Free Classifieds : Top 10 Free Classified Websites to post free classified ads online

free classifieds

Free classifieds is the best way to advertise almost anything for free. Here in this article I am going to tell you about top 10 free classified websites to post free classified ads online on internet.

Free Classified sites are those sites where you can publish your product or advertisement for free of cost and through those ads, subscribers can purchase from those sites. You can sell used or new products on these sites under categories like beauty, clothing, jewellery, furniture, home appliances, home d├ęcor, automobiles, electronics, mobile phones, etc.

Top 10 Free Classified Sites to post free classified ads online

This article will give you information regarding top 10 free classified sites. So, it will be easy for you to post your advertisement or to promote your product.

1. OLX

OLX is the best free classified website for free advertisement. You can promote your product or business at OLX or at the OLX app. On OLX, you can also purchase or sell used mobile phones, electronics, home appliances, furniture, home decor, etc. You can get great deals on the products which are second hand or used. If you have unused items at your home you can upload the items on the OLX site and sell them. You can make some extra money from this. You can post ads in different categories like beauty, furniture, electronics, home appliances, car, bikes, etc.

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Quikr is another one among the top free ad posting sites for free advertisement. It is also considered to be the third best website for free advertising. You can upload adds regarding used bikes, cars, etc. Ad poster can also ad post regarding various job requirements and businesses requirements.

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Users can get great deals and you can also negotiate prices of the items on Quikr. You can upload posts on different categories like electronics, beauty, furniture, vehicles, etc.

Click Here: Most visited websites in the World


Click is another one of the known websites for free advertisement. You don’t have to know English language to upload ads on Click. You can even upload ads on Click in English as well as other languages. But first you have opened an account on Click which is free of cost. Click is available on website as well as mobile phone app. If you want to promote a local business, Click is one of the best options for you. You can post free ads in different categories like home appliances, electronics, etc.

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Craigslist is the largest free classified sites in the whole world. It has also open and site which helps the citizens to post their ads on the website for free. You can post free classifieds in different categories like beauty, home decor, electronics, etc. Craigslist is the oldest website in the country and it is still the fastest growing website in the free advertising field. You can even have group discussions regarding different topics on the website which is of free service. This website is of international standards so it helps its users to detect fraud, identify scams and fake buyers or sellers easily.

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Ads Globe is one of the best classified sites for free advertisement. It is available in around 150 countries. You can post free classified advertisement on the website related to businesses, matrimony, beauty, events, job availability, automobiles, electronics, etc. It also offers Business to Business and Business to Customers type of buying and selling of items online.

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6. Free classifieds

Free classifieds is one of the largest growing websites for free advertisement. You can post classified ads under various categories like home decor, home appliances, beauty, electronics, automobiles, etc. This website also has premium membership where you can get more exposure and the sales are faster. And in premium membership your ads are always on top of the list of the free classifieds website.

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Oodles is another one of the leading websites around the world. You can post free ads under categories like rented houses, job availability, automobiles, real estates, pet and other services. This website is available in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and India. If you want to rent your apartment or sell your apartment then you can post an ad regarding it on this website and can negotiate the price with the buyers.

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Gumtree is a classified website for free or paid advertisement depending upon the product category or the geographical market of the business. This website is UK’s largest website for free and paid advertisement. Gumtree also provides its users with paid advertisement for the advanced and increased advert visibility on the website. Gumtree is also having an increased visibility on Facebook and Twitter. You can post free ads online without registration under different categories on Gumtree. Recently, Gumtree has also expanded its wings to car dealerships since 2013.

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eBay is one of the largest growing websites for free advertisement across the world. eBay is a platform for individuals and businesses to buy and sell their own products online across the world. This website’s main activity is to buy and sell goods and services across the world. eBay also has options for the users like online shopping or online auction where you can buy or sell items with great deals, you can also negotiate the price of both the parties. eBay also has online money transfer as one of its most used service.

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Adpost is another known website available for free advertisement across the world. It provides its services to 1000 cities to 500 regions across the world. You can promote your business internationally through this website. Users can post free classifieds under categories like clothing, furniture, crafts, home decor, beauty, electronics, jobs, real estates, rented houses, etc. You can get great deals for buying or selling of any item. Business people can also expand your business through this website to other countries.

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Hope this article was helpful for you. You can choose the website accordingly or according to the type of products you are selling or buying. If you want to buy and sell used item them your best choices for it will be Olx, Quikr and eBay. You can sell your products or promote your business on the other websites better than these three ones. Thanks for reading! Now enjoy posting free classifieds on above top 10 free classified sites.

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