10 Best Websites To Buy Novels Online At Cheap Prices

Best Websites To Buy Novels Online At Cheap Prices

In this article we are going to discuss about the best websites to buy novels online at cheap prices with good discounts. Hobbies and habits have become a natural part of the human life now. Almost all of we human beings have different types of hobbies which helps us to a large extend to overcome the time that is being spent without doing anything. There are different types of hobbies in the world. It is also a fact that new hobbies are being discovered by people daily in order to keep themselves busy rather than sitting idle an do nothing.

The commonly seen hobbies around the world are reading novels, writing short stories, dancing, and singing and there are even people who prefer cooking as their hobby. Out of all these activities, the one that is the most appropriate for humans in all means is reading. Reading is one of the best hobbies a person can develop in his/her own life. It not only make us utilize our time, but also it can improve our knowledge skill to a great extend. There are millions of novels and stories around the world of various genres.

There are people who prefer thriller novel; there are ones, who prefer romantic novel; also there are people who prefer to have novels that can be related to their personal life. There are highly talented authors in the world who has written plenty of novels to satisfy the need of the people. Usually, during the olden days, people use to visit the nearby book shop or library in case they require a particular book or novel. But, now the technology has advanced a lot and all such books and novels can be read at our own finger tips. There are hundreds of websites around the world where people can buy novels of their favorite genre. Here, we will be seeing those websites that are famous in providing the novels as per the requirement of the user.

10 Best Websites to buy novels online

Here are the main websites that are easily available for buy to by novels online:

1. Amazon


Amazon is that website which is known to almost everyone in the world by now. It is a website that not only provides us anything that we require in our life. What we must know is that amazon has a separate has a separate web page that is exclusively available for buying the novels of our favorite type. The main quality of this page is that the prices of the novels are reasonable and it will be delivered to our place of residence as per the same time mentioned by them provided no unavoidable circumstances occur. It is web page that is being used by the entire world and it is one of the most trusted web pages of all. No bad reviews or complaints regarding the page have come up so far. Another quality of the page is that if the novel that is being sold to us by the site is either damaged or not the one which we ordered, they will either take the novel back or give us the novel we asked for or the price of the novel which we paid will be refunded. All these user friendly qualities of the web page have increased the number of users for this page over the years.

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2. Good Reads

Good Reads

This is yet another web page for book and novel lovers. There are people who are their own style of reading and selecting novels. Some may like fiction, while some prefer novels based on real life incidents. Also, there is a certain community of people who prefer in reading ancient historic novels. Such readers are very less in number. Usually, ancient history and stories based on it are considered to be boring in the society, but still there exist people who prefer reading such types of novels. Good Reads is the most appropriate web page for such people. This page shows us the large number of novels based on history. Also, a short review of the novel will be given. This will give the user a small idea of the plot of the novel and he/she can select their favorite novel out of it. Therefore, this web page is considered to be the most suitable for ancient history lovers.

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3. Love Reading

Love Reading

Another web page that concentrates on a special type of novel lovers is Love Reading website. This website has two sides; one for the people who love fictional novels and the other for the people who prefer in reading non – fictional ones. The users for this web page is very high in number as the novels provided here are indeed thrilling and people will be engaged once they start reading the novels. One the main quality of this page is that it displays the comments said by the people who have used the web page before to read novels. For a new comer, by seeing such positive comments, he/she will use the web page frequently. This page has become one of the pages that have the bestselling novels in UK. Therefore, this is an exclusive page for people who mainly prefer in reading fictional and non – fictional works.

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4. Kirkus


This is a web page that has been in business since a long time. This web page has been providing the users with favorite books of their choice. It does not concentrate on any particular type of genre. It has novels and books that satisfy people of all types. The quality of this page is that it also provides a short review regarding the novel which the person is about to choose. By reading these reviews, the user will get to know more about the book which he/she is about to buy or read. This will increase the transparency and trust of the web page and it will prove to the users that they are a well known and most trusted web page for novel lovers. Also, Kirkus shows the number of users that have bought novels or read them using their web page. When a new comer sees more number of users, it is a common mentality that he/she will also prefer in taking novels from this we page. Hence, this is a web page that is suitable for people of all types of genres.

5. Book Forum

Book Forum

This is yet another American based book and novel page that gives a reader complete information about the novel which he/she prefer. It concentrates on novels of all types. It satisfies readers of all types. This web page is also known for giving proper and truthful reviews regarding the novel that a reader prefers to read. There are a high number of users for this web page. People who have once started using this web page have now become a frequent user and also a voracious reader. Reading habits have been quite a lot improved in America due to such web pages since more number of people uses it every day. Therefore, this web page has become one of the top pages for novel and book lovers.

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6. Library Thing

Library Thing

This is a web page that is claimed to be the biggest page which provides the maximum number of books and novels of all genres. The page has been developed from a long time and it has a large number of users which keeps on increasing day by day. As the other novel web pages, this page also provides the user with a review which is sufficient enough for the user in deciding whether he should but the novel and read it or not. Many people have found this web page useful. They have provided their opinion about the page in the web page itself which makes it more comfortable for a person who is new to the page. Hence, Library Thing is considered to be largest web page for books and novels.

7. Book Riot

Book Riot

This is a blog page which is claimed to be the most frequently used by the people. This page provides the maximum information to the people about different types of books that are available for the people. The information provided in this web page is very true and the people will get a clear picture of what they are about to read. This page mainly concentrates on bestselling novels which will be more useful to people. Therefore, this is one of the mist frequently used blog page for novels.

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8. Book List

Book List

Book List is a web page and it has online print magazine which gives us the maximum information regarding new novels and bestsellers that are available for sale. It is a web page which is approved by many associations that are related to reading and publishing. There are very high number of users since this page provides the users with the most correct knowledge about book which we prefer to read. Since it is suitable for novels of all genres, it is highly recommended.

9. Fantasy Book

Fantasy Book

This is a web page that particularly concentrates on people who have their interest in reading books of fantasy and fiction. There are many people mainly children who love to read novels that include fantasy in it. Well, this is the most recommended and suitable website for those people. They can buy and read any fantasy related novels and stories of their choice from this web page and hence it is very highly recommended.

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10. Bookish


Another web page that is claimed to be the biggest web page for novel lovers is Bookish. This page has books and novels of all genres and also a very high number of users. People frequently visit this page in order to get the favorite book of their own choice. The prices of all novels are a very reasonable rate and therefore this page has become one of people’s favorite.

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