What Are Sings Of A Man Falling In Love?

What Are Sings Of A Man Falling In Love?

In this article we are going to talk about the Cutting-edge this article, our female readers are going to find out if a man is in love with him. All the girls out there know that finding out if a man truly likes you is difficult because men tend to take time to propose or they do not approach directly, But if you are someone who feels that a man genuinely loves you but do not propose you then this article is for you.

What are signs of a man falling in love?

In this article, we are going to reveal the top 10 signs that indicate that a man is in love with you. Are you ready to unfold the secrets?  Let’s get started…

1. He accepts your flaws

He accepts your flaws

As we know we are humans and humans naturally possess many flaws that might be not tolerated by other human beings the society. But flaws are the common quality of a human being, some flaws are acceptable but some flaws might not be tolerated by most of the people in society, for example, you have a flaw that you have a bad sleep schedule that is intolerable by others, although your professional requirements do not require you to be in a perfect sleep schedule such as someone who is a morning person, wakes up early and go to sleep early. But still, to maintain a good relationship in personal life, some might not tolerate you for your sleep schedule, similarly you might be awkward when it comes to socializing…

If a man you know who is your friend or with whom you interact daily embraces these flaws and lets you know in conversation that he is similar to you or he has no problem with those flaws and accepts them, then understand that he is your secret admirer. He loves you but he is just waiting for the right moment to take the first step to approach you.

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2. Sex and Lust is secondary for him

Sex and Lust is secondary for him

This is a very important point to think about, you might have several friends at your workplace, college, or your social media account and everyone looks interested to you, but having an interest in you and loving you deeply have a very thick edge in between. But among those friends in your bucket you have to look among them which person is the one who does not care about how you look, what is your physical shape or if you are sexy…

Infatuation is not equivalent to Love. If you have a male friend in your group who cares more about your emotional being and is interested in your personal life and not how sexy you looked that day in the office or how cute you looked at that Instagram post then that guy loves you… More than 70 of the boys do not care about the sexual relationship after the initial phase of the relationship. So you have to be extra careful to find if you are just a sexual object for him or he genuinely loves you?

3. He is always thinking about You

He is always thinking about You

How to understand if a man is always thinking about you?

Here are a few symptoms:

(i)  Likes your social media post frequently

(ii) Texts you through WhatsApp or other social media

(iii) Calls you intending to talk but  talks on other topics

Boys generally have this weakness of being insecure and think that it would be awkward to approach you directly and they might lose your friendship as well due to fear of rejection, so these are few above symptoms that can be observed easily.

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4. He focuses on your positive side more

He focuses on your positive side more

Everyone on this planet has positive qualities as well as negative qualities, those qualities can be habits, attitude towards life, profession and behavior, etc. If he is someone who is constantly reflecting your positive sides such as your politeness, your passion for things, your fashion sense, and many things that can come on the list and you know deep down that you have many negative qualities as well that might be a red flag for someone else if he is considering you to be his partner then he is totally into you, He genuinely loves you.

5. He is dependent on you emotionally

He is dependent on you emotionally

Do you have a friend who shares about his personal life a lot? Does he share about his family, work-life, academic life, and passion with you very often? Does he talks about his emotional strengths and weaknesses and reveals them to you? Have you ever felt that why he is sharing his personal details with me and making him emotionally vulnerable in front of me?

This is because he is emotionally dependent on you. He loves to share emotional facts about him with you because he feels connected to you emotionally. If he has these traits then he is in love with you and finds you to be a potential partner for him.

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6.  He cares about your needs

He cares about your needs

You might be in any phase in your life, maybe you are currently a student in college or school or you are a professional. Is someone from your male friend’s list ask you a lot about your needs? Does he try to make small efforts to fulfill your needs? For instance, let us take an example that you want to go to watch a romantic movie or check out that latest collection of dresses and he gives you company for you to watch that movie or asks if you want to check out that apparel, and he gifts that dress to you… Maybe he is trying to give you emotional support when you are away from your hometown missing your family and he tries to fill that void for you… If any of that trait is true then congratulations you found your soulmate.

7. He puts full effort to make  you happy

He puts full effort to make  you happy

Do you have a friend who is constantly cracking jokes to you to bring a smile to your face? Did you ever go through some incidents where you were pissed off for that day but a random boy was treating you with a coffee?  Is he asking you if you had a bad day and if it is possible for him to make your day better in any way… All of these signs show that the man truly puts effort to make your day to be happy. Don’t let that guy go away…

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8. You are a top priority for him

You are a top priority for him

If a man truly loves you then he will never be busy to talk to you or makes excuses to avoid you. Let us take a few instances as an example, suppose a man has to leave the city and catch up the flight but he is informing you that he has to catch up a flight but wants to meet you before he leaves for just 30 minutes or so… Did you sometimes call him and felt that he is busy but he tried to talk to you and listen to you although you know he was busy? These are a clear signal that a man actually loves you. If a man genuinely likes you then you will be his top priority. Time will never be an excuse for him for not spending some precious time with you every day.

9. He is enthusiastic about your life

 He is enthusiastic about your life

Do you have a friend or someone knew who is constantly asking you about your personal life such as your past relationships, your hobbies, your family? Does it seem unexpected to you that he is eager to know more about your secrets? Is he always enthusiastic about you whenever you guys have a communication? Then, believe me, He loves you. But you have to verify the facts that are he interested in everyone’s life then that guy is extremely curious about life and it’s his nature to gain knowledge about people in general. If he is only interested in you then this trait gives a clear sign that he wants to show you that he is in love with you and wants to start something with you. Something deeper than friendship or colleague.

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10. He is protective over you

He is protective over you

Now for most cases in a progressive society, each and every man is protective towards female friends, in today’s generation every man finds it his responsibility to protect and respect a female in their workplace or college, but this is not enough to determine that the man loves you.

Did he show these kinds of traits very often?

(i) Asking if you need a lift to your home

(ii) Looking after you secretly at the workplace or college?

(iii) Gives you parental advice.

(iv) Came forward to protect you in sensitive issues like sexual issues that women face.

(v) He has an eye upon you to help you.

(vi) He gets jealous if any man talks to you or flirts with you.

If any of the above-listed traits are true then congrats, you just found the father of your age group… Just kidding, being protective is a great quality to have in your partner, and showing protective and possessive nature shows you that he loves you secretly but is waiting for the right opportunity to disclose.

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All the best…

Thanks for reading with patience.

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