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How to improve English communication skills in 30 days?

Learn about how to improve English communication skills in 30 days by reading this article. Earlier, the British ruled almost every part of globe. They couldn’t learn each and every language related that to region so they came up with an idea to make English as a common language to every part they ruled. Thus […]

Interesting Articles To Read When You Are Bored

Top 10 interesting articles to read when you are bored are mentioned here in this article. You want to indulge yourself with a piece of something interesting when you’re bored out of your mind. At work or maybe even at home in bed. You want to read something well written that captures your mind easily. […]

Advantages of reading Books

The advantages of reading books are mentioned here in this article. Books are known to be the ocean of knowledge. They have countless benefits within. Books always fall under the category of advantages, there might be hardly any drawback of books to be found. Like a human or a film, books too can make us […]

Advantages of reading Newspaper for students

The advantages of reading newspaper for students are discussed here in this article. Once upon a time newspapers were the only way to know what was happening around the world. A piece of paper that told you of all things important that happens around you.  Media grew and improved with time. Radios, televisions, the internet. […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization in developing countries

The advantages and disadvantages of globalization in developing countries are discussed here in this article. We live in a time of fast fading borders. Being bilingual or multilingual is the new norm and if you don’t speak English then you might as well go live under a rock. Go half a block down the street […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of traveling by Plane

The advantages and disadvantages of traveling by plane are discussed here in this article. Airplanes are one of humanity’s greatest inventions to date. It’s a kind of magic when you think about it. It’s a huge metal box carrying  200 or 300 people flying 35,000 feet off the ground right alongside the clouds and eagles. […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Verbal Communication

The advantages and disadvantages of verbal communication are discussed here in this article. Verbal Communication is referred to as a mode of communication that involves the help of words which eases your way through the process of conveying your ideas, thoughts, feelings and the objective to a another person in a clear, precise, brief and […]

10 Best Internship Websites in India

The best internship website in India to apply for summer internship for high school students, graduates, post graduates is Internshala. Internships are the training that gives you the necessary industrial exposure which you will need and will help to a greater extent in your placement process. It provides you with the necessary job-related experience. These […]

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