How to make someone feel loved and appreciated?

How to make someone feel loved and appreciated

Read this article to know that how to make someone feel loved and appreciated? : Relationship is the most beautiful thing in the world. All kinds of relationship has its own value. Having a happy relationship with someone is a great thing. But for maintaining it without any problem is a difficult thing. For keeping a good relationship we may need to do many things which is often simple. It is very much to keep a person happy, we may only need to do simple things for their happiness. But that things should be done regularly for being appreciated and loved by them. It may be an often difficult task.

Most of thee people give someone appreciation and love when they came to know we love them back or care them very much. Appreciating and loving is the base of a relationship. It is not a herculean task to make someone feel loved and appreciated.

How to make someone feel loved and appreciated?

Here are some simple ways to make someone feel loved and appreciated:

1. Compliment on their attitude and looks

The best way to make someone loved and appreciated is to compliment them on their attitude and look. The compliments should be positively, otherwise our try may go wrong. The person should we feel that you are praising and motivating him/her. All the people love to hear that they are good looking. Tell the person that how good they are looking. It also helps when we compliment about their character. All people only love to hear good things about them. If that person feels you are complimenting him/her, we may get some attention and gradually make them fall in love or get appreciated. But be careful that praising should not pass beyond limit. It may make them feel as we are teasing.

2. Remind them how special they are

It is the happiest thing to know that, for someone we are special. Make feel the same for the person whom you want to make feel loved and appreciated.Remind them each and every second about how special they are for them. They should understand and believe in your sincerity and affection towards them. Unless they feel we will be there for them in any circumstances, they will not feel anything to us. So, speak up openly to them about your real feeling. Feeling are there to express so don’t get late so convey what you feel to your special one .

3. Show them how they changed your life

Every person will get affected both positively and negatively by the entry of a person. If the person whom you want to make feel loved and if they have a positive vibe on you, tell them openly about it. Rarely only a person can make changes on your bad side. If a person like that is there in your life do not let them leave. Show how strongly they have influenced you. Gradually, that person will fall in love with you.

We can take the example of Avenger’s actor Robert Downey, as his wife Susan Liven warned him that if he didn’t left that habit of drugs she won’t be with him as he wanted her to be in his life so he left his habit of drugs and focused on his career and now he is one of the most successful person in his field. This shows that how a person can change your life entirely.

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4. Give them gifts

Everyone loves gifts, especially unexpected ones. Surprise him/her with special surprising gifts in most unexpected time. It will make them happy.  Gift the person most beautiful gifts to make them feel your love. Even if you give a small gift also it would mean a lot to the other person. These gifts can remind them about you always when the sees it. These can create a sweet memory and even helps to create a bond with each other. As by giving gifts you can make another person feel special.

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5. Protect them

We love the person with whom we feel protected and safe. Make the person you love to feel that they are safe in our hands. It will make them appreciate and love us. Always make them feel you are there for anything. Caring and protecting is good but keep in mind that these care and protection don’t change to over possessive attitude that can ruin the relationship. When we get to know that there is a person who will stand with you always and protect you whatever happens that is the best feeling one could ever have.

6. Take care of them

We should always take care of the person whom you wanted to love and appreciate you. Always check up on their health and other things and know about their well beings. This way you could be more close to them and make them feel special. When someone is there to care for you, nourish you, it’s the best feeling ever. As we become double strong when we know that whatever happens he/she is there to care about too. As many people have suicidal thoughts when something wrong happens so try to make people around you feel that you are there with them whatever happens as this can make them feel better.

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7. Make time for them

Whatever we have with us, we should make time for loved ones, then only we will receive back their appreciation and love. Reschedule your things and always find time for your loved ones. If they know you are always will be there for them, they will be definitely over to you. Try to find time for each other that is given time for your relationship so that you can each other in a better way. It is true that nowadays all are busy with their own schedules but spending some quality time with our loved ones can not only create a bond better us but also can relax and refresh your mood also.

As we all know life is short, we all are running after career and success just to have a happy and comfortable life ahead with our loved ones but nowadays most of us have forgotten to give family time or time for our partners which have created a lot of complications in nowadays relationships. So all we can go is give some time for our relationships, let them flourish.

8. Be a good listener

When we want someone to make feel loved and appreciated we need to lend our ears for them. All wish to have someone to hear them patiently and without any judgement. It is great support to know that a person is always there to hear out your story of happiness and sorrows. For being a listener we need a lot of patience. The person whom you want to make feel loved and appreciated should know that you will be there at their happiness and sorrows. This will make them happy and at last will fall in love with you. As nowadays most of the people are unhappy because no one is out there so that they can share their thoughts, feelings etc.  So be a good listener to the people around you.

9. Show interest in their passions

Everyone will have a passion and will be very much into it. Sometimes, we will not find anyone to appreciate and encourage you. Be a person who always appreciate and encourage him/her and help to develop their passions. So, the person feels very much pleased with you and gradually started to feel love and appreciation towards you. Do not make them feel that you are not interested in their passions because it make them to move away from you gradually.  Even if you show interest in each other’s passion that can help each other to work hard with more determination and we will get to have more interest in that passion.

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10. Do not criticize

It is a bad thing to criticize or complain about any of their actions. It makes them feel less interest in us. There are no people who are completely perfect. Everyone will definitely make mistakes and do things which may annoy us. But it is better that do not criticize or complain about them. Understand them and know more about their inner mind. This will help you to get close to that person and enter into his or her heart. If he or she makes a mistake tell them without complaining. Make them to understand their fault. As it’s easy to find out the mistake of another person and blame them as this can only destroy the bond. All you can do is calm yourself down first and with a relaxed mind make them realize their mistake. And never criticize or mock your loved ones in front of others.

Make them realize it in private. As this can make them feel more respect towards you . It is important to make the other person to know about your feeling. Best way to make anyone to feel loved and appreciated is to open up yourself in front of them. Always make them feel that they are everything for you. If the person feels special they will definitely fall in love with you.

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