How To Tell Someone That You Are In Love With Them?

How To Tell Someone That You Are In Love With Them?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to tell someone that you are in love with them. Love is the very essence of life. It is what makes life beautiful and worth living. Everyone yearns to love and be loved. Life begins out of love and the purest form of love is that of our parents. It’s selfless and undemanding and they never stop loving you.

Life can be hard and difficult at times. There may be times when it may seem meaningless. At these difficult times it is the support and care of our loved ones that keep us going. Being surrounded by people who cares about you and loves you keeps you happy. It can help you grow into better human beings. It can teach one to understand and respect others feelings as well and appreciate life. It is what makes us human.

Love is simple and plain. It is not conditional and there are no rules as to who can love whom. But most of the time human emotions and ego and lack of trust can complicate things. It can destroy the meaning of love. Also often people find it very hard to express their feelings. It might be the fear of rejection or the anxiety of not knowing your known true feelings. Keeping your feelings bottled up causes great regret in the future. Keep it simple, don’t overthink and express your love. Otherwise life will end up in a series of regrets.

5 Ways To Tell Someone You Are In Love With Them

Here is the list of some ways to tell someone you are in love with them discussed below:

1. Be There For Them

Be There For Them

The best way to show someone that you really care for and love someone is by always being there for them. Be there when they are having a hard time. Help them sort out the mess they are in or simply comfort them.

Be they shoulder for them to cry on and the friend who’s always ready to listen. Having someone to comfort you and listen to you at hard times is a great boon. It will instil a sense of gratitude and respect in that person that can soon turn to love.

Be there during their good days too. Try to be a part of all their happy moments. Help them create good and unforgettable memories. Never give up on them even if they don’t reciprocate your feelings fully. Try to understand them and respect their feelings and decisions and never judge them. Life would have been different for them.

Being there for them doesn’t mean you abruptly intrude their personal space. Give them space and time. Help them understand you and your feeling.

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2. Show Trust And Be Honest

Show Trust And Be Honest

Trust is something that is gained easily. In today’s world it’s hard to trust someone easily, especially if you barely know that person. It takes time to understand one’s character and fully trust him/her. The only way to earn trust is by being completely honest with the other person. By being truthful and transparent you are helping them see what you truly are. Also at the same time show some trust towards the other person.

Some people may have a lot of insecurities and they may be reluctant to show their true feelings as this could make them vulnerable. Trust can break through these insecurities.

Showing trust in them and being honest can help them realise that you can be trusted and help them create a bond with you. It can also help them realise your feelings for them.

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 3. The Tiny Gestures

The Tiny Gestures

The tiny details that may seem insignificant at first may be the ones that matter the most at the end.

Asking the person if they are happy, cheering them up when they are feeling low, offering them help with their work etc.  can all make a difference. These tiny gestures show them that you care.

Going for walks or drives with them, getting a coffee now and them and openly sharing stuff can help to bond with each other. Be yourself with them. Know their likes and dislikes, their interests, hobbies and passion. Get to know them and also let them know you.

Give them a hug when they are feeling low, tease them jokingly, make lame jokes, surprise them, make them smile and make them feel special. Let them warm up to you. Appreciate their works, encourage them, support them and help them be better.

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4. Express Through Words

Express Through Words

Always find time to talk with each other. And always find time say something that you truly mean, from your heart. Talk to them, let them know how you feel or how you are doing. Open up to them. Create a sense of affinity towards them. Also be a good and patient listener. Listen to what they have to say and try to see through them.

You are special to me, I understand how you feel, can I hug you, you inspire me, I trust you, you make me happy, I can be myself around you etc. are the different ways one can express their love without actually saying it. These shouldn’t be merely words, one has to truly feel it and mean it. Words can go so deep into a person’s heart.

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5. Say I Love You

Say I Love You

This is what one should do if you realise you love someone. You can show all love and care to the other person and he/she may still be oblivious to your true feelings. Like mentioned earlier always keep try to keep it simple. It’s natural to feel confused and anxious. But if you are clear about your feelings go ahead and confess them. It is ok to take some time but make sure not to complicate or strain the relation between the two of you.

Fear of rejection should never stop someone from confessing their love. It’s possible that the person you love may not always love you back. But by confessing your feelings you to them you will feel good about yourself and even find a closure. Also you will have their respect and well-wishes and they can always be your good friend.

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Love can be simple and pure but most of the times this is not the case. It can be painful too. This happens when two people fail to understand each other or when their opinions clash. Often misunderstandings have been a cause of break-ups or strained relationships. This could be due to lack of communication. More often things get complicated due to reasons that may seem so petty or silly. People needs to put some effort to keep their relationships going.

You need to spend time with each other to strengthen your bonds. There’s a long way to go from confessing your love to having a beautiful and strong relation with someone. Love and trust once broken can leave deep stains in our minds which will last for a long time. It can also affect your relationships with others as you have completely lost faith in them. But we all need care and affection from someone to keep us going. Therefore always remember to value your loved ones and appreciate and reciprocate the love they shower us with, and always remember to never break someone’s heart.

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