Top 10 Nicest Countries in the World

Top 10 Nicest Countries in the World

In this article we are going to talk about the top 10 nicest countries in the world. There are a variety of countries in the world, filled with diverse cultures and people from different walks of life, yet they are united and stand together as one. This is the beauty across some of the countries we get to see. Every country has its own beauties and marvels that it is proud to be home to and these translate the country’s culture and lifestyle into scenic beauties that can be comprehended by the human mind. The niceness of a country I constituted by its scenic beauty as well as the kind of people it is filled with, how clean the air is and so many more factors.

Top 10 nicest countries in the world

Here is a list of the nicest countries in the world, worth checking it out and exploring it, for an adventure of a lifetime.

1. France


It is filled with culture and tradition which has been passed on from several generations yet has the perfect amount of modern culture, giving its visitors exposure to the perfect balance of culture and modern practices. It is a country constituted with cities bustling with life and tourists can enjoy the free-spirited and fun-filled atmosphere. If you are someone who has a keen interest in knowing about the rich heritage and history, along with the best plethora of delicacies, this is the country you have got to visit.

It has beautiful cities such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice and much more to offer to all its tourists. It has magnificent museums and art galleries to portray France’s culture in the most unique manner. The French are very courteous people, extremely well mannered and with high community spirits. You will be treated and greeted in a very warm manner and be a part of several engaging conversations. The air quality in France is maintained at a minimal level and environmental related policies are strictly abided by, making it a clean and well-maintained country.

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2. Singapore


One of the most beautifully maintained and well-cultured cities in the world. It has some of the nicest people you will ever come across and you will feel like you are at a home away from home, because a major population of Singapore consists of Indians. It is an extremely clean city with mind-boggling architecture and yet again has a fast-paced lifestyle. People here are very humble and welcoming and will treat you with great care.

It has a variety of tourist sights to be visited which includes zoos, safaris, Universal Studio, Gardens by the Bay, Merlion and a lot more exciting places to visit. A must visit place here is the Marina Bay Sands building which will give you the most breath-taking view of this city and also the Mustafa centre where you can shop till your heart is contempt, at the cheapest prices possible. This is one of the safest cities and you could stroll across this beautiful city at any time.

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3. India


This is one country where you get to experience hundreds of different cultures and traditions all at one place. There are several notions about this country, but once you travel through and explore the beauties of this country, you will be left stunned and mesmerized, wanting to come back for more. Be it the beaches in the south or the mountain ranges in the north, this country has got it all covered. You will get to explore the tastiest food across the different states of the country and the power of the flavours will hit you in the heart. There are several activities you can do, starting from the streets right to the high-end malls and hotels.

The people here have a vey friendly nature and will treat you like family and make you feel as a part of their community and would even go out of their way to help you. It has so many tourist attractions and monuments which will leave you stupefied. There are a few draw backs that are present, but this is one beautiful country with even more beautiful people and if you want to experience such a vast diversity and love, this is where you’ve got to be.

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4. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom

This is a country that is majorly conquered by its historical tourist spots but its cafes, restaurants, clubs, and shops are highly developed and are constantly evolving. It has a rich cultural diversity, making it more welcoming and highly dynamic. It has an elegance and an unmatchable beauty in its nature, which will leave you mesmerized.

Its capital city London is a fashion hub and has a collection of a variety of the topmost brands which is like heaven for a shopaholic. It is a multicultural society and people are welcoming of all creeds and cultures and are even very polite in nature. They are always very well-mannered and keep the etiquettes in motion . The pollution levels are very less, and you can experience a lot  amidst the beauties of nature. It has several famous architectural marvels which are visited by thousands of tourists every now and then.

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5. Bhutan


This is one of the happiest countries in the world, characterised by its warm and generous people. It is a country of absolute beauty and scenic glories which will captivate your heart and mind and keep you wanting to come back. It is a country with the least pollution and the air quality is extremely good, being a country amidst nature and the beauties of our planet. It has a large amount of tourist spots and hosts several tourists every year.

It is another country filled with culture and tradition and is well known for their religious practices, followed by their people with so much dedication and spirituality. Bhutan as a country focusses on making and keeping its people happy rather than focussing only on economic aspects, making it the happiest place on Earth. This is the perfect place for you to lose yourself into nature and gain some perspective on life.

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6. Japan


It is the epicenter of technology, anime, electronics, and some of the best cartoons you have watched in your childhood. With its efficient and fast bullet trains, you can get to any part of the city in the quickest way possible. It has quirky and unique fashion stores that are highly inspired by their youth and come up with never seen before clothing and style. You get a chance to witness the lives of the people and see their determination and hard work.

You can enthrall yourself by exploring into some of their best-known delicacies and be a part of their funky lifestyle. You can visit their museums, art cafes, surround yourself with some marvellous technology and architecture, and keep yourself entertained throughout. If you want to take away something from this wonderful country, it is the discipline and dedicated nature of the people.

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7. New Zealand

New Zealand

It has one of the best scenic views going hand-in-hand with the best architecture and monumental history. It is a beautiful country with a high level of discipline and cleanliness, in every corner of the city. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and even has several vineyards spread across the country, giving you unique experiences. It is a country which is less populated thus having a much cleaner environment, making available plenty of fresh air and a large exposure to wildlife and natural resources. It has beautiful golden sand beaches, covered by glaciers and has some of the best scenic views in the world.

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8. The United States of America

This is one of the most happening countries in the world, with its high levels of incessant activities and the fast-paced lifestyle of its people. It constitutes huge corporates, tall buildings on one side and beaches and a more casual life on the other. It is the flagship country, with an extraordinarily successful economy and home to some of the best monumental spots to visit.

Even amidst all the hustle and bustle, it has some of the most beautiful views and sightings. Its atmosphere is filled with energy which keeps flowing through its people non-stop. If you love interacting with people and keeping up with a fast-paced life, this is where you have got to be. It has live theaters, amazing restaurants, and even some of the best live music shows. It is a huge country home to culturally diverse people from different walks of life.

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9. Sweden


This is country is termed as the “Goodest Country” in the world with its high levels of contribution towards global prosperity, be it in terms of science and technology, climate and environment protection, equality and prosperity and so much more. It is one of the few countries to focus largely on the judicious utilization of its resources and has a large coastline along with dense forests which it protects with maximum efforts. It has great importance for education and research and development, keeping its literacy rate high. Apart from being such a versatile country, it also has a lot of scenic beauties and marvels to offer to its tourists and makes it a perfect place for a vacation as well as a learning experience. It is a beautiful country and is a must visit for everyone out there.

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10. Thailand


This is a country with a perfect balance of culture and a progressive approach. It has several activities to keep you engaged throughout your stay there. It has tall and intricate buildings alongside some of the most beautiful shrines and Buddhist monasteries, giving you a contrasting experience and a chance to experience both at the same time. This country has a very funky culture and has most of its activities happening in the late-night making it alive throughout. It has some famous burlesque shows, amazing nightlife, and street food along with street shopping to keep your trip wholehearted and complete. It is unbelievably cheap, and you can shop with open arms and not feel guilty about it. You can get a taste of both the traditional value as well as the modern lifestyle, making it a wholesome experience.

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