What are some things to know about a girl before dating?

What are some important things to know about a girl before dating her

In this article I am going to answer a question i.e “What are some important things to know about a girl before dating her?” : Being in a relationship is both exciting and challenging. Getting into a serious relation needs preparation and thought. It is essential to have a thorough understanding about each other. It is this understanding and acceptance that keeps a relation intact. Being able to accept the flaws and perfections of the other person alike is the first step towards it.

What are some important things to know about a girl before dating her?

There are several facts you are to be aware of before dating someone. We here provide some basic things to know about a girl before dating. This will help you take a wise decision.

1. Understand the girl’s personality and character

Understand the girl’s personality and character

The very first thing to do before dating a girl is to know about her character and personality. You feel attracted to someone due to diverse reasons. You might have been attracted to her at some specific moment. It does not necessarily mean you can get along for sure. Knowing the girl in person is important. Sometimes she turns out to be someone different. Talking to her will be the best way. The personality of a person gets reflected in their words and gestures. Understanding her will help you decide whether she is the right one for you. At times, even if she is good, she may not be the one for you. A quality interaction would definitely help you determine this.

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2. Family background

Family background

Most people might consider this a trivial fact. But it is not so. Know her family. Even if you are not acquainted with them try to know about them more. There is a chance that she is coming from a conservative family and your direct confrontation can ruin the whole scene. Knowing her family is also useful in determining her family status and social background. This information is not to judge her or to have a pre-assumption.  Knowing her circumstances helps you understand her better. The realization that you know all about her would make her comfortable too. If you intend to have a long-term relationship, it is important to know more about her family background.

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3. Talk about past relationships

Talk about past relationships

Knowing about each other’s past relationships would be a good thing. This helps you understand each other better. Take care not to take up the subject immediately. Get acquainted so that you are in a comfortable position to ask such questions. The response she gives actually talks about her personality. If the girl is reluctant to talk about them, don’t force her to but be sure that she has got completely out of the relation. If she is still having feelings about her ex it would be wise not to get close. There is a greater chance for your relation to be affected by her past. Do not let the person compare you with her past boyfriends. This may not be healthy, and you too would feel uncomfortable. Also, take effort to know what went wrong in her past relations. If the girl fully blames the other person for it, maybe she too has something wrong on her side.

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4. Friends


Friends defines who the person is. If you feel them to be comfortable, probably the girl is too. Plus, this helps you understand her better. Her likes and dislikes would be better expressed to them than to you. Having a lot of friends from each gender is a healthy quality. It means she is a socializing happy-to-be-with person. You too would get along well with her. Similarly, friends provide a clear picture of the character of the girl. If you feel her friends to be spoiled, then probably she too might be. How sincere is she to them is a vital thing to understand. If she speaks ill of them behind their back, it is definite that she would do the same with you. This reflects on her sincerity of character. A person who has self-esteem would choose people who are comfortable for her.

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5. Her concept about relationship

Her concept about relationship

If you are considering a long-term relation it is necessary that the other person too feels the same. Get to know what she feels towards this relationship between you and discuss about this in detail. This is essential in knowing each other better. Talk about your expectations. She might have different concepts about the same thing. If you are sure that this would not go together, then stop it right then which would be easier for you both. Sometimes, the other person might have taken the whole matter without seriousness. Sharing your concepts and believes is important. It is only when you are frank and open will she feel confident to share her feelings. It would also give her the freedom to be herself and to express her desires without reluctance. Knowing her attitude towards life is also essential. One who takes life lightly might not give much importance to your relation too. If you are not such a person then discuss about it, so that you both can come to a mutual understanding.

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6. Plans about future

Plan out your week

This might not be an important matter right now. But if the relation turns serious and your future plans does not meet, it can affect your relation. In order to avoid this, you both should have a clarity on your future goals. If the girl is planning to settle abroad while you want to stick to your country, someone will have to compromise. Having plans for future will also help you determine to which extent the relation should go. Also, well-planned decisions on what to do after studies indicates the maturity of the girl. It is an essential quality. Having a willingness to work for her aim ensures a determined character.

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7. The style of communication

The style of communication

The manner and style of communication can tell a lot about the person’s character. Note the tone which she uses. It can be a simple optimistic style or a pleasant tone. If so, the girl is sure to possess these values too. But if she speaks in an aggressive way, it might not be healthy. If the style in which she speaks is okay for you, then it would not matter to go for date with her. But if it is not so, her manner of speech can cause you irritation. A girl who always complain or criticize others might have the nature of being prejudiced. On the other hand, if she speaks in an understanding manner, even when disagreeing with the person, it shows her respectful nature.  Communication is very important in relations. If one of you is unable to listen with interest, it can lead to clashes. To avoid this, it is wise to choose someone with whom you can have a meaningful conversation.

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8. How a girl behaves with others?

How a girl behaves with others

A person is known in the way he/she interact with others. Watching her behave with others, be it her parents, friends, ex-boyfriend, or strangers reveal a lot about her personality. The girl may be sweet to you but harsh to strangers. The ability to respect people of all sections is a necessary quality. A person who nourish such values are sure to respect everyone even when having disagreements with them. If she is someone who cares about her friends, she is sure to care about you too. If she is concerned about her parents, so will she be everywhere. The way the girl speaks to people who serve her, whether in a restaurant or in a public place, reflects her character. A person who knows to respect others is sure to respect you too.

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9. How she responds to you?

How she responds to you

To know whether the girl is perfect for you, examine the way she responds to you. The way she treats you speaks a lot. If the girl is keen to be with you and understands you well then it might be good to go for a date with her. If she remains indifferent to your suggestions and opinions, it shows that you would not be contended in each other’s presence. A healthy and meaningful relation requires the partners to be understanding and respecting.  To find someone who is cent percent like you is not practical. You may not find someone like that. But if you can choose someone who respects your opinions, you are definite to have a joyful relation. Everyone has their own dreams and ambitions. The other may not have the same opinion as yours. It is natural in relationships. If you both can enjoy the difference of the other, then the relation turns meaningful.

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10. What attracts her?

What attracts her

The final thing to look into is what attracts her the most in you. This reveals on how she looks into matters. Make sure that the girl is attracted to your character. Anything other than that would not last. Try to be open about your feelings and ask her to be so. This would not always work as you wish because it depends on whether a person is ambivert or not. Know her likes and dislikes, her flaws as well as talents. Appreciating little things nurture relations.

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Every relation develops over a strong base of understanding each other. It is the primary factor behind selecting a partner. Even if you are poles apart in tastes and beliefs, the ability to understand and respect the other person is the foundation for a strong relationship. If you are confident about this, then dating them will be the best.

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