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most visited websites

The most visited websites in the world are mentioned here in this article. People often like to know about the most popular websites in the World so they can also use them and kill the time. Well, no issues as our this article is going to tell you about the most visited sites in World that are used by people like you. As we live in the 21st century, the world modernize day by day.

At these time, we are in perfect shape in term of internet and technological advancement. From the study, it is found that around 88% of the world population uses the internet which includes the developing country as well as the least developing country.

We can access any websites by using the internet or for the sake of convenience we say that the internet is the collections of website, without website internet is nothing for a normal human being. As the population increases day by day, the active user over the internet is also increases and each every user visit a website for sure which create the traffic on that site.

What is traffic on a website or web traffic?

Web traffic is defined as the amount of data sent and received by the visitor who can visit the website is called traffic over a website or web traffic.

Whereas a website is a collection of webpages which is generally written in HTML which is known as Hypertext Markup Language which is generally a markup language.

As an increase in the number of web developer, they develop and register their website on the internet to get traffic. Every web developer wants to create a website where they get maximum traffic for that they develop their website more attractive and interactive with easy interface to attract traffic of each age group. In today’s scenario, there is a huge competition in term of web traffic.

How to get maximum traffic on your traffic and why web traffic is important for the growth of a website?

  • Quality Content: Traffic on the website or web traffic increases due to provide good quality content. If the quality of the content is good then the user wants to in touch with your website.
  • Attractive and Interactive website: If your website looks attractive and simple to use, then it automatically boost up traffic on the website. If the website interface is easy than user interested in your website regularly.
  • Relevant Topics: Content of the website is relevant to the type of the website which helps the user to surf the website according to their needs. Relativeness with the topics boost the web traffic as well and create interest in the public domain as well.
  • Promoting ads through social media: These type of method is used to increase the web traffic and this method become the trend of the 21st century for promoting kinds of stuff like websites, company, organisation. In this type of method, we can post ads on social media platforms with a catchy note to attract the audience and a huge amount of traffic is generated.

Why traffic on a website is necessary?

Traffic on a website or web traffic is not necessary but to generate revenue traffic is the most important factor. This revenue helps the developer to work more hard that’s why generating traffic on a website is also important.

Top 10 Most visited websites in the world

This list is based on the total traffic on a website in a month or total traffic on the website per day in a month. List of top 10 most visited websites in the world listed below.


10 Most Popular websites in the world

The most popular websites in the world is as follows. Let’s explore each of the following website one by one.

1. Google is a product of Google LLC. Google is the most visited website in the world. As a result, Google is the favourite among visitors, on average visitors, each day spends 10 minutes and 48 seconds. The most searched word on is Gmail which gives site traffic of 4.56%. is written in C++ programming language, C++ is a high-level programming language. Google LLC also uses Java, Python and Go, which is also a high-level programming language.

most visited sites in the world provide us to search for anything from anywhere in the world. makes our inappropriate search appropriate with its strong algorithm or SEO tools. Google LLC having a product like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Maps,  Google+, etc.

2. Youtube is a platform which provides user to view, upload, share, comment and report a video. is a video sharing website through which we can upload a video, view a video, comments on them, we also do live streaming and share with friends and family.

top 10 visited websites

Youtube LLC having other products like youtube kids, youtube music, etc. is a 2nd most visited website in the world. On average, a visitor spends 10 minutes and 1 second per day on is visitors one of the favourite website over the internet.

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3. Baidu

In 2019 section, is at 3rd position. is the first Chinese search engine. Baidu .com is also the world second largest search engine in the world and capturing 76.05% market share in China. is almost banned in china and its products were also banned in China, so in china is most preferable search engine in China.

top ten most visited websites

Baidu, Inc. having many other products like Baidu Map, Baidu Baike which is an encyclopedia. On average a visitor spends 6 minutes and 27 seconds per day on strongly written in Chinese language.

4. Tmall is the largest business-to-consumer retail platform in Asia. By using we sell directly to millions of consumers in China as well in Asia. is the most visited  business-to-customer website in china.

most visited sites on the internet occupied 4th position in the world in term of world’s most visited site. On average, a visitor spends 6 minutes and 56 seconds per day on

5. QQ is owned by Tencent, Inc. which is founded in 1998. is china largest and most used internet service portal. Tencent aim’s to provide improved quality of life through Internet value-added services.

most accessed websites in the world

Like Tencent also has a variety of products like QQ Games,, etc. hold 5th position in term of world most visited website. On average a visitor spends 3 minutes and 32 seconds per day on

6. Sohu is a china based online media and game service company. is the world 3rd and world 12th growing company. This website occupied 6th place in the world in term of world most popular website in the world.

most browsed websites in the world

On average, visitors spend 3 minutes and 46 seconds on Javascript and HTML5 is used to develop

7. Facebook is a social media platform or a social media company which is funded in 2004. Facebook provides us with facilities to connect with friends and family across the world.

1st most visited website in the world

It provides us with the way to join different communities across the globe, we can also upload or view photos and videos as well. The Facebook occupied 7th position in the world in term of world most visiting website. On average, visitors spend 16 minutes and 57 seconds on

8. Taobao is a Chinese based online based shopping website which is owned by Alibaba which is launched in 2003. This provide an online platform to small businesses to open the online store.

The beta version launched eTao which is an online search engine for online shopping in china. occupied 8th rank in term of world’s most visited website.

most popular websites in the world

On average, a visitor spends 5 minutes and 2 seconds per day. Shoppers choose from the vast variety of product on Taobao Marketplace, which features 100 millions of product listed.

9. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia which is offered by Wikimedia Foundation. is a platform where the content creates change to the exiting article in the Wikipedia, you change to apply the changes to Wikipedia article with your fake as well as real ids. Currently, Wikipedia has 72,000 active contributors working on more than 48,000,000 articles in approx 302 languages. Wikipedia is a platform where some visitors comes to acquire knowledge and some visitors comes to share knowledge.

top 10 most visited websites in the world

Wikipedia document is never considered complete because the contributor edited the article regularly. The occupied 9th position in the term of world most visited website in the world. On average, visitors spend 3 minutes and 58 seconds per day. Wikipedia becomes one of the most favourable website among researches.

10. Yahoo is a web service provider which is owned by Verizon Media. This website provides multiple services in a different section of the society. is a search engine which includes services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Group, Mapping services and provides fantasy league.

list of most visited websites

Yahoo is the most widely read newspaper all over the world. It is the largest internet companies but it declined day by day. Yahoo also offers Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail which provides unlimited storage in the public domain. occupied 10th position in term of world’s most popular website in the world. On average, Visitors spends 4 minutes and 14 seconds per day.

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