What Are Fun Ways To Study?

What Are Fun Ways To Study?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are fun ways to study? We all know that studies can be boring and difficult which leads students to procrastinate and hence unwanted anxiety starts to occur. If you are going through similar problems then congratulations, you have landed at the right place. So, without any further delay let’s get started…

What are fun ways to study?

The top fun ways to study are listed below and explained in detail:

1. Study with friends

Study with friends

We cannot deny the fact that studying is a monotonous and tiresome process which often leads to disinterest towards the subject but on the other hand, we have to study and score well in our exams to create a better future, being a better human being and become well equipped with high paying skills. To make studying an interesting and fun activity we have to make it fun by adding our friends to our study sessions.

When you will study in a group of like-minded people who have the same goal to study hard and score well then the process becomes easier and fun, a group of 2 to 4 friends can turn the study sessions from boring to fun and interesting plus you will have the advantage of studying in the group to understand your preparation level compared to your friends. When we think of our friends we associate them with fun, joy, and interest so think how helpful it would be if you include your friends in achieving the same goal?

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2. Watch YouTube videos

Watch YouTube videos

We must accept the fact that reading and writing is a boring and long process. So, how can we make it easier to enjoy the subject? If you go to youtube and explore your subject and chapters related to it, you will find tons of quality and interesting content that are reliable. Watching videos can help you to retain facts in your memory fast and easily. All you need to do is go to YouTube, search your topic let us assume Medieval History, and start going through the relevant chapters in the form of videos according to your need. You can find animated content, audio content, and video content which is definitely a better way to study instead of going through the thick textbook.

3. Listen to soft music

Listen to soft music

It is said to listening to soft music without any lyrics can help you to increase your focus and concentration in studies. Let’s just say you have to do your mathematics or accountancy assignment and you think it will require 1 hour of constant focus to finish the task, there might be possibilities of several distractions, but listening to music while doing something can help you maintain that frequency and improve focus. You can easily listen to music for 1 hour without putting in any effort so, why not combine that activity of listening with your studies? It is also recommended that if you are studying some subjects like English, History or Geography then music is not recommended but music without lyrics at a low volume for 30 minutes can boost up your concentration and later you can start with only reading the material.

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4. Study in small slots

 Study in small slots

Studying for more than 2-3 hours straight is definitely not the right approach to study effectively. You should focus on quality instead of quantity. Break your study sessions into small slots ranging from 40 to 50 minutes per session and take a small break of 10 minutes in between, this will let you rest for a while and will also a refreshing activity for your brain to take periodic breaks in the middle, as a result, yous study sessions will be high-quality session and you will retain more in less time.

5. Gain interest in your subjects

Gain interest in your subjects

Let us just say that you have an upcoming exam on history and you have to cover a chapter on ancient history and you have no interest in ancient history, you will obviously find it boring to mug up the dates, events, and theories. For this, a better approach to study is watching a documentary related to ancient history to gain interest? What would happen if we would not have the information from ancient history, what are some interesting findings on ancient history? Is there any famous movie related to your subject, for example, if you have to study quantum physics then the journey of renowned scientists like Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer will amaze you that how a boring and difficult subject helped our world and advanced technology?

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6. Change your environment

Change your environment

If you are often feeling bored whenever you sit down to study then changing the environment can actually be a game-changer. Instead of studying at your home, reach out to your friend and go, study in his home, use your college library to change the environment, go out to a park and try studying in the greenery some times or just change your room sometimes in your own home only. Our brain remembers new events more than repeating and monotonous events so changing your environment can be refreshing and effective.

7. Motivation to study

Motivation to study

Motivation can often range to anything from becoming a millionaire, landing your dream job, going to the best college in your country, getting a scholarship, or just impressing your crush in your class. Set a target and partially the motivation to achieve that target, like if I top in my class then I will be popular among girls, or get admission in the best college and work hard to achieve that target. Even if the target seems impossible try to set a challenging goal to make the process of studying interesting. We all know that we are studying for a reason and not for the sake of studying. What is that reason? Making your parents proud? Impress your crush? Landing into your dream college? Become financially independent?  Your why should be clear for strong motivation…

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8. Reward yourself

Reward yourself

A Reward system is a great reason to study hard. Remember when you were a child your parents used to promise you that if you score well then they will buy you that video game or take you out to your favorite restaurant and treat you to your favorite meal? Well, the same thing applies to you as well, now you have to reward yourself while studying as well as later finishing your task. You can start with If I can complete this chapter in 2 days then I will watch my favorite crime thriller on the weekend. If I manage to score well in my exam then I will go on a trip with my friends. It is as simple as that. The rewarding system will push you to study harder due to external greed and hence studying will become an interesting task for you now.

9. Play games related to studies

Play games related to studies

Consider you are preparing for your upcoming science exams in the upcoming week then a faster and fun way to study science is set a target that your group of friends will complete studying in 2 days and after that, just 2 days before exams you will conduct a fun quiz on the syllabus that is going to be there on your exam, arrange quiz in the form of who wants to be a millionaire and make this activity as your revision task before the exam.

Another way would be if you are studying subjects related to arts and humanities then arrange a debate with your friends either offline or online to check your level of understanding. Just imagine if you have a good set of friends and your group manages to change studies into a game then will it be boring anymore? In fact, students from top engineering and medical colleges use these techniques to finish off their huge syllabus fast and score well and that is why you might see their videos on social media that they are hanging around, doing dramatics, extracurricular activities, and still manage to be the best students in the country.

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10. Use mind maps

Use mind maps

Suppose you have just finished a chapter from history. Now try to make a mind map on that chapter. What is a mind map? Well, a mind map is a pictorial representation of facts in the form of shapes. You can use shapes like arrows, circles, triangles, squares and put all the facts inside these shapes. Your brain might not always remember those facts and formulas but if you use drawing and shapes and convert your notes into a rough pictorial form then your brain will remember fast and for a longer duration of time.

Mind Mapping is just converting your notes into the pictorial format, you can use multicolor pens to make the mind map looks attractive and the next time you have to revise your notes you will just have to go through your mind map created by you instead of going through that thick notes again and again. If you create the mind map once with hard work then you do not have to go through your boring notes again and again.

Always remember you are studying to become a skilled and civilized human being, and you should be creative to make your studies interesting. You should relate your studies with a story to make it interesting and come out with your own ideas as well. A good teacher knows that grasping and developing an interest in a subject is difficult but if you are not blessed with a good teacher then it is your responsibility to make studies funny.

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