How to overcome laziness while studying?

how to overcome laziness while studying?

How to overcome laziness while studying? : The answer of this question is explained here in this article. Earlier this month I had my weekly exams and I noticed that laziness only occurred while preparing for exams. This laziness vanished as soon as I started to use mobile phone or start doing some other activity. So the question arises that why does laziness occur while studying? We have come through this situation while we are studying in junior school or in college. Thus this situation is common with all the students and due to this, grades of students are affected simultaneously causing stress and fear. Laziness lead to procrastination of work setting a bad example for work ethics. The quality of preparation is also affected as we tend to neglect the fineness of details while studying. With time, it can become a habit destroying your career and future.

10 Best Ways to overcome laziness while studying

As laziness is natural behavior which comes from within, ways to avoid and overcome is very limited. Some of methods can definitely help to overcome this laziness. Therefore list of some methods are:

1. Suitable place

It is very important to find a suitable place to study. Make sure that the place of study shouldn’t come into your comfort zone like your bed. Proper studying place may consist of chair and a table or some garden. Posture of sitting in chair must be straight to overcome laziness. The place should have an aura of positiveness to avoid negative thoughts in students mind. The place should be free from all sort of external and internal disturbance.

2. Set Goals

Setting goals for every problem is very necessary. This should be applied in studies too. We shall set goals like to finish a certain portion in fixed amount of time. This has two advantages. Firstly, there will be pressure upon us help us to focus on the desired goal within the stipulated time. Secondly breaking the syllabus in portions will give us proper time to read and interpret the portion properly without thinking of rest of the syllabus. It is very important to do one task at a time. This method will help to finish the syllabus in fixed time overcoming laziness.

3. Make Breakpoints

This should be done at the starting for studying. Every human being is scared and tendency to run when it sees a problem that is very huge. To avoid this type of situation, we should break the whole into small achievable parts. When you start doing this part and finish it, you will feel a sense of achievability. This sense of achievability will increase your motivation and help you to achieve higher targets. Breakpoints also ensure that you are not getting enough load in your mind.

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4. Take breaks

It is major step most of us forget to take while planning and studying. When we are planning to study and making breakpoints, we shall also include breaks between two goals. We always feel laziness because after a certain time, our mind is exhausted and can’t take anymore inside. To recharge the capacity of brain, breaks are required. Breaks of 5 minutes are enough but this can vary from person to person. During break, one should try to relax his mind by doing some meditation, inhaling and exhaling deeply etc. Another way to relax is listen to soft music and eat something light. This all techniques increases the efficiency of brain and help you to do your next goal with much more energy.

5. Avoid Distractions

Distractions can become major source of laziness and this should be avoided in any cost to overcome laziness. This is due to the fact that when one is focused in studying and then disturbed due to some distraction, the focus is changed and is now towards the distraction. To concentrate again in studies, time is wasted and laziness comes in. This distraction can be of two type- internal and external. Internal distractions include inner urge to waste time, negative thoughts, urge to go washroom unnecessarily etc. This can be reduced by doing meditation and calming the mind. External distraction may include call/message from someone, noise of surrounding etc. This can be avoided by choosing a proper place to study and keep all the electronic devices in silent.

6. Consequences

Laziness usually comes when we are not dedicated or focused enough towards studying. One should define and set his priorities. Think about the positive outcome of studying which will motivate you to study leaving all laziness behind. Positive outcome  ensures that one is truly focused and dedicated towards his goal. One should also be aware of the negative outcomes or in simple terms- consequences he will face if he lets laziness come into his way and distract him from studying. This way also motivates most of the students for working hard and overcoming laziness.

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7. Interesting subjects

This laziness can occur to us while studying because the subject is not interesting and is boring. Students always feel bore to memorize the topics and find doing calculation interesting. It is thus necessary for us to make studying interesting by making sarcastic notes between the pages or rewarding yourself after completion of certain portions. It would be better to change your vision by thinking that this subject is interesting and can be done easily by me. One can switch between interesting and boring subjects by time to time to keep him focused and finishing two subjects simultaneously. This can be a cool method to overcome laziness.

8. Sleep and Rest

It is important for a student to take proper rest and sleep to avoid laziness while studying. An average human needs 7-8 hours of sleep to function properly. A student also needs to take 8 hours sleep to focus and concentrate properly. Some students can’t get sleep due to overthinking but some steps can be taken to avoid overthinking. Sleeping properly also increases the memory of the student.

9. Food/Nutrition

Food majorly defines the efficiency of student while studying. One should take light diet before studying. This is because when we take heavy diet, blood circulation flows towards stomach helping to digest reducing the flow of blood in the brain. The reduction of blood in the brain will avoid the brain to work efficiently and you will be distracted easily. Thus it is necessary to take proper diet before studying to avoid laziness. It is found that vitamin D is necessary for brain functioning therefore taking vitamin D from sunlight or diet is necessary for studying.

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10. Workout

It is very important for every human being to do exercise for proper functioning of body. Workout keep our brain work efficiently. We all should do some exercise regularly. This will play an important role to keep laziness away while studying. We should meditation to keep our brain sharp and calm.

These were some of the ways to avoid laziness while studying. You can definitely find other ways that may suit you.

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