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best auto blogs to follow

In this article we are going to discuss about the best auto blogs to follow. So, that you can get latest information related to automobile industry. It’s very important for automobile lovers to stay updated about the latest happenings by getting the right information on right time. So, now when it comes on getting the information as fast as possible then people reaches on internet. As internet is the fastest medium to share information.

Top 10 Auto Blogs To Follow

Here are the best auto blogs to follow listed below:

1. Car Blog

If you are an automobile person, this is one of the best blogs to follow. This blog provides you options for subscriptions and sign up, you can sign up for free. Car Blog also offers you a streaming service with which you will be notified and can get yourself updated with their latest articles, reviews and videos. There are a number of articles posted each and every day. Car Blogs also owns a YouTube channel in also which they post reviews and popular comparisons.

top auto blogs to follow

Car Blogs also owns an application in the same name in various platforms such as android, ios etc… which you can download for free. When coming to the website’s design it has an attractive and easy to access layout. Other than an option such as the Buyer’s Guide is provided in which you can search and find things like used cars for sale, car comparisons, vehicle comparisons and motor trend video reviews. You can also find details about the concept cars and the future vehicles. Car Blog also offers a review about cars when driven in real driving conditions.

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2. Motor Authority

This is also one of the well known auto blogs. It has a similar design to that of Motor Trend but with a different background colour. Reviews about newly launched cars are posted and updated frequently. Similar to other auto blogs, you will be able to know about the details of Auto shows and expo’s. It also has a first drive option in the listing in which you can know about the first drive review of newly launched cars.

most popular auto blogs

You can also view spy shots of automobiles which are being tested and not yet launched in the market. Review videos of the cars are also posted in this blog can be viewed. You will be able to subscribe a newsletter from the blog. Apart from this, this blog also shows you the best car to buy in certain price ranges. Reviews on all types of cars are made. It is one of the blogs which you should follow if you are an automobile person.

3. Car Gurus

Car Gurus is updated in terms of the reviews and articles on the vehicles which are being launched. You can know the latest news about newly launched cars and news about purchasing a car and the aspects which you have to look into before purchasing. Car Gurus is also a platform where one can be able to sell and buy their car. It has option for you to purchase pre owned cars which are certified by Car Gurus and even new cars from the market. The purchasing and selling option is operational only across The United States.

most visited auto blogs

Car Gurus also provides information about the Auto Shows which are conducted all over the world. It also has a listing as the industrial insight in which the current news about an automotive industry and the news about the whole automotive sectors can be found. In terms of the design, it doesn’t have a magnificent design but has a decent and simple design which is more than enough to attract the users. The Car buying and selling option is good and has every option from choosing the make of the car to selecting the model and variant with the year of manufacturing. It might also be a better website where you can find useful information and articles.

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4. Motor 1

Motor 1 is also one of the well known blogs for automobiles. Articles are published frequently and news about new launches and other launch events can be found in this blog. This blog also lets you know about the pros and cons of a car in its review. News about concept cars and other super cars are also being published in this website. You will be able to find an option in the listing as Spy Shots which lets you know about the cars which are being tested and not yet launched.

Like most of the car blogs, this blog also has the option where you can search and buy cars. You will be able to find podcasts and pictures with relevant topics. The design of this blog is good and elegant and the user can find it attractive. The users can sign up for free with Motor 1.

5. Good Car Bad Car

This blog exclusively offers more statistical report for sales and operations of cars with respect to the current market trends. The operation of this blog centres itself around The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It also lets you to know the sales report separately for these three countries. Coming to the design aspects of the site, it is simple and elegant.

best automobile blogs

There are listings in the website in which you can find reviews of car launched and the one which is already in market. You will also able to find the sales figure based on the category of the vehicle and even by a specific brand. So this could be a good blog if you are more concentrated in the economical aspects of a car on road rather than its technical comparisons.

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6. The Detroit Bureau

The Detroit Bureau is more kind of an automotive news blog. This blog is quite updated than any other in terms of news of every aspect of automobiles like technical aspects, sales, comparisons and future technologies. The number of posts posted in this blog I so frequent. Coming to design aspect,  its design is more kind of a newsletter.

best automobile websites

Simple and good with limited options available. Every other information is listed in the home page in neatly arranged columns in accordance with the date on which it is posted. It also has a reviews segment which gives you reviews about the new cars. It also has a separate listing on the top as Products and Services which lets you know about other services offered by this blog.

7. Green Car Reports

This is a blog which exclusively covers about the E-Vehicles and the Hybrid Vehicles.  The E-Vehicle market is one of the blooming markets in automotive sector. This blog covers all news and reviews about the E-Vehicles. Coming to the design aspects, its design is magnificent. Especially the green colour background which symbolises the E-Vehicle concepts is nice.

This blog gives you an option to sign up for free and you can subscribe for the newsletter of this blog which you will receive directly to your mail. It has a column specified as the first drive which gives you first drive reviews about newly launched E-Vehicles and hybrid vehicles. It also has two separate options each of which are specific for E-Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles. If you want to know all details about E-Vehicles, do follow this blog.

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8. Automo Blog

Automo blog covers well about all the current trend and cars which are launched. Reviews of cars are being posted with an overall score out of 100 from which users are able to understand the range in which the car is. It also has an option as Guides which guides a person in aspects of driving, shopping etc… This blog also has a magazine in which you can notice frequent posts on various aspects and happenings in automotive sector and you will be able to know about other events related to automobiles.

most famous auto bloggers

Like many other blogs, this blog also offers an option mentioned as Car Deals in which you can buy new or used cars. Coming to the design aspects of this website, it has a good design and easy to access option arranged in it. You will also be able to sign up for free and you can also subscribe for the newsletter which they offer.

9. Auto Blog

You could find a number of articles when you visit this blog. This blog is being updated with articles of various updates and other things in the automotive sector. This website allows you to research about cars according to its make and model. There are also reviews which are being posted in this blog about newly launched cars. You will also be able to buy and search for pre owned or new cars based on your requirements.

best auto bloggers

The visitor can also compare cars of various brand and models and know more about the models and its specific details under the research option. You will be also able to browse videos about cars and other automobiles. It has a simple, elegant and user friendly design.

10. The Humble Mechanic

This blog is run by a Volkswagen technical mechanic named Charles.  He is one of the popular technical experts in YouTube. In this blog you will be able to find number of videos on technical details of an automobile and if you are in need of any technical assistance for any issues in your automobile, then this is one f the places in which you have to look into.


Apart from videos, you can also find podcasts and articles about automobiles in this blog. This contains more technical aspects than overall outline of an automobile. The design of the blog is really cool and the logo makes it more attractive. You can also find videos where Charles answers some of the technical questions from the users’ side in an automobile.

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