10 Best College Review Websites

Best College Review Websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best college review websites. Finding a suitable college requires work and energy. It can be a confusing process. Doubts and confusions on how to select the college suitable for you and about the authenticity of the details provided in the college websites makes the process even more puzzling. College review websites provides the perfect solution for this. They can provide you with ample guidance to choose the best college suited for you.

Top 10 College Review Websites

Here we provide you with the top 10 college review websites accessible for students to find out suitable colleges.

1. College Confidential

Best College Review Sites

The website is popular for college discussion forums which discuss topics like college admissions, professional and graduate schools, pre-college issues, and college community. It provides diverse amount of information regarding colleges to opt for higher studies. The financial aids and scholarship sections, SAT and ACT test preparation facility, sections regarding admission chances, parent forums et cetera are some features offered by the website. Latest news regarding college admissions are provided. The college selection can be done using advanced search option if you are sure about the college to select or else can make use of the filters provided.

The students can refine their preferences based on the wide range of categories. Additional forums for advices and articles are present. Due to the focus rendered on discussion forums the data provided is comparatively limited. The navigational requirements when selecting a school for search also poses difficulty. Apart from this, the website is useful and user-friendly. The users can list their preferred schools in a separate list which can be saved and even shared.

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2. College Board’s Big Future

Best Commerce College Review Websites

College Board’s Big Future provides guidelines and help for students on how to choose a college. The website is best suited for initial users who is not expert with website searches. The step-by-step search option provided is meant for them. The students who have a clarity on which college to choose can directly search for it in the search bar. The clear and precise interface makes the website one of the user-friendly college review websites. Search options can be filtered based on the requirements of the students as on the location, school type and major. The options are specific and easy to handle.

The user needs to create a profile before beginning the search. The additional features include services for students with disabilities and a newsroom which makes available the latest updates on announcements and information related to colleges. Option to compare between colleges is provided. It is possible to explore major and career option through the website. Grants and fellowships offered by the colleges are mentioned and can be looked into separately. The user has the facility to create the list of preferred colleges and to compare between them.

3. College Navigator

Most Popular College Review Websites

This is a website that provides authentic data and information to the user directly. Even though the layout looks plain and unattractive, the information provided are effective. The initial confusion felt by the user wades off once accustomed to it. The interactive map and detailed guidelines make the website approachable. Location can be selected immediately using the map. Instructions are provided in each step. The student can search for the desired college directly in the search bar or can follow the step-by-step option. Each college listed is attached with essential data related to finance, scholarships, admission facilities, programs offered and other general guidelines.

The website is scientific to an extent providing specific information on each. The abundance of data might be overwhelming to initial users but is useful for students who are sure about their future plans. There are options to refine the search based on the criteria. Other attractive features include spread sheet to export search result, list of schools for comparison, browsing based on financial aid offered, menu bar to explore on surveys and programs, data and tools, publication and products, and latest news updates.

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4. Student’s Review

Top College Review Sites

As the name suggests, the website is popular for the uncensored and authentic reviews it provides about colleges. They are written by both alumni and students of the institutions. The website provides guidelines as on how to enter into a college and news articles related to colleges. The undergraduate business programs, career focussed online degrees, top business schools, best universities and online financial courses are some sections provided by the website. Information and details on the summer programs offered by various institutions are beneficial for student who wish to enrol for the same. There is a facility for the students to give reviews on their colleges without being censored. The layout of the website is not so attractive and gives a cluttered feeling. Except for that, the website is beneficial for students. 

5. Niche

Top College Review Websites

Niche is a college review website preferred by many. The services for advanced search by filtering the priorities based on college type, location, major, cost of studying, test scores, admission process, selectivity range, religious affiliation and more provides a specific result. Another highlight is the list offered by the website which displays the highest-ranking colleges of the year based on different criteria such as programs, faculty, required major and so on. Information on student life, campus, social scene and athletics is beneficial for the students who search for specific items.

Student loan options are given in separate sections. Users can compare between colleges and reviews provided helps in the selection. Guidance in matters related to admissions is offered and the admission calculator helps the user determine the chances to a college. Creating a profile is necessary and the user can keep a running list of the preferred schools. Even though the information rendered is specific and statistical, the cluttered layout of the website creates confusion.

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6. Cappex

Best Engineering College Review Websites

The website is highly beneficial for students who plans to transfer to another college. Search for scholarship is also easy and direct. The user is required to sign-up to access more information. The website has included articles related to college life queries, academics, applications and finance. Users can take the quiz which help them determine the career suitable for them. Latest updates and information are included. Advanced matching algorithms and the facility to apply to the opted college are some highlights of the website. Cappex also offers chances to compare colleges, to filter the options based on preferences, to apply for campus visits, to decide based on the students review, to calculate the admission chances and to prepare applications to colleges. The website is useful for parents and councillors too. The layout is highly systematic and formal.

7. CollegeTimes


The website includes reviews, ratings and comments on universities and colleges. The layout is attractive with a wide database. CollegeTimes has an international database which provides information regarding universities across the globe. The selection can be done based on country, region, subject, funding and even religious affinity. The users are able to determine the type of degree and programs offered by each institution. Campus statistics, photographs, videos and location maps of each college is included. Other additional resources include personality check to determine the suitable career, statistical data on the overall quality, stimulating courses, affordability, teacher/student ratio and more on each college.

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8. Unigo

College Reviews

Unigo is an attractive college review website. It has separate sections for scholarships and student loan finder. The signed-up users receive notifications regarding the college applications. Other options include ACT/SAT preparation, college visits, application process and college admission. Internship and job offer details are also available through the website. The Unigo resources includes advices on admission related queries, financial aid, scholarships and more. The college match facility matches you to the right college based on score, personality, academics and geography. The user can upload a profile to apply for scholarships. The website provides abundant statistical data and numerous college reviews. The layout is simple and attractive.  

9. GetEducated

Best Medical College Review Websites

For students who wish to pursue online education, this is the best website to check for college reviews. It focuses on the quality of online schools and track fake universities. Searches can be done based on field of study and degree level. Articles on college and education related matters are also posted. Rankings of colleges provides the users with authentic information. The website also has resource section which provides information on frequent doubts regarding career opportunities.

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10. College InSight

Most Reliable College Review Websites

College Insight is best suited for objective search. Students who have decided on the major to choose might find this comfortable. The website does not ask for a profile. The wide list of search variables includes matters like financial aids, distance education, scholarships, ethnic diversity and more. The interface is attractive with a user-friendly layout. The users can create their table of preferences based on which colleges can be compared and grouped. The website is, in addition, useful for research analysts, policy advisor and school staffs. Website provides facilities to choose either an easy-to-use college profile or research level higher educational data. Colleges can be compared in the website. Researchers can build a custom table and the user can also browse by topic. The main college search page itself has all the necessary data which increases the accessibility.

College education is one of the most expensive and important educational qualification one can attain. Selecting the best college suitable for you is essential. This can be a herculean task with the numerous colleges and institutions across globe. Nevertheless, college review websites make the task easier by filtering the data based on your priorities. It even guides you to choose the right option. Go through these websites and choose the suitable one to get into your dream college. 

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