Most Visited Websites in India

most visited sites in india

The most visited websites in India are mentioned here in this article. This article is all about Top 10 most visited websites in India that people visit for different purposes. Do you know the websites that I am going to tell you about became the most popular websites in India because they receives a large proportion of visitors in comparison to people using internet.

The Internet is a boon for many of us. We cannot even think of a single day without the internet. Starting from filling up the application form to submission of an important document, everything is becoming online. In this era of websites, every day, every hour new websites are being released and they participate in this tough competition. The thing which is most important is that the designing and web development. Depending on these two factors one can make a robust product. Many of you might be curious about knowing the comparative analysis of these websites. Many of you are interested in knowing the ranks where the different websites stand in the global index. So, keeping your interests in mind, here in this article we are providing you the top 10 websites that are most visited in India.

Top 10 most visited websites in India

The top 10 most visited websites in India are as follows:

1. Google

The most visited website right. While many of you might not agree with this as what we understand by the internet is this only. Even a small five years old child also knows that if he has to search for his homework then he has to google it. But he might not be knowing that this google is itself a website. Yes, you are correct. Google is a search engine where you can find anything or search for anything. Starting from your assignment, it also allows you to gather information about futuristic gadgets like a self-driving car or robotic limbs which are still in the research process. Not only it gives information about your search in words, but it also provides the relevant and the most similar videos, corresponding images and also any news related to your search if possible.

most visited websites in india

It also allows you to see the location-based searches and also gives relevant information about your area on the basis of your current location. It almost deals with 4 million+ search requests every day.  Google is an American multinational company that deals with software development and also internet based services. Presently, it has made the application version of many of its services. It has google maps, google play store, google app, Gmail and a lot more. You might be surprised to know that among those 4 million + users, more than 9% of the users are from India. This site also links with your Google account to suggest some topics and some articles which are based on the type of searches or the interest that you show.

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2. YouTube

It is another website where you search any sort of videos starting from movie trailers to an old cultural group song. You can also create your own account or channel where you can upload your favorite videos after a bit of editing. The popularity of this site can be seen by looking at your smartphone. The number of phones having the application version of this site speaks much more about the popularity. Recently it has also added a “ premium” feature. This site has about 150 million users among which more than 82% are Indians.

most searched websites on google

The most important thing about this is that you can upload your videos here and that too completely free. It earns its money from google by giving certain ads at the beginning of the video or in between the videos. You can also earn some money from youtube by having more than 1k views and some number of shares. It also sees the number of subscribers on your channel and according to that, you get money.

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3. Facebook

It is the first and foremost and the most used social networking website. It was first developed by Mark Zuckerberg when he was in the second year of his engineering college. He actually developed facebook for just interaction among his college students but later it spread to the entire world. You can search for any person by his name or you can search for any group’s pages and can follow them.


It also allows you to see various pictures and images of your friends and also allows you to post anything that you like. Facebook also has a messenger feature where you can chat or simply talk to your friends. It also has many other features. So, it is regularly keeping its features up to date.

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4. Amazon

When it comes to shopping then it is always better to do the same from ‘apni dukaan’. The only site that most of the Indians think about whenever they want to buy a pair of shoes. Starting from a to z it has every thing that you need. Therefore, it is also one of the most popular and most visited website.

top websites in India

This website also has an android application version from there also you can do your whole lot of shopping. This company was also found by Jeff Bezoz. There are more than  300- 400 users that are active users. Though it is quite a bit famous but still it has many worthy competitors like Flipkart being one.

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5. Wikipedia

It is our free encyclopedia. It has immense information like the introduction of the topic, the history and a lot many things. Every time you search for something on google, you also search for the complete information of that thing in the Wikipedia. The daily time spent over here is 3 minutes 56 seconds. The daily page views of this website per visitor is approx 3 minutes.

best websites in India

The percentage of traffic in your search is 71.50%.  All these above features help this website is becoming more popular. Here you can read millions of articles and that too in your own language.

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6. Flipkart

As I mentioned earlier also, amazon and Flipkart are currently the Messi and Ronaldo of social marketing. No one is leaving any scope to lose its customers. It offers many festive offers and many other deals too on a regular basis. So, the customers also have to visit the website on a daily basis to get familiar with the deals.

flipkart India

Even if you don’t have the budget to buy something that doesn’t mean that you cannot see anything. You can easily the good and the bad qualities of the product on this website. That’s where their number of visits improves and ultimately rising its rank.

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7. Microsoft

Another software company and another most visited website. The owner of this company is very famous and he is Bill Gates. This site is basically an official portal where many software which has copyright of Microsoft are found over here. Why only software? You can also get many hardware right over here just with a single touch. Its feature of selling the original products and that too at a reasonable price is earning more number of visits from different persons.


Ultimately, as a result, popularity or its fame increases. The daily time on site of this website is 3 minutes and 18 seconds. The daily page views per visitor is 3 minutes 4 seconds. The % of traffic from search is 31.50%.

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8. Yahoo

If you are a 90s or 80s person reading this article then probably this is the best site for you. This site is nothing but a search engine. It also shows the text, shows the images and other different links where you can get your satisfactory article or whatever you were aspiring. Yahoo was once the most popular search engine, but the sun needs to be set. So, the google search engine rose along with the rising sun and the sun of the yahoo set in. But the stats of yahoo does show that it was still much fame.

list of most visited websites in India

It is a portal a media type website. The Dily time on site is 4 minutes 27 seconds. The daily page views per visitor for this website is 4 minutes 38 seconds. The % of traffic from search is 7.90%.

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9. Gmail

It is another google based internet service based website. Here on this website, we receive or we can also send emails to various persons once we know the email ids of those persons.

top 10 most viewed websites in India

Since it is again an official portal website. Therefore, it also sees a large number of visits each day on its website. Every day more or less about 1 million + emails are sent. So, that is why this site is also quite famous.

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10. Quora

Everybody knows about quora right. If not the guardians but however the students are very well aware of it. It is not just a normal site. It is not facebook or any other social networking site. Quora is a forum where some people post or ask their queries about any topics and one who knows the answer can write the answer to that question and that question and answer both are posted publicly and also you get email alerts whenever a new question is posted.

most visited sites on the internet in India

You can also insert images and video files in the answers to express your feelings and to make your answer more understandable.

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