What are the signs of depression in women?

signs of depression in women

What are the signs of depression in women? To know answer of this question kindly read this article about signs of depression in women. Depression is a state of mind where the person goes through a lot of mental stress, tension, anxiety and is severely engaged into life threatening activities. When a person is dealing with a lot of work pressure, family pressure and problems are the main victims of depression. Women plays multiple roles at a time like mother, wife, employee, daughter-in-law, friend, cook, home maker, etc.

In a recent survey, it has been given that the major victim of depression are women because women are enrolled in a lot mental and physical exhausting activities. Women are always considered to be the strength pillars and motherly figures around the world. They are always considered to be the ones who are not emotionally stable and are fickle minded.

This has resulted in the increase of women who are going through depression.

depression signs

What are the causes of depression in women?

Now we will throw some light on the reasons of depression in women.

1.  Family pressure

Family pressure

Women are always considered as the secondary part of the family. Men as compared to women are treated as an integral part of the family. Women is always there for everyone in the family and is always considered to be the one who takes care of the family and kids for that matter.

Sometimes, these expectations lead to severe disappointments and negative feedback from the family members which in return affects the mental health of the women. This mental health can cause severe anxiety issues, rising blood pressure and can be fatal.

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2. Work pressure

causes of depression in women

When we talk about women , we cant ignore the fact that  women are becoming competent day by day. Women are becoming ambitious and career driven. They are more focused on the career growth and development. Sometimes these ambitions become their rival and the pressure to perform and excel becomes heavier. This pressure of constantly become no one in the workplace becomes destructive and leads to depression and anxiety. Success and failure becomes the matter of life and death and it causes some severe disappointing results. Women at work place sometimes take the criticism in a positive way and they take it personally where they feel it deeply and feel shattered.

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3. Financial reasons

Financial reasons

If her husband is not earning well and can’t fulfil the needs of his wife, this become the reason of her depression. In today’s time, everyone needs money. She can’t do anything without funds.

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4. Relationship between spouse

Relationship between spouse

When husband is not able to give time to his wife, or extra marital affair, and always end up with a fight, this make their relationship worst and become the cause of depression.

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10 Signs of depression in Women

 Throwing some light on the 10 signs of depression in women :

1. Insomnia


It is basically lack of sleep where women cannot sleep properly because of regular panic attacks and stress. Women often ignore this sign. But that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

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2. Rising Blood pressure

Rising Blood pressure

If a women is going through rising blood Pressure then she must be taking a lot of stress. Rising blood pressure is also a cause of depression and if not treated well can lead to hazardous conditions and can be fatal.

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3. Solitary behaviour

Solitary behaviour

If women are liking their own company and are not comfortable with others’ presence then its a clear sign of depression. Women who are struggling with depression sometimes becomes conscious of other people around them so they maintain distance from everyone or build fence.

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4. Becomes socially inactive

Becomes socially inactive

If a woman is avoiding social events and meetings then it also a clear sign of depression. When a person becomes unhappy and stressed out then they start building a fence around them to avoid the social gatherings and meet ups.

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5. Being hyperactive

signs of depression

Sometimes women dealing or going through depression becomes hyperactive and start engaging themselves into various activities which are of no use. Women becomes hyperactive because of their earlier lifestyle was boring or less interesting. Some women find it a nice way to distract their mind from all the stress and tension. Although becoming hyperactive is the not the last stage of depression but it can prove to be dangerous for the concerned person going through this phase in life.

6. Irritability and Restlessness

Irritability and Restlessness

They can’t take rest because  they are indulged in household works or multiple works. They don’t get sufficient time for their hobby to do in their leisure time due to several responsibilities and authorities. This change their mood in bad temper and irritated by the things.  If a women is doing a job, they have to complete the assigned work till late night or overnight. Along with home responsibilities and pampering her kids she feels cranky sometimes. Such things lead to irritability and pile of burden on her head lead to restlessness.

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7. Suicide attempt

Suicide attempt

Due to conflicts or clashes at home or in office, and when she can’t put her efforts in satisfying everyone, and continuously struggling financially, emotionally or mentally and when she doesn’t get anything in return by her family like love or respect, she becomes emotional and then she wants to quit her like. Only those person can attempt suicide who are really depressed. In Asia, the number of suicidal attempts by women is increasing day by day. She is sad and anxious because of many  things.  And she is really mentally sick, she is always worried about the little things happening In life.she is anxious for future of her kids and she feels unsecured most of time. Her anxiety clearly reveals the sign of depression.

8. Difficulty in concentrating and making decisions

Difficulty in concentrating and making decisions

She can’t make decision on her own. If she is a student, she can’t focus on her study. Thoughts keep coming in her mind all the time and distracts her when she she tries to pay attention on reading.  If she is a working women, she cannot perform better at her job due to thoughts and anxiety. It reduces the employee productivity.

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9. Change in Weight

Change in Weight

This is obvious, if she Is depressed then she doesn’t follow a proper diet chart. She skips her breakfast, lunch or dinner. She does not get sufficient amount of nutrients which is mandatory for her body which leads to loss of appetite. Digestive disorder takes place when she does not take meal on time, then it exaggerate the problem of health issues. And she always look dull because of lack or loss of energy or exhausted after working a lot. These are the common sign of her burden. She doesn’t like to go for wedding party, kitty party, or any other place any more. That glow of her face has gone away and beautiful eyes are replaced by puffy eyes because of her eating habits and health issues.

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10. Headache


Headache mainly is the cause of stress. Too much thinking encourage stress and when she feel irritable, headache starts happening. When she cannot release her frustration and anger, her Hormonal balance get affected that she is no more interested in sex , started losing her hair, unsynchronised periods or fever.

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How to come out of depression?

  • Early morning exercise, walk and yoga will help her to overcome depression.
  • Few minutes meditation will remove your stress and provide you mental peace.
  • Adequate hours of sleep is must for relaxation.
  • Eat fruits for containing fiber in your body and release stress.
  • Drink one litre of milk everyday which contains fiber, vitamins, calcium and proteins that is necessary for women body.
  • Sharing problems with your friends or colleagues will reduce your stress level. Try to change your schedule so that you can participate in some activities from your hobbies or kinds of entertainment in your spare time like reading magazine, getting massage, go for a movie, shopping, spa, facial, playing games, going to parties, etc.

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