10 Best Used Bike Websites

Best Used Bike Websites

In this article we are going to discuss about the best used bike websites. Bikes are two-wheeled automobile which help in transportation and mobilization. Riding a bike gives the most congenial feeling in the world. Feeling the cool breeze against your face, the adrenaline rush you experience is all just very magnificent. Biking is by far the most amusing and spellbinding experience that everyone will enjoy. There are a wide variety of bikes that are manufactured for different purposes. Although there is no universal way of classification of these motorcycles, they can be classified based on the type or purpose of usage, the type of make and model, etc. There are roughly 150 manufacturers for bikes worldwide, including geared and gearless bikes.

Despite the ocean of companies and a much larger number of production rates, there are several cases where bikes require months of pre-booking. Such is the demand for the bikes. It is widely popular amongst the youngsters. College going kids would kill to have a bike of their own, a sporty and a powerful bike that will instantly make them popular amongst their friends. Youngsters prefer bikes over cars for a lot of reasons like popularity as they can go for long rides with their friends. Many are even bike enthusiasts who will be very particular about the type of bike, the specifications, the make, and the model of it.

Owning a brand new, right off the showroom bike is all nice and cool, but is it really worth all of it? Is opting for a used bike that bad?

Well, know that it is a wise option to go for a used bike rather than a brand new first-hand bike. There are actually a lot more advantages for used bikes. Second hand or used bikes are very budget-friendly. You can buy the bike of your choice at a price that is a tad bit more than your pocket money. You can get a chance to change bikes every time you wish. There is also the advantage of getting bikes from a trusted dealer at nicer rates. Going for a used bike also gives you the advantage of getting insurances at lower premium rates.

I know most of you might think this is a very gargantuan task, but trust me it is not as hard as you think it is. There are a lot of sites and places that you will help you to adorn your garage.

10 Best Used Bike Websites

The top verified and trusted websites that you can go to for buying any used bike online are-

1. Quikr

Best Used Bike Sites

Quikr is an Indian based website that helps you to post ads, look for products you wish to own, and also sell the products you wish to get rid of. The website offers you its services over a thousand cities pan India. It has the unique feature of talking with the customers or the sellers so that you can have a surety about the authenticity of the bike that you are purchasing. Quikr does thorough background checks of the ads and the price that you are quoting before actually allowing you to post them. Quikr sorts the listed advertisements according to your current location which will show you ads closest to you. They also ensure the privacy of both sellers and buyers so that there cannot be any misuse of the data that is being provided. Quikr is India’s largest classifieds website with thousands of search options for any item.

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2. OLX

Top Used Bike Sites

OLX is the most popular and renowned website when it comes to buying goods, be it furniture or automobiles or even everyday equipments online. Operational over 45 countries, OLX has proven its worth when it comes to buying bikes online. OLX gives you filters for your used motorcycles like the model of bike, distance run, year of purchase, and many more. It has the feature of negotiating with the owner so that you can get it at the price of your wish.

There is an option to even chat with the owners so that you can make sure that you can have all of your expectations met. Although there are a lot of frauds happening on the OLX platform, it can be pretty reliable. It is a very user-friendly site with an excellent UI. It also has an AI chat option that will be there to assist you at times of need. 

3. Credr

Top Used Bike Websites

Credr, unlike the above two mentioned sites, is mentioned specifically for the buying and selling of bikes. They have an enormous amount of users that are there to meet every requirement of yours. Credr posts ads that are a hundred percent certified and authentic. They personally send over a team to do tests and checks on your bike. They have a trained set of mechanics and experts with at least eight years of industrial experience.  The website sell bikes on three basic categories, performance bikes, scooters, and motorcycles. Their website is very well maintained and up to date with the advertisements. They quote the best rates for the bikes so that there is no possibility of overcharging or underselling. They have over 1,30,000 customers as of today and an average of 4.5-star ratings for their customer services.

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4. Droom

Most Popular Used Bike Websites

Droom is an Indian based start-up and is as of today the largest market to buy or sell bikes, cars, scooters, and even airplanes (if you’re looking for one). Almost 65% of the online automobile transactions are being done via Droom. There were a lot of speculations and fraud charges on Droom, but it is a pretty decent site and trustworthy too. They have a very nice and easy to handle website. Their unlimited sorting options are their major selling point and are the reason why people tend to prefer the website. Apart from used bikes and other automobiles, you can also shop for insurances, repairs, and services on Droom. This makes Droom a one-stop-shop for all your bike needs. You can buy accessories, get a germ protection, a wax clean, etc. for your bikes.

5. Craigslist

Most Reliable Used Bike Websites

Craigslist is an American based classifieds website that helps you with every requirement of yours when you move into a new city. They can help you with any need of yours right from finding a job, a new apartment, used furniture or even used bikes and cars. They are the authorized resellers for your goods. Craigslist has a pretty decent reputation with two hundred percent authenticity for all of the ads that are posted on their website. They are very interactive and keep you updated with all of the latest ads and keep sending you notifications for it. Craigslist has a remarkable user interphase and a very easy to handle homepage. You can filter the type of ads you wish to see, the city you want to see the ads from, and also the budget within which you want your next bike to be.

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6. eBay

Best Secondhand Bike Websites

eBay is a multinational e-commerce operational website that allows you to buy and sell bikes, cars, clothes, electronics, and even collectibles. You can get all top brands at desirable rates. They also guarantee free shipping. A very important and a very appreciable point here is that for eBay customer is always right. You can leave a number of negative feedbacks and comments and they will make sure that it is being addressed individually. Another benefit is that buyers can get remarkable savings on every purchase that they make. They will get the best bikes at the best prices no doubt.

7. Bikewaale

Best Secondhand motorcycle Websites

Bikewaale is an Indian based company, and as the name clearly suggests, it is only meant for the sale and purchase of bikes alone. They have over a thousand varieties of bikes to choose from. The rates that they sell at are very reasonable. This is a very reliable site as they take complete interest in their customers. They do not allow fraud ads to be posted as they do thorough checks of the ad that is being posted on their website. They help in the simplification of the bike buying process so that you need not break your head over it.

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8. Koove

Used Bikes For Sale Near Me

Koove is an online retail platform that allows you to sell and buy used goods online. It is a very trustable platform as they have a 24×7 customer care service, real user profiles, live chat options, and also a moderate community. They ensure that the quality of the bike is being held up to the mark so that the customer is satisfied. This site has a very fast and friendly UI and is well maintained. They have a lot of filters to sort from so that you can get the bike that you always desired of riding. They even do mechanical checks of the engine, suspension and other parts to ensure the quality of the goods.

9. Auto Trader

Used Motorcycles for Sale Near Me

Auto Trader is a very efficient platform when it comes to buying and selling of the bikes and cars. They have over 20000 bikes and will help you surf through all of them based on your budget range and choice of bike. They have a very simple three-click buy option which will make shopping for used bikes more easy and fun. It is a UK based company and is a very reliable source to buy or sell goods.

10. Zigwheels

Secondhand Bikes For Sale Near Me

Zigwheels is a free online portal to buy and sell used cars and bikes. Apart from the sale and purchase section, they also offer news, blogs, and reviews about the latest advancements in the automotive sector. They also upload videos from experts giving out suggestions and comparisons between the top bikes and cars. Overall, it is a very gratifying site worth your precious time.

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