How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel That You Really Love Her?

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel That You Really Love Her?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to make your Girlfriend feel that you really love her? We all get flustered about things from time to time. Is it natural? Yes, we all are human beings after all. However, we still need to work upon those aspects of our life. While some are savants when it comes to dealing with our emotions some have a hard time figuring things out. One such emotion that has been known to mess with our heads, is love. Love is one of those emotions that leads to the classic tussle between our mind and our heart.

It can be a tricky feeling to navigate our way through. It’s even trickier to maintain relationships such as one with your girlfriend. After all, it requires energy and effort from both sides to have a healthy relationship. Of course, there are things one can do and things one can avoid doing that will sustain a wholesome relationship.

How to make your Girlfriend feel that you really love her?

As social animals, relationships are an important part of our life. There are different relationships that we need to sustain throughout our lives. One must behave in certain ways and fulfill the requirements of the role imposed by a relationship. For instance, romantic relationships play an essential role in our life, be it for the sake of procreation (down the line) or just intimacy that every human being naturally desires. As a result, one must act in ways that will help develop a relationship but also assist its preservation. This article is specifically for those who want to showcase to their girlfriend they love her. The following 10 things can help you demonstrate to your girlfriend how much you care for her. 

1. Listening 


One of the most important things to do in general (in any relationship) is to be a good listener. For a relationship to function properly, individuals must understand their relationship and each other well. This cannot be done without listening to one another. Not only will developing the habit of listening help you grow as a person but listening to others is a form of showing that you care for what the other person has to say. To give feedback, one needs to listen so that a response can be generated. Listening to your girlfriend will help you understand her likes and dislikes which will aid in being a better boyfriend. For example, you can dine at her favorite restaurant or order her favorite cuisine. And so, listen to your girlfriend so that you can show her how important she is to you. 

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2. Compliments 


You want your girlfriend to feel good around yourself. Most of us don’t like hanging around gloomy people who generally tend to bring others down. Who would want to feel that way? That is why it is important to remember to compliment her so that she feels good about herself and so that she associates you with a positive vibe. Though compliments are important, the compliments must be genuine and arise naturally. It would do more harm if she thinks your affection for her is fake. 

3. Face-time


The past year has been rough on all of us. Having to stay inside for long durations that at moment’s notice was not easy. Add that to two restless souls in love with each other, it can make one fidgety for there is a sudden stop to social interaction. To make up for it, you can face time (or call) your girlfriend daily or as you see fit. This will help you keep in touch with her. It will help both of you calm your uneasiness and yearning for each other. 

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4. Surprises


From time to time, you should surprise her. How you do that depends on you and her. Once the pandemic becomes a thing of the past, you could randomly take her out on a date. For the time being, you could order her favorite food as a surprise to brighten her day. These little things go a long way.

5. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

If you live with your girlfriend then you can do this and make her fall for you all over again. Write compliments and things that you like about her on little pieces of paper and hide them all over the house. Don’t tell her about it. Watch her randomly find a piece and see how it brings a smile to her face. Considering that you have a healthy relationship, this will take illustrate just how much effort you are willing to put in to make/keep her happy.

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6. Making Up After A Fight 

Making Up After A Fight

Fights are unavoidable and have the tendency to creep upon us. You will get into fights with her. What is important is how you deal with it. If she is really important to you, you will recognize that fights are temporary. Don’t be too upset about the fight and hug her after a while or buy her chocolate to make up for it. The point isn’t how you make up for the fight but rather that she is more important to you than your ego or you being right. Note that this is obviously about small fights that happen from time to time, not all fights can necessarily be dealt with similarly. 

7. Be Affectionate

Be Affectionate

Shower her with hugs and kisses. Make her feel special. Let it be known if it wasn’t already as to how much you love her.

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8. Photo Album

Photo Album

Don’t be someone that doesn’t live the present. However, that does not mean that you can’t take photos. Photos are a way to appreciate the goodness of the past. Take photos with her, off her, of moments that mean a lot to you both. Create a photo album out of those memories. She will appreciate the amount of effort it took to make the photo album. She will not only cherish the memories that you reminded her of but also the energy and time you put into it. It again reinforces how much she means to you.

9. Family 


Family is an important part of our life and it is of utmost importance to be on good terms with them. The Family is the first social unit we come into contact with the relationships we build because they are very close to our hearts. Hence why you should take the time to pay attention to your girlfriend’s family as well. Like you value your family, she probably does hers’ as well. With this, you will be able to show her that you care about the things she treasures. As mentioned before, positive vibes are important.

The ability to be able to get along with her family will send good vibes her way. That harmony that will arise from you and her family getting together is a desirable aspect of life. If you are looking for more from the relationship or are looking to take forward the relationship to the next step, then it becomes all the more important to get acquainted with her family. Since ideally, you would one day want to become her family as well it is imperative that you start the process as soon as possible.

The interaction with family should not only be limited to hers’. Introduce her to your family as well. This is another way of telling her how much she means to you and how comfortable you are with her that you want her to meet your family. The decision to meet the family is the decision to be vulnerable and that is something she would appreciate. It illustrates that you trust her enough to be vulnerable around her. 

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10. Respect


Another form of showing her that you love her is by showing her the respect that she deserves. This can be done in many ways. As mentioned before, if you listen to her, you are already indicating to her that you respect her. Of course, there is more to it than just listening. You need to show it in your actions as well. Just because you sit to through the conversations doesn’t necessarily mean you listen. How you behave is also a signal as to how much you think of her.

Other things you can do is to be thoughtful and open-minded about her views. This does not mean that you blatantly accept all of her views but you should give importance to her perspective. There is more to the relationship than just romance or intimacy. You need to let her know by how you behave around her that you both are equals in the relationship. You can do this by being considerate of her perspective and outlook/opinions.

As time passes, life, in general, is becoming more and more hectic. Often we end up forgetting about the things that matter to us. In the hustle and bustle, we sometimes end up neglecting things that are dear to us. Hopefully, with the 10 ways that I have pointed out, you make your girlfriend feel like you love her a lot. Thank you!

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