Interesting topics to talk about with your boyfriend


In this article I am going to tell you about some interesting topics to talk about with your boyfriend. All of us enjoy the company of someone special, someone we love. In the fast and ruthless world where “survival of the fittest” is the only motto for literally everybody around you, it’s always nice to come back to somebody who will make you forget all the tensions you have. Being with them will make you forget all the problems in the world, they will make you feel safe and secure. It is always a very good feeling to have somebody who you can always count upon, and who you know will be there for you no matter what.

This is the advantage of being in a long-term relationship which is seldom available in a short-term relationship. We all have very varied opinions about relationships. Some people say short-term relationships are the best and it gives you the exposure to meet new kinds of people. It helps you to know what personalities you are looking for when you go to meet somebody. It also helps you to know how to deal with different types of people in different situations. They help you to find “the one” before you actually think about settling down.

It is very common for the people in their twenties to have very perpetual relations where they keep moving from one person to the other for several reasons of their own. For me personally, long-term relationships are always the best thing in the world. It gives you an immense sense of self-satisfaction, the warmth in your heat when you are with or around them, it just cannot be replaced by anything else. It’s true every relationship has ups and downs, everybody fights and have misunderstandings, but like Katy Perry says, after a hurricane comes a rainbow. Learning that that person values more to you than being right is what helps your relationships last longer. They help the both of you to turn into mature adults and actually start caring for one another.

As time flies and your casual fling turns into a serious relationship, you finally decide to settle down and naturally run out of things to talk with your partner. When you are with them for more than a year or so, you will reach a point where you run out of stories to share, topics to talk about. You feel like you guys have talked about literally everything under the sun. Psychologists say that it is very harmful for the relationship if you pressurize yourself into coming up with a topic to talk.

What are some interesting topics to talk about with your boyfriend?

Thinking of something hard to talk will just end up spoiling the whole vibe of the conversation. You just have to keep in mind that this is the guy you have spent the last one year or so with and you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. If this is not enough to calm you down, here are some excellent topics you can talk to your boyfriend about and help break the ice.

1. Ask him about his deepest secret

Ask him about his deepest secret

This is always a very interesting topic to talk about, because who doesn’t like to know about a person’s deepest secret. You will get him to reveal all the things he would normally never tell anybody. It could be an embarrassing story, a childhood tragedy, etc. Whatever it may be both of you will end up knowing the other person at a very deep level and might even end up having some laughs. This will give him a chance to get some things off his chest and sharing it with the person he trusts the most will also give him the confidence that his secrets are safe with you.

You could take turns, go back and forth so that both of you can get to share your secrets. It is a proven fact that sharing embarrassing stories brings people closer, and you offering to go first will help him make it easier to open up.

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2. Try to talk about his previous relationships

Try to talk about his previous relationships

Although it sounds very spicy, it is a very nice ice breaker and an excellent conversation starter. It will help him to talk about things one would normally share with their girlfriend. Do not start off in a way as to make him feel attacked because that will only urge him to make up a lie. Start off by asking something about his worst date, his worst relationship ever, the worse moment he had to face in his previous relationships, etc.

Learning more about his previous relationships will give you a lot to learn from, you will also pick some great ideas to improve the type of relationship you guys are having. Talking about past relations is always a fun thing to do with your partner because it tells the mistakes he’s made, the relations he has screwed up, and his taste in women.

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3. Debate on a topic

Debate on a topic

Debates are always an excellent idea to exchange ideas, and thoughts on a particular thing. It also helps you to learn a lot about the topic. Try to choose topics that are rather neutral and make sure that you do not make any personal comments. The last thing you want is to make him mad at you while all you were trying to do was make conversation with him. If both of you are equally competitive, you can pick some wits from the other, get a few nice points, and have fun at the same time.

Debates are the best time pass especially if both of you have OCD to win. Debating over things will let you understand the other person (your opponent in this case) in a better manner. You will understand his views on things, his method of approach towards things, and best of all if you’re really good at it you can even get to watch him lose and throw a tantrum.

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4. Ask him about his biggest sacrifice

Ask him about his biggest sacrifice

Things or questions like this are neither too intimidating nor too off subject. Asking him about his biggest sacrifice will give you detailed insights into his story. Talking to him about his sacrifice will give him the feeling that you do actually care for him and are genuinely interested in him. It will also help you understand the situations he has been through, the circumstances he had to face, and the challenges he overcame. This will also make you proud of your man.

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5. Talk to him about the one thing since childhood that he is very proud of

Talk to him about the one thing since childhood that he is very proud of

Everybody has ups and downs in their life. Facing difficulties is a compulsion for every living being. Although the number of difficulties or the challenges will vary from person to person, it could be something as qualifying a simple test or securing a seat in their desired university. It could be getting a job at their dream company or getting a promotion. Whatever it may be, asking him about it, it will make him feel proud and instantly happy. His proudest moment is something that will be very close to his heart and it would mean the world to him that you cared enough to ask him about it.

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6. Ask him about sports

Ask him about sports

A sport is something every guy enjoys. It could be any sport; football, F1, basketball, cricket, rugby, hockey, etc. Sports is the one thing that most guys can talk on and on and hence removing the awkward silence that you had. You could ask him about his favourite sport. This will get him to talk about the sport, explain to you the basic rules if you aren’t aware and also talk about the time he used to play it. You could ask him basic doubts and game rules about this favourite sport and see how involved he will get into it. You could also ask him about his favourite team, his favourite sportsperson, and also about his favourite local club.

If for instance football is his favourite sport, ask him about his favourite football club, their recent achievements, his favourite player, and also why he likes the team. Don’t be surprised if he even starts narrating you the history of the club, the manager, and also their schedule for the entire season. Guys can remember when Chelsea will play against Manchester United but will not remember when your anniversary is. You can also ask them about the time they used to play the sport and his achievements in it.

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7. Talk about his or your favorite musical band

Talk about his or your favorite musical band

There is not a single person alive who does not listen to songs, hums, or even sings the songs in their free time. People listen to songs when they are feeling sad when they feel happy. They listen to songs while driving or while at the gym. They prefer to listen to songs when they feel bored, they also listen to songs when they are partying. The genre of songs they like to listen to differ from the individual or even based on their current mood. Talk to him about his favourite singer, rapper, band, DJ, etc.

This will get them excited for no reason and might even offer to dance with you to their favourite song. You might also get to listen to stories from the past related to the song or the band like when did he first listen to it. You might even get to listen to how did he become their fan or even his favourite songs.

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