Tag: Motivational Short Stories

Short Story about Dreams Coming True with Moral Lesson

Dreams are something which we want in real, we think about the things what actually we want and need and then we dream about them. Every person has some dreams, which they want to achieve and have. Similarly, there was a little girl named Trisha, who also have big dreams and always wanted to achieve […]

Short Story About Karma With Moral Lesson

There was a boy named Shyam, who lived in small village of Uttar Pradesh. He was a brilliant child and only child of his parents. His mother and father both were farmers. As the village was in a remote area, people of that village were very poor and unaware of most of the facilities provided […]

Short Story about Wasting Time

In this article I am going to tell you a short story about wasting time. “Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely” blasted through his car radio. Great. There truly couldn’t have been a better sign that even the universe was now taunting him. He sighed deeply, and despite wanting to turn off the radio and stop his […]

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