10 Interesting Topics To Talk About With Your Crush On The Phone Call

Interesting Topics To Talk About With Your Crush On The Phone Call

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Interesting Topics to talk about with your crush on the phone call. What to talk to someone every day is the most common problem everywhere. But not talking can cause even more difficulties because communication is the most critical part of any relationship. But what to talk about is an even more pressing topic when you are talking to your crush. What happens is that you have to take care that other person, should not get hurt because of your any misplaced word. 

Top 10 Interesting Topics to talk about with your crush on the phone call

Crush is that person of our life, seeing whom we get pleasure. You don’t feel like telling them that you are interested in them. Only by seeing him, your imagination would reach so far away, and you would start thinking that if he talked to you, what would you tell him? You already have a plan of what to talk about with your crush. But if you get the chance to speak with him in reality, you get blank. I have gathered few fascinating topics about which you can start and talk with your crush. 

1. General talks

General talks

When you start any conversation, you start with only asking two things: “How are you?” and “What are you doing?” But what next? You can ask your crush whether they had lunch or breakfast, or dinner. In continuation with this, you can ask them what they ate, and whether they know how to cook. Doing this will lead to a two-way direction between both of you. Nobody wants to end the conversation effortlessly. Moreover, you can talk about how their day was. Tell them what you did throughout the day.

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2. Asking about the future partner

Asking about the future partner

Not as soon as you start talking but, lately you can start talking about what kind of partner do you want in the future. Before talking about this topic, make sure that you both are comfortable with each other. Don’t fall behind them, or else they will never respect you. First, try to know whether they are interested in talking to you or not. Gradually come to the point and ask them the definition of an ideal life partner. And you too tell them about your wishes. They will get the hint that you want someone like them and also you will get to understand what changes you will have to adapt to become their kind. This topic is never-ending, and it will add spice to your conversation.  

3. Discussing career goals     

 Discussing career goals

You can’t break romantic things with your crush. But you can share your future goals with them. As a friend, you can tell him what your further plans are about your job or studies. As you both are new to each other, no one will judge one another. If you’re planning for a passion-oriented career like singing, dancing, or playing any sport, you can freely talk to them about it. If he knows anything about that, then they will definitely suggest or help you. Automatically, your crush will also jump into the topic and start sharing about their plans. This type of discussion will lead to effective communication between you and your crush.

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4. Hobbies


If you love cooking, baking, sports, or playing any instrument, tell them about it. We are living in that generation where people appreciate more of your extra-curricular activities than your academics. You never know, they may like this quality of yours the most, and their interest in you starts waking up. Or you both may share an interest in the same hobby. It will be even more fun for them to talk to you about your same hobby interest. Like you both love baking, you can start sharing recipes and the ways to garnish. Due to this, more topics will generate.

You can talk about your favorite movies, web series, actor actress, and their favorite dish. Also, You have to keep one thing in mind, that it should not be a one-way conversation. You are going on speaking, and you do not even know whether he is listening or not. So, if you share something about yourself, then ask them too about that. And if they told something about themself, then they should also ask you something. It is just that how you both spend your free time. 

5. Sharing little and funny secrets

Sharing little and funny secrets

If both of you work in the same office or are in a college, this topic is the best. You can share amusing facts or little mysteries with your crush about colleagues, college staff, or any of your mutual friends. It is like gossiping. Gossiping is not a good habit, but sometimes it is okay as sometimes it can make your relation more stimulating. If you have irritated any of your college staff with your friends just for entertainment, you can share that incident with your crush. Tell them your ridiculous incidences and giggle at them. Your crush will also laugh if you deliver it properly. To win their trust, you have to be truthful with him. Clear everything from past to present in advance so that if something good is going to happen in the future, it cannot be spoiled.

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6. Talking about friends and family

 Talking about friends and family

Asking your crush about their family, like how many members are there in their family or about their siblings. This gesture will show that you are taking an interest in their life. And once the topic of family or siblings comes out, no one can stop themselves. You will have thousands of tales, don’t tell all at once. Give them a chance to articulate, or else you will end up having a boring conversation. They will also share how much their brother bothers them and how much their sister cares for them. 

7. Childhood talks

Childhood talks

We all had different childhoods. Some got everything in childhood, and some has sacrificed a lot. If You have come to such a stage where you can understand each other, it is acceptable to talk about your childhoods. Start telling them about your childhood scars and achievements. This conversation may get emotional. But sharing the funny incidences like how much fun and scandal you used to have in childhood will create a great mood.

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8. Discussing your problems

 Discussing your problems

Just as you discuss your daily life problems or any health issues with your friends, you can share them with your crush. It will let you know whether they care about you or not. If you are confused about something, you can discuss it with them. That will improve the conversation, and you will also get to know how they give a solution to deal with a problem. Sometimes they may sound low, so you also ask them if everything is fine. If not, strengthen them to fight the problem. And if possible, help them with the solution. It will make them trust you instinctively. 

9. What you feel about them

What you feel about them

You cannot make any connection just by doing customary talks. Expressing what you feel about them will give a positive direction to your efforts. Flirt and appreciate them for what they are. Tell them what you felt when you saw them for the first time. You were lost, and you wanted them to talk to you since then. Also, let them know how eagerly you waited to see them in the office or college. After seeing them, your mind used to get so much peace. All these are heart-to-heart talks. You can also express how much you like their dressing sense, their hair, and the way they talk and walk. 

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10. Talking about traveling

Talking about traveling

This topic is such, which is everyone’s favorite. Who doesn’t like to travel? Ask him if they have any dream destination points. Find out what type of places they admire. Is it any beach, hill station, resort, club, or any historical place? You can talk for hours and hours on this topic. You ask them where they have traveled and with whom. Which country or city have you explored. Tell them about those places. With this, you will get to know whether they are a budget traveler or not. Ask them for a trip together so that you get the chance to apprehend each other better.

All these topics will never let you go out of the conversation with your crush. You have to keep the communication interesting so that your crush does not feel that talking with you is a wastage of time. Tagging them in funny memes or any relatable memes will make your bond even intenser. All these topics at least can drag your conversion for an hour. So, talk on one topic every day and not all at once. You will have to put in your efforts till your crush develops trust in you. From next time make your conversation interesting such that your crush gets addicted to you and your talks. And your crush will become yours. 

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