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Terms and Conditions

The data and information present on this webpage as well as other webpages of this website is collected from secondary data sources and resources as well as posted by third party. So, if you are reading this further you are agreeing to this term and condition. That we are not liable for any type of condition and situation held after reading any type of information presented over our website. As we are just providing information that might or might not be true at any point of time whether in past, present or future as we only provide information that can be true as well as not true also. Kindly follow the all legal rules that are applied in your country and place of living as well as using this website. As now you are proceeding further it means you are own liable for all kind of circumstances that held after reading any kind of information present on this website and their is no type of liability over this website and it’s owner for it and information mentioned on our website. We only help people to spread information over internet by agreeing to third party for all information that can be true or not true by themselves by their own by telling them about our term and condition that your are moving forward as well as reading on our website mentioned on our website in terms and conditions webpage. As You are doing this by yourself without any kind of forces applied by us. So, you are own liable for anything happened later due to visiting here. We don’t have any guarantee of information provided here as it’s not possible that all information is true for anything described here within any point of time you are reading this and visiting to our website as we have thrown this link to most of our webpages that you have visited before and might be going to visit later also. Yes we do advertising and promotion of some third party between our content and on our website presented on internet platform and as we have already discussed and are going to discuss that we have no responsibility of information provided here on this website as well as others on the internet. So, it’s your whole responsibility if you are skipping the link of this webpage mentioned on some webpages of our website. As we need to pay some charges required for maintenance, due to which we need to pay some charges. So, for visiting any link on this website you are own liable and we don’t have any kind of legal responsibilities over us. We neither take any type of charges and you are not going to give to make any kind of transaction with us as this is and informational website only where we don’t take any responsibility of third as well as our own provided information. Please follow all legal rules and terms and conditions to use this website applied from anywhere you are visiting any links mentioned on our this website and we are just acting as third party for helping you in getting some right and wrong information present on the internet and your place of living as visiting this website. So, don’t believe truly in any information present on this website as any data and information provided by us can be true as well as fake also. So, if you are reading or not reading this link you are own responsible as we have already posted this link on the first line with a hyperlink that you are moving forward in our some webpages of this website that you might or might not be visiting by your own.

Generally internet have different kind of information that is present over here and we are not connected with any legal or illegal activities done after due to information presented over here as well as on the internet and real life. So, we don’t take any responsibility for any kind of situations held after and before your read this webpage. I hope you are following all kind of internet protection laws as well as every kind of legal laws and rules in favor and disfavor of every type of human being present today. As you are skipping or non skipping the link of this webpage present at all webpages of our website by your own and we have already given you this responsibility that we don’t take any kind of responsibility on ourselves for any activity done or not done on this website due to which you need to face any type of losses. So, don’t connect with any information present over this website by any kind of information in any way. If you agree to this then you have skipped as well as not skipped our terms and conditions and you are totally agree with all type of term and condition discussed here as well as every part of our website. Now you have taken responsibility of everything explained or written over our website by yourselves after the link of this webpage. So, it’s now your own responsibility to follow all type of legal rules applied for any category and age of person or non person  as well as living and non living things presented today and in past as well as future by own. We don’t have any type of connection with the information presented over the part of web by any kind we just provide some information that might or not might be true as again it is a website present on web for all point of time that can be removed from internet later also. So, it’s your own responsibility to read this and I have told you that we don’t take any charges from the visitor of this website directly. We provide all information by the help of secondary and third party information sources and don’t have any legal rules applied for this as well on ourselves as we have already discussed here on the first line of all webpages with you in any point of time you are skipping the hyperlink of this webpage given by us to you. Yes sometimes information is also provided wrong by us because of information present over and taken from internet and secondary data sources as well other people also publish different type of information on this website. If any person have any kind of problem or if anything present over this website is not following any type of legal rule first of all let us know by calling on our contact number that is +91-9782-934422 or reach us at So, we can remove it later for wrong information provided on any webpage of our website that might or not might be true at any point of time. We just offer you to read some information that might or might not be true that we have already discussed here. We don’t take any charges from any visitors directly and yes they do sometimes pay to third parties that might or might not be associated directly as well as indirectly with us for any reason. The owner name is Avinash Pareek and I have offered you this information personally and for the any type of information presented on my website I am not taking any kind of liability by own as I only provide information of third parties and by own that might or might not be true for any point of time period. Yes we do advertising sometimes so you can find some wrong or manipulative information as well for benefit of advertisers or visitors who visited our website or going to do that or got knew by any type of promotional and non promotional sources present at the anytime that we are not responsible by own and have given you the whole responsibility for every kind of gains and losses to anyone whether person or a company that have or not have paid us. Sometimes advertising involves puffery also and it’s not necessary that all information provided on the internet and on this website is true as any person can visit this website for reading information or doing any type of things later and before by providing right or wrong information as we allow third party people also to post information here on this website for which I, my company and my website is not associated to by any mean. I, my company only take charges from the advertisers and promoters who visit or non visit this website. We don’t do any kind of business with others visiting our website by any kind of physical or non physical, true or fake presence as we are just an advertising website and I and my small advertising company running by an individual person to provide information by the means of writing might or might not be true as well so if you do any activity that is legal or illegal I am not responsible for it as I haven’t said any website visitor by own to do so under no personal forces. I just like to write anything on the internet to feed myself only and to give money to others. So, just work on the internet and provide information that might or might not be true in any point of time. My whole business model runs only on advertising and promotion so sometimes I need to post advertisement on internet for which I use this website. I and my website allows third parties also to post advertisement and content as well every type of data posted on our website can or can’t be true that I have already stated you and every visitor of the website in any point of time who is skipping the link of terms and conditions describe over this webpage in the first line of webpages of our website. I, my website and sole proprietorship company adhere as well as follow some of Indian legal rules and constitution that might or might not be mentioned in Laws of India or any other country laws. We have no connection with legal or illegal activities held or done by the visitors on this website later they skip the link of this webpage mentioned in some webpages of our website that they have surely visited when they reached on our website or have seen on the webpages of this website. We don’t have any kind of responsibility over us for doing or non doing any type of activity and actions that can be legal or illegal after you skip or non skip reading this webpage and it’s linked. The link of this webpage explaining this has been mentioned over some webpages that you might be visited or not visited before and after as well as in the present time and past, future time also. So, we have already stated you that we don’t have any responsibility of information provided over internet as they can be true or not true. I do publish information on the website of my advertising agency and created by me as well as operated by me that may or may not be true also as I am not connected with the information provided on this website in any manner directly that have been stated here on this webpage too neither I have personal connection with the advertisers and website visitors that I have described you here and I am not going to take any charges from you directly in any point of time so you aren’t paying any type of charges to me and I am not responsible for any type of losses or gains associated to my website visitors as this is only a website with information that can or can’t be true as well because different type of people from different countries post data, information, content, images, videos and many other thing that I don’t take liability by own and have no direct connections. So, if you think any information provided on the website is wrong or is harmful than help me to remove the information as people and me both can provide you the wrong and right infromation sometimes because of wrong information collected from other data sources presented over internet. As their might be any loophole or any law that this website is not fulfilling then feel free to tell me so I can make some necessary changes. I just run this large website by own so mistakes can be made by me and other people visiting here on this website for which I don’t take any type of legal and non legal liabilities. For all illegal activities, unethical practices and those activity that as a living being and person the website visitor shouldn’t do by following the legal rules and restrictions mentioned or not mentioned in laws of the country from where you are visiting this website are applied on it. That you must follow. Sometimes because of any mistake we also publish few wrong posts that don’t fulfill legal requirements in many countries for which we don’t take any responsibility as I am handling this website alone. So, I am not responsible for any type of illegal and legal situations that are supported due to my website. As the website user is responsible by own because I have described him that information can or can’t be true and can also be unlawful that they must not follow without permission of the legal rules and regulations applied on them. Sometimes users find loophole also to do that and for that also we aren’t responsible and don’t take responsibility as that have done by the user in mental presence or absence at any point of time. I am personally not engaged in illegal activities that are done on this website as it is an only information sharing website and anyone is free to share information following the law applied on them and the others also. Some countries have different laws to so you should follow all legal rules it’s my personal advice that has been offered you proceed further so if you are using this website don’t blame me for any losses done or held with any of my website visitors. The whole responsibility will be of the person who posted information on this website and me , my website and business have no personal connections with them. So, take every action following the laws of any country from where you are visiting this website at any time. We are not responsible for any illegal action done by you that is not following the legal rules and laws that are considered in the laws of country from where you are visiting this website.

Now start proceeding or reading further at your own risk and for all types of situation held after this line you are responsible by own and we don’t have any kind of connection with it in any point of time after skipping the hyperlink of this webpage in the line you read or not read before presented on our every webpages of this website. So, if you are using this website for getting or sharing information you agree that you follow all legal rules and laws of your countries in mental presence and this terms and conditions can be applied to all age of website visitors and users of this website.


Well if you haven’t understand these terms and conditions than kindly translate this information using language translator or get help from the people who have good knowledge of English language and then move further on our website.