10 Good Jobs For College Students With No Experience

In this article we are going to talk about the What are some good jobs for college students with no experience? Unemployment has reached its peak level and has turned into a major crisis in India. The number of students passing out after a degree is more than the number of available job vacancies. Moreover the pandemic situation had a quick blow at the Indian economy where more than 70 lakhs of people lost jobs taking the unemployment rate to four-month high of  8 percent, according to the reports of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy in May.

This hectic situation on the employment front is expected to continue and remain challenging for the future as well. When the youth come out after holding a degree, getting a job becomes a herculean task for them. You can also feel unreasonable when you have done so much hard work to gain all that valuable knowledge, and at the end of the day all those acts of proving yourself to qualify for a job becomes impractical.

Moreover, when a fresher comes out and applies for a considerable job which he may suit, the basic question or criteria to evaluate him becomes the experience certificate. How can a fresher get an experience when he is still a fresher? Without giving a chance to prove his work, expecting him to have a job experience in that particular field of study that he had completed his quality education is completely out of character.

The main issue of Indian education system is basically we lack all those soft skills and practice in it and the students become forced more into the syllabus oriented education lacking all other practical applications. So mostly when a graduate is out for a job, they lack the required skill of practice on the respective subject he or she might have chosen. This becomes really a challenging issue until when they really have to confront the actual skill that they are expected to get to know.

What are some good jobs for college students with no experience?

When the large MNCs disregard the middle class dream of poor graduates kicking out because of lack of experience, the dream of a qualified job they expect is completely shattered. This lower class people who irrespective of facing trouble in meeting both the ends of their private life and educational life, in a hope of a better future finally end up in a messed up situation. And finally instead of giving up on life, these people end up doing beyond their educational qualification. Even though you are prevented from having a good working position according to your educational qualification, there is still hope for those fresher’s who instead of working under someone could build a career for himself.

When most of the jobs require training and when the company you are looking forward to is not ready to hire you, don’t give up on your future. There are exciting jobs that you can build into a great career ahead in the future. Careful planning and strategically preparing could definitely make sure to end up in a good result. There are a lot of other areas unheard by you, where you can put a trial with full confidence. Here are some suggestions for you to make up a better future and begin with ahead in future. Give it a try as a beginner.

Before getting worried of what to do next with your career have a look at these suggestions of opportunities waiting ahead before you, this can turn you into an entrepreneur.

1. Advertisement


Media plays a greater role in influencing society. When you are unable to get a job in a large MNC’s, look at the helping tools that you have with you. If you are tactful enough in planning and creativity, formulate a strategic plan on how it can be built into a successful business. With the help of the internet, you can begin by creating a website for your advertising business and expand the area of work by contacting potential dealers to catch up with the customers.

You can use all the available online tools to implement this into reality. E-mails, newsletters, brochures etc can help you into getting into a well-equipped organization. If you are well versed in areas related to media, business and marketing this too can help you to move with a systematic method. Since ads play an important role in our day to day life, a lot of opportunities are there in this field waiting for you to have a better career.

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2. Marketing


Setting a goal and knowing your target audience can help you to find a place in the marketing industry. If you can find shareholders to invest in your business, you can easily expand your business. The best thing to know before investing your money is to get to know your target audience and thoroughly research the product in demand in the market. With thorough knowledge of your plans, strategic movements, find the best ways in connecting with your target audience. Best marketing tools can help you to strengthen the business. Blogs, websites for your products, pamphlets, brochures etc can help you to reach into your distinctive audiences.

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3. Sales


If you have a strong tongue and good knowledge of your products, persuading your target audience comes with an easy result earning profit. Sales job as a career is really a rewarding job. Here, you are supposed to know the minds of the clients and making an impression out of it, could help you easily to attain success. Presenting your products and demonstrating its outcomes and working could help you to establish a new working career in this field. You can find enough target audience easily through social media platforms.

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4. Reselling


It provides a great business opportunity with low investment.  You can start the business from a low base too. The difference in the supplier price and the selling price could determine the profit you receive through this business. You must ensure the quality of the product and the customer service. During these lockdown days, you might have seen the emergence of a large number of reselling businesses expanded through social media platforms mostly through whatsapp groups, instagram pages etc. Also these online platforms help you to have public business access without much difficulty. Moreover, your unique selling product and techniques might also help you to have your customers attracted to your product.

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5. Artistic skills

 Artistic skills

If you are someone who has so much involvement with creative works such as painting, making creative craft works etc can really help you maintain stable customers mostly. You could have seen people posting their crafty work on social media platforms and receiving a lot of attention. Moreover, if you are ready to take your creativity to another level to earn profit, you can use this idea of yours to make a good career by enhancing your skills.

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6. Content writing

Content writing

Are you able to play with words and ideas through writing? This is a great opportunity for exploring and enhancing your artistic thoughts. Content writing can help you to earn a lot of profit if you could pen down your thoughts and ideas into words. Most of the business areas require a good writer either to pen their product to increase the sales value or you can also be a writer for newspaper editorials, magazines etc which gives you more thoughts in a wide perspective.

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7. Freelance photography

Freelance photography

If you are good at making good shots, you can market yourself for your customers. Most of the business requires pretty images captured at some point of their marketing dealings. Moreover if you have excellent skill you could make enough profit through the right channels. Photoshoots for modeling, companies, weddings are always on demand if you have done fine and attractive works. Also you could be a freelance photographer for magazines, newspapers or even to specific theme oriented websites or areas of photography.

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8. Type writing

Type writing

Good typing skill and knowledge in vocabulary and data entry skills can make you a good typewriter. Printing press or dtp centers may need skilled people in the field of typing. Editing, proofreading and keeping information confidential of your work is one of the essential qualities you must own.

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9. Translation


 Knowledge in foreign languages helps you to open up into a wide range of career paths. More than formal training and qualification if you are well versed in the language chosen there lies an immense number of opportunities in front of you. The main job of a translator is translating the material provided into native languages and must be able to interpret things.

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10. Teaching


Since education has turned completely into online mode, there is a great opportunity for all those well versed graduates to impart knowledge to others by earning profit. You might have seen a lot of online websites that provide coaching to help the students. Moreover you can start your own platforms to reach out to your target audience.

Though career opportunities for fresher’s become a difficult task, like someone once said, if path doesn’t choose you, make your own path. No more worries about wondering about your future, instead work hard to create your own dream goal without giving up.

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