Top 10 Most Friendly Dog Breeds in the World

Top 10 most friendly dog breeds in the world

In this article we are going to discuss about the top 10 most friendly Dog breeds in the World. Dogs are the most friendly, loving and incommunicable living creatures. Owning a dog as a pet gives immense pleasure. Dogs are the best pets that shower us with their unconditional love. Dogs are named for their infinite loyalty, faithful, and its friendliness. People who love dogs are called Cynophilist. Dogs are the better companions that one who owns. Most dogs are owned as a pet for security and a good companionship. But all dogs are not friendly at all the time. Its behavior is unpredictable. One should think of some factors such as time, space, suitable for kids when choosing a friendly dog for their homes.

The purpose of owning a dog is the most important matter to be considered. Some dog breeds are specially owned for guard. Those dogs’ behavior is uncertain. These breeds may not reflect cordial behavior to the human. If the dogs are owned for happiness and companionship, then choose the most adorable and good companions as your pet. Some dogs attract the human by its cute appearance and by its unstoppable affection. Those dogs are the pet materials. As days go on, these dogs turn into one of the family members. But choosing the most adorable dogs is the toughest one among the cutest dogs. This article let explain you some of the most friendly dog breeds in the world.

Top 10 most friendly dog breeds in the world:

Choose your incommunicative companion from the best friendly dog breeds in the world. Here, I lit the top 10 friendly dogs in the world.

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These small, cute, and sweet-natured dogs are perfect pets for the families. They are most adorable with its silky and feathered ears. These dogs have the most attractive appearance with adapting nature that is perfectly suitable for kids and ladies to cuddle with. These dogs are most playful and a good follower. It follows you everywhere wherever you go. This dog breed easily adapt themselves with the members of the family. It maintains calm with the aged ones and turns into an active player when playing with an active child. With its minion height, it grasps the attention of the owner by its unstoppable mischiefs. Cavalier dogs never prefer to be alone. They get along with the cats and birds. These dogs love to sit on the lap which is perfect for its height. These dogs are the most frisky pets that can be owned.

2. Pembroke Welsh corgis

Pembroke Welsh corgis

These short dogs are most worthy to own as a pet. These types of dogs have a saddle-shaped back which attracts the human more.  These dogs are of height 10 to 12 inches that are most playful. These are the wonderful companions with large ears and a stubby tail. These are most attractive, brisk, and kid-friendly. Hair brushing should have properly cared for these breeds. These dogs are more intelligent with a low tendency to bark. It can be owned for the most playful companion. These dogs are most affectionate with their owners and strangers.

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3. Beagle


It is one of the most adorable dog breeds to be owned. Beagle is known for its extreme energy and active playing with friends. It mesmerizes the owners with its cute and charming eyes and expressions. Apart from being popular hunter breeds, these dogs are mostly preferred to be loyal companions. These breeds are more suitable for guardship and companionship. These breeds not require much effort to groom them. This dog breed is mostly attention seekers who follow our footsteps and grasp the attention with its cute tortures. These breeds are most preferred to be the pet dogs.

4. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

These breeds have an extremely attractive appearance. These dogs are the most sensitive, attractive, loyal, and gentle. These breeds are the dogs with white fluffy hairs, small appearance, black nose, and well-plumed tails. These dogs are an extreme lover of playing with their owners. If you leave them alone for a long period, then it becomes sad. These dogs possess a habit of separation anxiety which gets aggressive when you leave them alone over a period. They bark continuously to seek the attention of their owners. They never shed their hair. These dogs are adorable for their fluffy and messy hair. These are the perfect pets with high energy and highly adaptive to the training given by their owners. Their small and immense energy gives pleasure to their owners. If you are residing in the apartments, then Frise is the best pet for you.

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5. Shihtzu


Shihtzu is the best little companion for humans. These types are the most-friendly dogs with cute and adorable appearance. These are the toy breeds that are considered as the prince among the dogs. These dogs are more mischievous and active players. It seeks to be loved by its owners. These dogs fill you with their extreme love. Its affection and friendliness to the kids, aged ones, and other pets tend to be infinity. This is the sweetest dog among the toy breeds. These are not suitable for guards, and hunting. It is extremely grown for the companionship. They become extremely happy when you take them out. This little companion shows more affection and obedience to their owners. These dogs are lack of prey drive that is more suitable for apartment residents. They are the loyal and mischievous companions once trained with their owners.

6. Havanese


These family suited dogs are the good admirers with its long and fluffy hairs. These breeds are mostly called “Companion dogs”. It tempts their owners with their small size and expressive eyes. These dogs are perfect cuddling partners. Havanese dogs stick closely to their owners. These charmers are pampered lapdogs which are gentle and most loyal companions. Havanese are the lovers of active and playful kids. They became the perfect playmate for the kids. They are obedient and watchful for their owners. These dogs are the lap seekers that spellbind their owners to be most attractive. These dogs have the most welcoming responses from the people to own them as their pets.

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7. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

It is the most popular dog breeds which are most humans are fond of owning them. These types are generally guarding dogs but turn into a companion because of its friendly nature. These dogs are most suitable for security purposes. The intelligent, human-friendly, and sensitive nature dogs are perfectly fit for any dog lovers. They are at the top of the world’s friendly dog breeds. These are the dogs with incomparable energy level and good player. The smartness of these dogs makes their owner to be more affectionate with them. It becomes the perfect family member with high intelligence.

8. Pug


Pug is the smallest dog breed with a distinctive appearance. With its wrinkled and short face, it grasps the love of their owners. This breed is perfect for the companionship. The developed muscles and curled tails adds extra features to this little and adorable dog. This charming creature plays with the kids and aged ones. Because of its tiny size, they turn to be cuddling pillows. This dog breed scores the highest rank in the friendliness with other pets, kids, and the elder ones. These dogs are wise, affectionate, and mischievous. They are always willing to play with the active kids. The tiny size and wrinkled mouth attracts the owners to sink in the love with them.

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9. Poodle


These kinds of breeds are good at jumping and friendly to humans. These dogs are moderate in barking and digging. It attracts the humans with their curly hairs. The grooming needs more effort because of their dense curly hairs. They are notorious for their intelligence. They are fear of the strangers. This dog breed can be maintained easily and needs less effort in maintaining them. They are good at companionship. They can play the role of good companions to their owners. The small size, fluffy and curly hairs make them to be more cute and attractive towards their owners.

10. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

These dogs are more friendly to humans and highly intelligent. They are easily adaptable to the trainings given by their owners. They are loyal, fair, and highly protective dogs. It tolerates being alone in the home. So it never needs to carry them wherever you go. They are more affectionate with the family members. This dog breed easily sets into the other pets and the kids. They get along with strangers. They are mostly guarding dogs that turn into more protective. These types of dogs have well popular among dog lovers. If you are fond of dogs with high intelligence, then Golden retriever becomes your good companion.

Dogs are the best companions that can maintain a loyal relationship with their owners. Being friendly and protective to the owners, dogs steal the heart of their owners. Their unconditional love sink us in the immense happiness. Being careful in choosing the dogs that suit our residence and characters are the most considerable one. Being a Cynophilist, the humans never miss to choose the better companions for them. Choose the wise, intelligent, protective, and active companion for you and your family. Add this incommunicative and the adorable member to your family.

Article by: M.Swetha

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