an apology from your part is the least they can bear. Either way it is helpful to mend the broken relation. Apologizing to someone does not always mean that you are on the wrong side. It only means that you are the one who care about your relation. So do not hesitate to ask for an apology. It has the power to produce unexpected results.

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7. Be open-minded

Behave in a mature way. Actions on the verge of emotion does not come from the right sense. It may lead to improper use of words and spilling of things you did not intend to share. This can aggravate the situation to far greater heights resulting in a permanent ruining of the relation. Being open-minded helps. Give them choice. If someone avoids you purposefully it means they are no longer interested in you. Stop bothering about such people. It would be better to keep them at a distance. Relations without love might be toxic. He/she can even take advantage of your weak position. Every person has the choice to decide on their relations. A person having self-dignity will never try to go behind such broken relationships. Be open-minded which is the best way to make them realize on their insignificance in your life. 

8. Step into their shoes

People can avoid you in the assumption that you would never understand their situation. They may even be afraid of facing you. The reason behind someone avoiding you can be numerous. Being compassionate helps. The knowledge that you can give them the required support will make them feel guilty of avoiding you. You can only be compassionate and understanding by standing in their position. Analyse the case from their point of view. A rational thinking is important. Expressing your concern for them can help them cope with the situation and to know your worth.

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9. Be normal

Behave in your normal manner. When realizing that they are ignoring you, do not jump to conclusions or demand attention immediately. Be your normal self. Constant nagging will further irritate the person. Learn to respect his/her feelings. Behaving casually is the wise thing to do. Take time to think about your actions. Has any of it caused them pain? Reflecting on it helps you analyse whether they are really keeping a distance. It can sometimes be due to a mood swing or may be due to your over thinking nature. One would not realize. Act like nothing have changed at least in the initial period.

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10. Ignore them completely

It must be the last straw used. It can make the person feel guilty. If you are hesitant to speak directly, this method would do good. Avoiding them back may help them realize the fault or at least let them know how you feel when being ignored. This creates a guilty feeling inside them. Never be indifferent. It is not the same as avoiding. If they come for reconciliation do not hold back. Avoiding them back is not to take revenge but to let them know how you feel.

Being ignored by someone close to you can be the worst thing to happen in your life. It is not always easy to neglect the feeling. Nevertheless, acting prudently and calmly is the wisest way to deal with the situation. The aforementioned methods may prove useful. Looking in a different perspective is the sigh of maturity. It is what makes a person worthy.

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