10 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions With Answers

Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions With Answers

In this article we are going to talk about the top 10 most frequently asked interview questions with answers. Have an interview coming up soon? Don’t know what kind of questions you’re going to be asked and how to answer those? I’ve got your back my friend. Preparing for interviews can be a tedious task because you don’t know what kind of person your interviewer is going to be and how you can mould yourself in accordance to that. One of the best advice for this is to watch interview videos and go through some of the most frequently asked questions and answer them in such a manner that any interviewer will get impressed.

Top 10 most frequently asked interview questions with answers

You must always be prepared for the worst and not let go of such a good opportunity, because of a silly reason like being under prepared. Here are some of the most frequently asked interview questions along with some of the best ways to answer it.

1. Tell me something about yourself?

Tell me something about yourself

This question is asked to set the tone of the interview and give the interviewers some basis to question you on. Since this is your first question at most times, you need to answer it with utmost confidence because this will be your make or break question. If you’ve nailed the answer to this question, you would’ve successfully created a good first impression and made yourself a little more likable than the first time you stepped into the room.

Now answering this question is not as easy as it sounds, it can be very tricky and requires you to convey the right information in the most presentable manner. Do not repeat whatever you have written on your resume, the interviewers can read that for themselves. Say something off your resume and be sure to have in-depth knowledge about everything you chose to say because you will most likely be tested on the answers you give.

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2. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line

This is the most cliché and most asked question, yet people fail to answer it in the most impressive way possible. The intent behind asking this question is to check how well prepared and how ambitious you are as a person, and how driven you are towards your goals. While answering it, don’t give vague answers, be more precise and answer it with genuineness, and don’t build up an unrealistic future for yourself, which you’d never achieve and thus making you sound unconvincing.

Also, include how you will bring about changes in the organization in line with your personal and career growth. The interviewers are interested to know what you dream to achieve and where you want to take the organization, give them a vision of that with substantial evidence, and show them how dedicated you can be.

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3. Why should we hire you?

Why should we hire you

This is another make or break question and failing to answer this will cause the entire image you created about yourself to cripple in seconds. When your interviewer asks you this question, don’t go for the basic answers and be a part of the flock. Interviewers are looking for people with different competencies and not flocks of the same bird, so answer it honestly and tell them your core competencies and skills that you have developed over the years. Don’t give an unrealistic image of yourself as well because they are highly experienced people and can easily differentiate between those who are genuine and the ones doing it just for the job. Keep in mind the objectives of the organization and frame your answer around that, showing how you can help achieve those goals or come closer to it.

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4. What are the 3 things about yourself you’d like to improve?

What are the 3 things about yourself you’d like to improve

This question can be very easy to mess up because you have a 50-50 chance of coming across as too arrogant or too under-confident, finding that right balance is very crucial in such cases. Interviewers are trying to find out your weaknesses through this question and see how aware you are about yourself, to further work on it. You must answer this question with an open mind and no bias towards yourself. Do not let all the good traits overpower your negative or weaker qualities, because that veil will soon come off and you will come across as a very arrogant person. Do not be too harsh on yourself as well, just say those qualities you genuinely wish could improve in yourself and are willing to work towards.

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5. What is your ideal company and work environment like?

What is your ideal company and work environment like?

Interviewers intend to find out whether your aspirations will align with the goals and culture of their company and see if you will be a good fit for them. Do not be too diplomatic with your answer, be more realistic and practical. If you want a company so bad, just show the interviewer show passionate you are about their company and give them the kind of place you’d like to work in, Don’t make it revolve too much around their culture only, keep it a little more open and make sure that they understand your dream job and give you such kind of a job and environment to work in.

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6. How quickly can you adapt and learn new things?

How quickly can you adapt and learn new things?

When interviewers ask you this question, they straight-up want to check how flexible and dynamic you are. Employers require their employees to be more reciprocating to the fast-paced changes and not be rigid and stick to conventional methods. You must show how flexible you can be and how accommodative of changes you are. Not only your employers, but anybody would prefer people who can quickly change their mindset and thought process based on the situations thrown at them, to make quick and efficient decisions. If your answer makes you sound like a stuck-up person and not very dynamic, there are high chances that you will be rejected because you will come across as someone who is not very open-minded and ready to unlearn and learn new things.

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7. Who is the person you look up to the most?

Who is the person you look up to the most?

Based on your answer to this question, your interviewers can judge a lot about you and get a better picture on what kind of person you truly are. The person you look up to tells others about the qualities and characteristics you would like to possess and how much you can work to reach that desire position in life. Your inspiration will have some characteristics that motivate you and make you do things in the way you do. All this is tested by this simple question and it is your responsibility to make sure you are influenced and motivated by the right kind of people and surround yourself with positivity and factors that accelerate your growth and your graph only goes upwards, rather than taking a halt.

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8. What do you like the most and the least about our company?

What do you like the most and the least about our company?

Firstly don’t answer this question in a very rigid manner because you only have an outside view of the company and not everything you’ve heard about it will be accurate, so answer with an open mind, free to have a change of opinion. Yet again, just be honest and tell them what inspired you the most about their company and what are those factors that their company posses that drive you towards greater goals and make you want to push yourself more. Coming to the things you like least about the company, do not criticize the company and never compare it with its competitors. Just answer by providing some points which you feel are not up to the mark and has room for improvement. Moreover, show how your presence in the company can lead to some amount of improvement in that area.

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9. What is your style of working/managing?

What is your style of working/managing

This question directly aims at assessing your leadership style and qualities and your answer should be in such a way that it brings out those leadership traits within you. Be it your communication skills, command over people, or your ability to manage large groups, you must convey it most effectively and make your interviewers understand the kind of work style you follow. Show them how organized and responsible you can be and how seriously you will take your responsibilities, without any deviation from the major goals and compliance of the company. You can show some of your out-of-the-box ways to let them have a peek into your creative sides and how you can tackle problems more effectively.

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10. Do you have any questions for us?

Do you have any questions for us?

This is your chance to ask away all your queries and stay clear in your head. The floor is open to you and you must take full advantage of that. Do not be too afraid to ask them questions but keep it relevant to your job and the kind of role you’d want to play in their organization. Do not be hesitant to ask about a rough figure of your salary, it is always better to have a good idea about how much your work will be worth to the organization and you can even compare this in your head later, to select the company that benefits you the most and matches your requirements.

Don’t say you don’t have any questions because you will always have some queries in your head, and it is better to clear it off then and there. It will also create a better impression on the interviewers, showing your confidence and how interested or not you are in their company.

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Be prepared for the worst and perform your best. Read about the different companies in detail and understand their functioning so that you can align your answers to that and make yourself more desirable as an employee. You must have enough knowledge about the company you are interviewing for and you must also be prepared to answer these questions if your interviewers decide to test your knowledge about their company. Failing to do so also gives a bad impression of yourself.

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