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In this article we are going to discuss about the best search engine for searching almost any search query. Today internet plays an inevitable part in everyone’s life. We are using the internet mostly for searching for information. Searching for information on the internet is like searching for a single fish in the ocean. It gives more than we want. From searching for the best computer model to the nearby best restaurant, we use a search engine to search our queries. The search engine is the software for carrying out the searches for the information we want. Every search is taken as a query. The search results are mostly a webpage containing information embedded with links, hyperlinks, images, text, audio, video, and so on. There are one hundred and forty plus search engines are available on the internet. The main purpose of the search engine is to fetch the results of the query that we requested to the server by the information.

Several search engines that tops in the world in fetching the results in a very short time. The performance of the search engine is measured by the amount of information fetched per second. The most common search engine is Google. Apart from that, several search engines are available with the best performance. Many search engines are designed with strong algorithms that give the best result to the user. This article discusses the top 10 search engines in the world.

10 Best Search Engines

The best results are often decided based upon the speed, accuracy, and the best match results by the search engine. The top 10 search engines are listed here.

1. Google

Google Search Engine

Google is the topmost search engine in the world by the organization Google. No search engine can beat the competition of Google in the search engine technology. Google search engine owns mostly 75 percent of searches in total searches of the world. The best search engine with the best search engine algorithm that brings thousands of results in the seconds. It is the best search engine designed for the user’s comfort. The UI/UX design of Google is the easiest design where any novice user can make use of it. To make the usage of the search engine easier, it includes the best voice-based search in the name of “OK, Google”.

Google offers searching in almost 135 languages in the world. It offers both desktop and mobile apps for all types of devices. Based on the customer review, it is a good search engine that searches the websites with speed and accuracy. This is the popular and topmost search engine because of its accuracy and speed.

2. Bing

Top search engines

It is the best alternative web search engine for Google that is owned by Microsoft. It is the best search engine that displays the best match results for the search queries. Microsoft’s web browser makes Bing as its default search engine. It is equally competing with the famous search engine “Google” in its speed and accuracy. It is the best search app with several features such as Places, Translator, Finance, Maps, and so on. It fetches good results with images, text, audio, and video. It offers more than  40 languages for searching. It includes some facilities like instant answers for the calculations, dictionary, spell check, Flight tracking, and so on. The search GUI in the search engine is well designed for the easy and comfort searches and attracts the user with images in its GUI. The best search engine that equals the topmost search engine.

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3. Yahoo

Yahoo Search Engine

One of the best search engine with good market share is absolutely “Yahoo”. It is owned by the organization called “Yahoo”. It is the multilingual search engine that offers the world’s popular language to search. It is the topmost competitor of the search engine “Bing”. It includes features such as SearchScan, Selection based search, Yahoo email, and so on. It filters the best match results for the user’s query. The search engine with optimized user interface design that never puts the user in discomfort. In its search page, it offers shortcuts for different streams like finance, education, health, movies, lifestyle, and more. It gathered excellent customer reviews for its speed and accuracy from their customer. It is a powerful search engine with security and faster results.

4. DuckDuckGo

Search Engine

It is a popular search engine with the highest privacy. It is the topmost ad-free search engine. The major difference of DuckDuckGo from other search engines is that it never uses the users’ information. It is a better search engine that never stores your personal information.  So, there are no chances to advertise in the search engine. Adding DuckDuckGo to the chrome is also feasible. It is viewable in both mobile and desktop. It is the search engine that gets usually hundreds of millions of searches per day. Additional to the normal search, it includes the “instant answers” for searching the information faster. It included a voice-based search for providing more comfort to the users. It secured more than thousands of positive ratings used by millions of users worldwide.

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5. Yandex


The best Russian search engine product that is mostly used search engine in Russia. It includes most recent information, trends on Twitter, blogs, and so on in its search page. It is built on the basis of technologies like Machine learning. It is the safest search engine with protection from spam and virus. It gives ease way of searching by providing the hints when the user types their queries. The better GUI design helps the user to easily cope with the search engine. The customer ratings specify its quality on the internet.

6. Baidu


The third best search engine in the world that is mostly used by the Chinese. It is the largest search engine with most market share in China. It is designed with the inclusion of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. It offers various services like maps, cloud storage, special MP3 searches, and so on. It is an accepted truth that Google cannot beat its market share in China. But its influence shares a very less percentage outside China. Several features like dictionary, patents search on the search page of Baidu adds more points to be the best search engine.

The great reviews from the user turn it into a popular search engine. It has a special feature named “Around you” which is specially designed for searching the places, foods, famous things, weather around the place you locate. The most suitable search engine for easy search with its easiest GUI. It is more suitably called “The Chinese Google”.

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7. AOL


America Online is in the world’s topmost best search engines list. It is designed with the most simple design with only a search bar. Its speed in fetching the result is considerable with positive ratings from the users. It provides services like the AOL platform, AOL mail, and AOL Advertising. It uses emerging technologies for predicting the guesses of users while they are typing by providing the suggestions as a dropdown box. It is a popular search engine with a high share in the searches appeared from America. The simplest User Interface helps the user to approach easy.

8. Search Encrypt

Best web search engines

It is also the best search engine that maintains users privacy. Next to the DuckDuckGo search engine, Search Encrypt is the best search engine that provides high privacy to the user. It is the best alternative for DuckDuckGo that provides similar functionalities. It allows search as images, videos, and general search that is most comfortable for the user. It allows us to be added with Google chrome extension. The most simple and neat interface design helps the user to search for the best information. It is a good search app with positive reviews from its users.

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9. WolframAlpha

Web Search Engine

It is the best computational intelligence search engine. It allows the user to mostly search for computations. It allows us to enter the formula and questions in the search bar that provides the computational result accurate and faster. In its user interface, it allows us to search according to categories like Science and technology, Mathematical computations, Everyday life, Society and culture, and more. The search engine with computational intelligence has the best reviews from its user. It takes the best place in the world’s metrics intelligent search engines. It is most suitable for metrics searches such as algebra, conversion of units, formulae, results of the computations, and so on. The user interface provides an easy search with different categories with fast and accurate results.

10. GigaBlast

Most Popular Search Engines

It is the better topmost alternative search engine that allows to search with different categories. The interface designed with multiple categories that are useful for search queries. It is most similar to Google instant that returns the result instantly. It allows us to integrate the powerful Spell check API with its search engine. The categories like News, Blogs, API, Web searches, Images, Advanced search that helps the user to filter the result of the information according to their need. It is a fast search engine with higher accuracy. A good alternative search engine with categorized searches for the users.

Most people believe that Google is the only search engine. Besides Google several search engines serves better searching with minimal time and higher accuracy. But because of its inability to beat the fame of Google, many search engines did not reach the peak. But more than Google, several search engines help in finding our results more appropriately. Choose the better search engine from the world’s top list based on your needs and choice!

Article by : M.Swetha

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