Top 10 Most Kid Friendly Dog Breeds in the World


In this article we are going to talk about the top 10 most kid friendly dog breeds in the world. Our mother earth is truly fascinating. It is home to more than a billion species of plants and animals, and provides just enough for all of us. We humans don’t even know half of all the different kinds of creatures around us. If we take a closer look around us we will be able to appreciate the great diversity and beauty of our nature.

We humans are more closely associated with certain animals. They teach us even they can show love and even they deserve to be loved. They help us to connect with our nature more and respect the different species around us. They show us how we can all exist harmoniously together and create a more beautiful world for ourselves.

When we talk about animals or pets, more specifically, dogs are the first things that come in our mind. Dogs have always been man’s best friend. While many other species too can be our best friends, dogs show a kind of affection and loyalty that even outshines our own. They can be so close to our family that we start considering them our family.

Having dogs as pets for kids can be very beneficial for them. At a very young age they learn the meaning of love, care and respect. They also get an all-time companion who will stay with them no matter how much you shout at them.

Top 10 Most Kid Friendly Dog Breeds in the World

Here is the list of most kid friendly dog breeds in the world discussed below:

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

They are one of the most popular breed of dogs famous for their silky smooth coat and cute friendly nature. They get along with people quite easily and their size is just right for kid. They are like small fluffy toys and can be really adorable and loving. They are smaller than other spaniels and have wavy coat of moderate length. They are very gentle and graceful and can be very active or pretty idle depending on its owner. Their nature and look is very appealing to kids and can make great companions to your kids.

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2. Beagle


Beagles are incredibly sweet little creatures that are very playful and active. They are species of small hound and are extremely curious. They can be very fun loving and demands a lot of attention. They can be the best companions for kids who are hyperactive and who cannot sit idle for even a second. They can be a little difficult to train and can cause nuisance if left alone.

3. Pug


Pugs are small dogs with short muzzled face and smooth and fine coat. They can be very good snuggle buddies and can very gentle and sociable. They are extremely kids friendly and gets well with others and even other dogs. They are easy to groom and train and can be very playful. They are easy to take care of and can adapt to any homes as they are really friendly. They show curiosity and expresses happiness. They can very adorable and can always win everyone’s heart.

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4. Toy Poodle


Toy poodles are the smallest of the poodles and can be very intelligent and active. They are apartment friendly, playful and very sociable. They can be quite active and easy to train. They have dense curly coat that can be very soft to hold and they shed minimal.

They are considered by many to be show dogs and cushion buddies but they can be extremely active and playful.

5. Boston Terrier


These are extremely playful and friendly dogs. They have black and white coat and is commonly called “the American gentleman”. They are easy to train and very gentle, gets along with others very easily. They need very less grooming.

They can be very protective and possessive of their owners. They are also known to be quite silent with very less barking. They can aggressive sometimes, if they feel their territory is being intruded but it well trained and socialised they can be very friendly towards strangers and other dogs.

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6. Golden Retriever


They are very gentle, friendly and confident canines often found to be very trusting. They make excellent family pets as they can be pretty affectionate and very patient with kids. Their coat is blond or golden coloured and very soft and smooth which makes them good cuddle buddies. They are very intelligent and calm. Any form of aggression is not expected of them and their extremely trusting nature makes them pretty bad guard dogs. They are very sociable and kind. They can be the perfect partner for all kids. They shed profusely and requires regular grooming and bathing. They are extremely active and always eager to please. They are also excellent swimmers and can be quite an athlete.

7. Bernese Mountain Dog


They are giant canines with a loving and sweet heart inside. The Bernese mountain dogs is large size breed of canines but they are known for their mellow and good nature. They are strong and beautiful with a caring and affectionate character that makes them great family pets. They are especially gentle with children and can be very patient.

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8. Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu is a very lively and amiable breed of toy dogs. They can be very playful and friendly and alert at the same time. They are loyal and affectionate but can be very possessive which makes them a little unfriendly towards other canines. They have long, silky and smooth coat which can be quite hard to maintain. They need regular grooming. They are generally well behaved and can be very friendly with strangers and other canines if properly trained and socialised.

9. Bichon Frise


They are very cute, small and loving creatures that look like a fluffy toy. They can be very affectionate, playful and gentle. They get along with kids very easily as they are very energetic and loving. They are very sociable too and gets along with other dogs and people very well.

They are white coloured and hence requires regular bathing and also regular grooming since they have curly coats which doesn’t allow the dead hair from falling off. They are very merry and curious and can make excellent friends to your kids.

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10. Other Breeds


There are a number of dog breeds out there each with their own special features who can make good companions to your kids. There are also many mixed breeds which are formed by crossing between two different breeds.

Bernedoodle is one such breed. They are a cross between poodle and Bernese mountain dog. They can be very sweet and loving and perfect for your children. They make very good family pets.

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Cavoodle is another such crossbreed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and poodle. They are small, lively and gets extremely well with kids. They are also low shed which makes then easy to look after too.

There are a variety of other dog breeds all around the world. And many more new breeds are formed by crossing between the already existing ones to get all the desirable characters. They are all loving and loyal although some may show a little aggressiveness. But with your love and care they can be tamed. They should be treated just as an object of entertainment. They should be treated as friends and good care must be given to them. They are not show pieces. Love them like you do any of your family members. Show them respect, spend time with them and understand that they are living beings just like us.

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