How to overcome from breakup depression?

how to overcome breakup

How to overcome from breakup depression? : The answer of this question is explained here. Love is like a drug. If you fall in love with a person truly , you need that person in your life everywhere and every time. To being in a Relationship is typical in every corner of the world. When there is no condition in love that is unconditional love. Love does not expect anything in return. When you are pampered by your partner, when you get special attention and your stomach is having butterflies, that is the best feeling in the world. You start loving everything, every single word of your buddy.

There is a little fight involved in every relationships which increase the capacity of love, and it does not include jealousy, hatred, restrictions. It only mean to spread love and bring happiness on each other’s face. When there are no chances of catch up after break up that sometimes become the cause of depression. Break up simply means being no more in relationship and your status has become single now.

how to overcome heartbreak

Breakup can be lethal in terms of emotional attributes. A person dealing with break up can sometimes suffer from depression and it can have some very serious issues with the person. Many people get deeply involved with relationships and when that relationship breaks , they shatter and feel devastated which in result kills their inner self and peace of mind. It is the most crucial phase of live when your heart gets break. It is not easy to overcome from it but once you found your true partner, you forget everything.

People going through break up often are the victims of depression. Such breakups and can lead to suicidal deaths.

After breakup, only the thing that is left in their relationship is, their broken hearts. A broken heart need time and good care to heal itself. To get out of breakup is become a challenge for them.

Reasons behind breakup

  1. He or she is no more interested
  2. Your ex was frustrated and does not like your company any more
  3. He or she has started dating someone else
  4. Your buddy is going to marry.
  5. Your partner was irritating.
  6. When you don’t want their interruptions in your life.
  7. When he or she become over possessive.
how to overcome from depression due to breakup

What to do after Breakup?

If you really want to get rid of your ex’s memories , you have to do these things first:

  1. Just delete there mobile number
  2. Block your ex from all your social accounts.
  3. Delete all the pictures or burn them.
  4. If you have any precious gift , just donate them.
  5. Start doing meditation for inner peace.
  6. Stop blaming yourself.
  7. Celebrate your singledom .
  8. Start listening your favourite pop up songs .
  9. Do the things that you love.
  10. Think about yourself , your happiness and your bright future.
  11. Think about your break up as you wake up.
how to overcome breakup pain

Top 10 ways to overcome from breakup depression

Depression is like a disease. Here are some tips that we will broadly discuss about the ways to overcome breakup depression.

  1. Don’t blame yourself : First step is to accept this critical situation, when you are deeply hurt, then think about it and give yourself little time to manage the things. Try to console yourself at that moment and then take corrective action. Most of the people started blaming themselves for their breakup. They think themselves as a culprit and feel humiliated. Mostly women think so. But it is wrong. You must believe that something better is waiting for you. He or she were not yours. It was just a time pass. You have learnt many things from your past. So just don’t worry about your status, your happiness matters a lot. It might be possible that when you were in that relationship, you were not happy, your partner was torturing you, and putting many restrictions on your behaviour. But now you are free from all such headache. You can act yourself accordingly.
  2. Stop thinking about it all the time : When you have a strong feelings for someone or when you are in love with someone, you can find yourself lost in your fantasied world with him or her. And after breakup if you are trying to get reach of him or her , you are making your life more complicated to move on . Don’t stalk him or her on social media websites like Instagram , Facebook , Snapchat. Stop checking their activity status or profile. Don’t contact with their friends to know about your ex’s current status. Don’t try to figure out his or her present.
  3. Take away the memories : Since you have spent many moments with your partner and have had future plans. But now that promises you made are in vain. The only thing that you can do is deleting all pictures from everywhere and gifts that you exchanged, give it to somebody else or just throw them away. Such things will remind you of him. So try to ignore such things and when somebody else is talking about him or her, change the topic immediately.
  4. Keep yourself involved : It would be very helpful to forget your past memories with your ex if you keep yourself busy in multiple activities. You can do internship of few hours, do job, take dance classes, write blogs, click photographs, literature, painting, sports or do some creativity or decorating house, providing tuitions to students, and learn many courses. Organise some events in order to keep your schedule hectic and yourself busy-bee.
  5. Reading : Your should read two book you like the most in a week. You can also read comics, magazines, newspaper or novels. It would encourage your knowledge, vocabulary, and skills. Reading is a good habit and will help to achieve your aspirations. You may consider group study, gradually so you will start forgetting him naturally and can focus only on study or job. Try to solve game puzzles or quiz.
  6. Travel : Travel gives you experience along with fun. Explore new and beautiful places. Make random plans and go out with family or friends to the places you want to go. Click many pictures , edit them, give amazing caption to it and post it. You can opt the options of nature walk. Try to spend some time with nature, you will feel that most beautiful thing in this world is nature which loves us infinite.
  7. Hangout with friends /group therapy : When you are alone all the negativity started coming in your mind. So this is better to keep yourself in a group or with your friends or with your family. Go to café , watch movie, disc, long drive or go for shopping with your friends. Friends will understand your situation and emotions. They will take you somewhere else where you can enjoy.
  8. Meditation : Meditation is a powerful technique which heals you and clear your past impression. It encourages acclimatisation so that you can enjoy your own company. Give yourself 10-15 minutes everyday to come out of stress. It does not allow you to take wrong action like suicide or hurting yourself. Meditation gives you energy and motivates you to go to the path of your career. It helps to concentrate well on studies. Do some exercise and work out in your leisure time. Make your schedule and always try to participate in event.
  9. Music therapy : Here you are recommended to listen good songs like pop up, old songs in order to get rid of breakup depression. Only listen to those music that doesn’t make you sentimental or emotional. Music is a good therapy to heal and it energies you to work and to leave the past behind. Dance on beats and show that you don’t care about your ex.
  10. Love again : World is really big. Every person is made for someone. Love can happen again, anywhere , anytime with anyone. Sometimes we don’t know about their name, their work, and we fall in love with that person coincidentally and he or she become very special for us. Second love is a second change. Sometimes second love becomes your future partner. Try to give somebody else a chance to get your attention and steal your heart.

To get back on the track, bring out your frustration in gym while you are working out. Don’t make other people sad because you are depressed. Try to keep other people happy. Don’t get addicted to cigarettes, drug or alcohol. This will make you weak.

how to overcome a breakup with someone you still love

These are some simple ways to come out from breakup depression. Overall, nobody is perfect and nobody is best. There is always best of best. Hope for the best for yourself. Don’t get yourself indulge in depressive situation. Eat healthy food and make a distance from stress. Your family loves you a lot. They did not give your birth to get die for someone else. Give them time and share your things with them. They will find a best solution for your problem. And of course, you will find your partner better than your ex. Take care of yourself and always be happy.

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