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Best Dating Blogs To Follow

In this article we are going to discuss about the best dating blogs to follow. Dating is considered as the first step of any mature relationship and the fate of the relationship completely depends on the success of the date between the couple. However, for many people, this is not a very easy task to master and execute to perfection and hence they often end up losing their loved and wanted ones for just one bad date. However, worry not as you no longer have to spend hours scratching your head in an attempt to improve your dating skills, since the following article highlights 10 of the best dating blogs that an individual can follow to drastically improve his/her dating skills –

Top 10 Dating Blogs To Follow

Here are the best dating blogs mentioned below:

1. Relationship Advice

This is a blog that deals with dating tips and features expert advice from the best dating expert This blog contains several helpful categories, including recently created posts giving dating tips, contacts, coaching and advisory tips, videos, press releases, dating advice. It also contains several random dating stories, praise, testimonials, mobile dating and weekly flirting tips.

Top Dating Blogs To Follow

This blog page has a very bright and attractive display and layout, and each post also contains images and videos which makes it very attractive and popular among the readers. All the posts in this blog are extremely helpful and give various useful tips about online dating. Also, another positive point of this blog is that new posts are added here at an average rate of 2 posts/moth and therefore the posts and suggestions that appear here are quite recent and modern.

Click Here: Relationship Advice

2. Amie the Dating Coach

This blog contains posts that are related to dating, love, relationships and dating tips altogether and feature the expert advice of a certified relationship coach in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, named Amie Leadingham. Her blog contains categories that include home, information about Amie, opportunity to work with her, her blog posts, mindful dating podcasts, her dating media interviews and testimonials. It contains several handy tips regarding how to manage love and relationships and several dating tips that are suitable and useful for people of both genders.

most popular dating blogs

In addition to these, her blog also features several radio interviews, media and podcasts interactions and also contains several videos about dating thus making it a great dating website for dating. It also has a reasonably good layout and has a frequency of adding about 6 posts/month.

3. The Dating Directory

This is another very good and attractive dating blog that is from Australia and created by Renee Slansky. It contains categories like home, about Renee, hot and trending topics, directory, press, TV and means to contact her. Most of her blog posts are good and attractive, but the only drawback is that most of the posts are for the women, containing dating tips and relationship guide for women.

This is because of Renee’s motive of giving women a sense of community through her posts and supporting them so that they do not remain alone in struggles, love life and relationships. And Renee has truly succeeded and has been able to achieve her motive as today her dating blogs are followed and consulted by a lot of women to tackle situations in their personal lives.


The layout of this blog is also charming and appealing containing several consisting of several images and GIFs that make the content more attractive and easy to understand. Its content up-gradation facility is also amazing as almost 2 posts are added to this blog per week and hence one odes not have to wait too long for fresh content.

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4. Nick Notas

Nick Notas is another well-known dating blog that people especially men can follow. It is created by a person named Nick Notas himself, who is a dating and confidence coach for men and has been giving men tip for dates, relationships and confidence for over 12 years. His goal after becoming a dating coach has been to enable men to express themselves to their best to make meaningful dates, and connections and has been quite successful in achieving that.

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His blog contains categories like blog posts, services, success stories, retreating, resources and others. Also what makes his blog special is the detailed information it possesses upon various topics and aspects regarding dates like flirting, approaching a girl, confidence and self-esteem as well as inspiring quotes and images that encourage men to have a perfect date with their beloved ones. As per the display, the presentation and layout of the blog is extremely good and posts here are uploaded at a rate of 1 post/month, thus making it a popular dating blog.

5. Alexis Meads

Alexis Meads is again a dating blog that has been named upon its creator Alexis Meads herself, who is a dating coach and helps women who are in the last straw of their dating to get their desired lovers. Her blog posts are a genuine reflection of her commitment to helping several women find their love, and contain several fruitful dating tips ranging from meeting the right men to dating mistakes and complaints.

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It contains compartments like posts, information about Alexis, Coaching, contact details and the most famous free video trainings. It has a simple but attractive layout and the post frequency is also quite good at 12 posts/year. Thus it is also an extremely good dating blog.

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6. World Dating Guides

World Dating guides are very famous, and according to me the most useful dating blog for all guys around the world. Just like the previous blogs, even this contains posts that have advice and tips regarding dating for men, but apart from this, it also suggests optimal locations for dating in most of the renowned cities across the globe, thus accounting for its tremendous popularity.

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Apart from the posts and location suggestions, the other present compartments are affiliate disclosure, search options and about and contact options. Speaking of layout, this blog has a pretty decent and attractive layout and has an incredible post frequency of 3 posts/week. Thus World Dating Guides is one of the best dating blogs to follow especially for men.

7. DatingXP

DatingXP is a very famous and unique dating blog as it provides tips and advice to youth and teenagers about online dating, a sort of date that is pretty difficult to properly master. Formerly known as, its compartments include Online Dating, about, contacts and more.

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It is also unique in the respect that its posts provide dating solutions and tips to people of both genders, and helps one to receive free, impartial information about online dating. Its layout is simply outstanding and very compelling for a first-time user and also has a good post frequency of 3/month.

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8. Conquer and Win

Conquer and Win is again a good dating blog, founded by Eddy Baller who is a dating coach focusing on personal development to change men’s lives. It contains several blog posts that can convey suitable dating tips and suggestions, thus enabling men to date their desired life partners. The various compartments in this blog include Coaching, About, Contact, blog posts, and podcast. The layout of this blog is also quite good and together with the multiple used images, it makes the blog very attractive and interactive. The frequency of posts here is about 19 posts/year.

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9. Something More

Something More is another quite a popular dating blog founded by Julia McCurley, which deals with how to make a great impression and how to find your perfect life partner through a perfect date. Her suggestions and tips are based in Austin, but can be used by an intelligent reader in any part of the world.

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Its posts provide the very minute yet effective solutions to make a date perfect and the blog contains compartments like Matchmaking, About Us, Press, Blog posts and Testimonials. Even this blog page has a very good and appealing layout, which together with the animations and images makes visiting the blog a great experience. Its post frequency is 2 posts/month.

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10. Datelicious

The last-mentioned blog of this list of top 10 dating is Datelicious. It is a wonderful blog that truly serves its purpose of highlighting relevant and up-to-date information regarding dates and the various situations that surround it. Founded by a dating and romance influencer, this blog is truly successful in achieving its purpose and providing tips to various date-related problems.

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Its layout is simply outstanding and consists of various compartments like dating places, Dating tips based on gender, couples, it’s complicated, lifestyle, about them and directory. The outer layout and color of the home page gives a separate look and feel to this blog and therefore it will not be wrong to say that the designers of this blog have played a crucial role in making it appealing to the people. It also has a decent post frequency of 1 post/month.

Thus, the above article highlights 10 of the most popular dating blogs to follow, and hopefully is helpful for all the readers who wish to have a perfect date with their special and dear ones.

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