How To Test A Girl To See If She Really Loves You?

How To Test A Girl To See If She Really Loves You?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to test a girl to see if she really loves you? Are you in relationship from a long time but don’t know that she’s really loves you or just doing time pass? Do you ever try to find out whether she’s happy to spend their entire life with you? Have you ever noticed something weird about your girlfriend? Which makes you feel that she doesn’t love you. Some girls make relationships for your money. It is always good to test whether she really loves you or doing pretense of love. If she is with you only for money then it will give you a big shock. There are many methods to test to test a girl. But you have to be very careful and find out the results wisely.

How to test a girl to see if she really loves you?

Here, we will discuss top 10 ways to test a girl to see if she really loves you? These ways give you the best ways to find out the real truth.

1. Sharing all secrets

Sharing all secrets

A true loving girl always share his secrets with partner. She shares all her past and deepest darkest secrets. If your girlfriend has this feature then it will make your love stronger.  If your girlfriend is hiding something and keeping secrets then it can be possible that she doesn’t love you. A relationship has no secret. If your partner tries to hide something then try to find out the reason behind it.  On the other hand, if she really likes then she will definitely share all the secrets. So, if you girl is sharing all her past experiences and secrets then she really loves you.

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2. Always want to spend time with you

Always want to spend time with you

Is your girlfriend spending time with you? Is she love to love to spend time with you? This is another sign of girl if she really loves you. If a girl happy and loves to spend time with you, then she really loves you. It is generally seen that boy and girl is in relationship from long time but not spending time together. This makes your bond week. If a girl really loves you then always ready to spend time with you. By spending quality time together, you can know many things about herself. Her likes and dislikes, favourite things etc. Thus, if girl like to spend time with you then she really loves you.

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3. Putting extra effort to look good for you

Putting extra effort to look good for you

Every girl wants to look good. Specially in front of their love. If she is putting extra effort to look good for you? Then it is a sign that she loves you a lot. Girl wear clothes according to their partner’s choices and try to impress him. She dressed up well to look good and to hear a compliment from your side. When you praise her then she feels so happy and special. Always remember if a girl is putting extra effort to look just for you and dolled up like a doll then she has some felling for you. Thus, it is the biggest sign and you can easily recognize that if she is giving time to ready to look for you then she really loves you.

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4. Present on your every special occasion

Present on your every special occasion

A girl like to make your special occasion mom beautiful and memorable. This special occasion can be your birthday, promotion or any festival. If she really loves you then definitely, she will always there and put extra efforts to make your occasion more special. For example, you organize a birthday party and she is absent on it. This will hurt you too much. If she really loves you and care you then she not only presents there but makes your occasion memorable. So, if your girl is with you on your precious events like birthday, valentine or promotion party then she really cares about you and loves you too much.

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5. You are no. 1 in her list

You are no. 1 in her list

Are you on top most priority of your girlfriend list? Is she share all things firstly with you? Then it is also a good indication. It proves that she really trusts you and love you. Whatever the things, she will always in favour of you. When you are her first priority then she never thinks twice. She never reserves you as a second option. A girl whose priority is you can do anything just to stay with you. She is crazy for you and can do anything for you. So, if you are the top most priority in her list never hurts her feelings and respect her feelings and emotions.

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6. Showing concern for you

Showing concern for you

If you want to test a girl to see that she really loves you? Then this way is the best way. A loving girl always shows the concern towards the partner. She takes care of his health. When you are not feeling well, she takes care of you. She remembers you to take medicine. These all the sign of concern. You can check her behaviour that when you are feeling low then she is genuine concern about you or not. These all the concern about you shows that she really loves you. So, if you are in bad mood or feeling low and she tries to cheer up then it is definitely true that she is in deep love with you.

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7. Likes whatever you like

 Likes whatever you like

Every girl wants to know about likes and dislikes of your love ones. If she likes whatever you like then your bond is so strong. If she really loves you then she will notice all your activities, hobbies and your interest area. Now if you are watching a cricket match then she wants to see the match with you. She will like to cook your favourite food. If you don’t like movies then it became her dislike also. In short, she tries to please you doing all the activities whichever you like. She’s trying to feel special to you. So, if your likes and dislikes are same and she loves to do all things which you like then it is always good to live life with her.

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8. Sense of jealousy

Sense of jealousy

A girl feel jealousy whenever the boyfriend is talking with other girls. If you praise any other girl in front of her then you are gone. It is like blunder. A girl never like that her partner spend time with other girl or give compliments to them. For a girl you are just for her. She doesn’t want that another girl flirt with you. A girl has more emotional feelings and sentiments. If she saw you in front of another girl then she definitely feels jealous. It is quite possible that she doesn’t say anything about this. But she always thinking about this in her mind. So, if you have a girl who doesn’t bear that you are talking with other girls, never hurts her.

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9. Remember whatever you said

Remember whatever you said

A girl noticed and listen everything. She will remember a little sentence for whole life. If she really loves you and care about you then she loves to remember whatever you said. Always mark one thing that girl remember everything what you said so just control on your tongue and speak politely. Otherwise she will carry baggage of it for all the time. A loving girl always tries to remember whatever you said. She never forgets that what you said her on her last birthday. Even she remembered what you said ten years ago. So, always mark one thing in your mind that a girl has strong memory power and recall everything you said to her. So, if you notice that she remembers all the things you said then never leave this type of girl and hold her hand for whole life.

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10. She is making sacrifice for you

She is making sacrifice for you

Girls are always ready to make sacrifice for you. After marriage they leave their parents’ home and start living with her husband. So, if you are in relationship and she is making sacrifice to keep happy you then appreciate her sacrifice and effort. She has some genuine feelings for you. That’s why she is sacrificing otherwise no one sacrifice for another. She will do the works of their boyfriend instead of doing their work. Sometimes they take blame on them to protect the boyfriend. So, if your loving girl is making sacrifice for you then never forget her efforts.

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Relationship has strong base. It can’t break by any another person. Every girl wants that her partner spend time with her. But sometimes a situation comes where you have some doubts that she really loves me or not. Asking directly to her can really hurt her emotions. It is always beneficial to notice their small activities and examine all above points. If she is pass in all standards and test then, Dude! Never leave or hurt such type of girl. Otherwise this will be the biggest loose of your life.

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