10 Best Job Websites

Best job Websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best job websites for finding a job. Looking for a job? But you are no idea where to look. So here we are to give you several ideas for the places you could look at if you are looking for a job. Job hunting is not easy as we think it is it requires a lot more effort than the job does. Silly right? So making your work easier for you, we have a list of places you could look at without going outside banging your heads from door to door. Happy Job Hunting.

Top 10 Job Websites

Below is the list of top job websites discussed below:

1. Naukri


Naukri is a job portal and can be called as one of the most famous job portals. It has a huge database of several registered job seekers and many people are willing to register themselves on this website.

They provide job seekers with some sections to choose their jobs from such as jobs by brands, jobs by domain, jobs by category, jobs by location, jobs by featured company’s, etc. This is one of the best job portals for you to connect yourself to. They have active services for the recruiters as well. They provide fast and valuable services to the recruiters as well as the job seekers to connect them. They have special categories for employers as well as job seekers from IIT and IIM. The job descriptions here are given are precise along with any other instructions necessary.

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2. Shine


Shine is a job portal that offers many jobs. It is a very innovative and a large platform. They have made job hunting easier for you and also if you are a recruiter they have a huge amount of eligible candidates looking for jobs and would be happily willing to work for you.

As Shine is one of the largest platforms for job hunting, it is because of the hard work they are willing to do for their customer’s bye not only matching profiles of eligible candidates to the recruiters but also making relevant matches that mostly end up in hiring. Critically analyze the recruiter’s needs as well as what the job seekers demand and match the profiles which show magnificent results. They not only focus on hiring of the job seekers but also on their career growth.

They have huge companies and brands that have registered vacancies for them. As they connected with popular companies, other companies also rely on this engine, making it a huge platform for job hunting.

3. Craigslist


Craigslist is an American based company that provides us with various services, helping us with the job search as well. The services they offer us are: a shopping site, housing services such as house for rest, house for purchase, real estate for sale, etc. Also they provide community services and other various kinds of services such as automotive services, computer services, beauty services, etc. They also provide you with an option to post your resumes or things about yourself if you’re seeking for a job. They have made it very easy for us to search for jobs as all the categories are listed alphabetically which further have a drop-down menu to choose from which are also arranged alphabetically making it easier for us to search for jobs we might like.

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4. Quikr


Quikr is an Indian company basically for classified advertising purposes. They provide their customers with options to buy and sell their products and services from each other. As along with it they provide a lot more services such as instant messaging and missed call services. They also provide their customers with an option to explore among companies recruiting new people based on their qualifications. They have various sections for jobs such as a whole section is dedicated to the people who are seeking jobs where they can submit their resumes and recruiters can have a look at this section and can choose from the list of people who are looking for a certain job and can contact them. Whereas there is a whole new section dedicated to companies who are looking for people to work for them along with the position of the job salary and job description. The jobs are classified into different categories to make it easier for people. People looking for different types of jobs such as part-time jobs, full-time jobs, internships, work from home, etc can search for the job they Desire in different sections here.

5. LinkedIn

Most Popular Job Websites

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is mainly used by professionals. It is a platform that allows you to set up your professional profile and also helps in looking out for jobs. Once your profile is set up there is an option for feed that you can update with current events. Also, when you set up your profile it would be visible to all the other LinkedIn users which can be hello people looking out for jobs or even recruiters that are looking for people to work for them. Recruiters check out the profiles they find interesting and then shoes according to the qualification and also the LinkedIn profiles which gives the entire professional data about the person which helps them to choose between eligible people.

As stated earlier, LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals so just like other social media it allows you to like and share posts from others feed, which may or may not be related to you.

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6. Thejobs

Top Job Websites

Thejobs is a website that is fully dedicated to jobs purpose. They provide a large platform for both recruiters and job seekers.They connect recruiters to job seekers when their interests match. Also, this site allows you to create your resumes and make it available for recruiters to go through them.

This site does all the work of a job portal and makes it very easy for recruiters as well as job seekers to connect them as they understand what recruiters are looking for and forward the resumes they find to match the needs of the recruiter to them. They then with the help of the recruiters shortlist the job seekers for an interview and then receive feedback from both the recruiter as well as the job seeker and do act for the according to their feedbacks.

7. Olx


Olx is a classified website with a lot of categories. The categories include bikes, cars, mobiles, properties, electronics and appliances, jobs, etc. Being classified it allows you to buy and sell your products to each other, whereas it provides a lot of options in the category of properties along with renting an apartment to a room.

Whereas the job category has a lot of job options for their customers to choose from. If you choose to start your job search with Olx it will show a list of companies looking for people to work with them along with the job position and the job description. They have different categories of jobs listed together so that it makes your job hunting easier and you do not have to look at jobs you are not looking for.

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8. Monster


It is a website application of jobs where you can upload your resume or register yourself with this website. On this website, there are several employers you could choose among. They offer various jobs of various categories like fresher jobs, contract jobs, walk-in jobs, are work from home. They show you the employers available on this website from which you can select your preferences. You can upload your resume on this website to find a job you are well qualified for or if you do not have a proper resume they also help you to make a resume first. Monster website also gives career advisors and tips to keep on updating day by day. Also they provide jobs at various states.

They have job preferences based on their skills. You can also log in as an employer where you can find the right fits for the job you require. There are plenty of options to choose from. Even without registering on this website you can submit your mobile number and ID you will receive a call from the website to get help.

9. Careerjet

Career Jet

Careerjet is a job search engine that makes it easier for you to find a job through the internet around the globe. It is a worldwide engine and can also get you jobs abroad.

Careerjet provides a vast platform to both the employers and the job seekers as well. They have a long list of job vacancies registered to them by various companies and brands that may or may not be huge. The long of registered jobs helps job seekers to look out for the job they think would be the best for them. Also for employers they get to choose from all the resumes registered and allows them to connect to the people they find fit for the job. As it also connects the employers and the job seekers it makes it easier for both the employers and the job seekers to get what they need done.

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10. Times Jobs

Times Job

You can find jobs for yourself on this website. You can enter your skill or designation the location you want the job in your experience and find a suitable job for yourself. you can upload your resume as well and expect a reply from the employer if they think that you are well qualified for their job. You can browse for jobs in the IT sector, manufacturing, banking, marketing, etc. They also show the top consultants. You can search for jobs in your serials or even your states and cities. You can log in as a recruiter but it is a paid login. If you want to find the people who are qualified and can be employed by you you can log in as a recruiter and go through the people registered on this website and their resumes and find the people post preferences match your preferences.

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