Advantages and Disadvantages of living in a City

advantages and disadvantages of living in the city

The advantages and disadvantages of living in a city are described here in this article. Are you planning for a move or planning for a change that can make many of your dreams come true? Are you also a kind of a person who always had lived in a village or a small suburban town and now looking for a change? Thinking to experience city life? If the answers to all the above questions are yes, then this article is just for you. You have come to the right place. City life might be mind-boggling for some people while at the same time, on the other hand, it might be very monotonous for some section of people.

Many might get lured by the extraordinary social amenities that they get over here, while others might be thinking about the mind-boggling entertainment that they might get in the cinema halls, restaurants, clubs, and many more. But just as every coin has two faces. Similarly, city life also has some equal disadvantages like pollution, lack of space and many more.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a city ?

Here in this article, we are providing to you both the advantages and disadvantages of living in a city. Starting first with the advantages, here it goes :

5 Advantages of living in a city

The advantages of living in a city are discussed below:

1. Access to better means of transport

One of the most important advantages of living in a city is transportation services. Starting from trams to metros. Starting from buses to airplanes. Everything is there for which an ideal person can dream of. Not only the railways and the flights, the road condition, especially the highways are well maintained in cities. The government maintained roads are well polished and well maintained. This amenity also attracts many businessmen over here which allows them to flourish their business as the modes of transport are easily accessible.

advantages of living in a city

2. Better and more educational facilities

The cities have now turned up to an educational hub where more schools are opening each and every day. More teachers are starting their own private coaching classes. As a whole, the net GDP from the tertiary sector is increasing. This thing not only helps the government officials to get more money. Instead, this will, in turn, help us, in turn, help the country as those young minds who are getting nurtured will mature someday and produce fruitful results. This is the reason that the literacy rate of the people living in the city is much more than that of the people living in the village area. Not only that the children are getting more opportunities, but they also get much better training guides and thus have an edge over the village and suburban students.

You can also get many websites and can search by your city to avail various things and can do online shopping. Students can also pursue your higher studies and also need not to spend much. You can easily avail of the scholarship schemes, buy second hand books from the web at exciting prices. Most importantly, you don’t need to depend on your one single teacher to gain knowledge. You can obviously choose from numerous options available and select the best one which you cannot get in the village side. As a result, many trading centers are also opening in the major cities. Many coaching centers have also started providing coaching for competitive exams even. They have more or less converted the education system into a business.

benefits of living in the city

For any sort of business, the most important thing is the audience or the customers. We also know that more crowded area means more people to advertise, more the people come to know about these, more are the customers. To gain popularity and fame, these coaching institutes lure the meritorious students who cannot afford to make into these premiere institutes due to a shortage of money by providing scholarships on the basis of merit.

The profit of the institutes is that they are able to make people believe in the fact that as the student studied over there so, he or she is able to make into the premium institutes for their graduate courses. The benefit of those students is that they are getting a proper umbrella that will cater to all their needs and will make them ready to face all the difficulties that they might face in their future.

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3. More job opportunities

We all know that the cities are the IT hubs. Every day in the newspaper we are seeing advertisement for many job vacancies and the majority of those vacancies are there in cities, in big cities. This is because every now and then the number of startups is coming. More number of startup means more companies. More number of companies mean, more number of vacancies and more number of vacancies mean more job opportunities. That is one of the main reasons behind the high migration rate from rural, sub-urban areas to cities. Also apart from the corporate world, many industries also hire many labours as daily wage workers. So, this might also attract a poor lonely farmer who does not possess his own land as a source of income.

advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city

4. Easy to access health facilities

We have often seen many villagers bringing their ailing family members to megacities for their treatment. So, this is also a reason for many people switching to cities. You can also take it as an advantage as most of the foreign doctors and many experienced nursing staff come first to the cities and also limit their reach to that much. There are very few doctors who expand their range to the villages and small towns too. Why doctors there are many small villages where no hospital facilities are available. The people residing over there have to go 3 miles to reach the nearest hospital still it doesn’t have the guarantee whether a doctor would be present over there at that very particular point.

pros and cons of living in a city

5. Access to other facilities

Living in a city can be much more interesting and amazing than what you have picturized in your mind till now reading the above points. It provides you the access to infinite entertainment. From entertainment, I not only mean restaurants, cinema halls, clubs, and bars. Apart from these, you can also have some educational entertainment. Like you can go to visit some museums, some zoological parks. If you are a person whose hobby is playing games. Then, this the place for you, in the city you will get a gaming park and cyber café in almost every lane.

You can also have access to many five star malls, many shopping centers, many jwellery shops which provide exciting festive offers, amazing season-ending deals which will lower your budget. You can also have access to technological advancements. Any technology that is new and has just launched, first it comes to the cities and then spread to the remote areas slowly. For example – the swiggy delivery service, started its adventure from the megacities and is now slowly growing its branches in the other small towns.

All set. Everything is ready, got very much impressed by reading the advantages. Every criteria is matching with your desires and now you are planning for a move. But a plan is said to that which is very strategic and it must also have the second option ready if some difficulties arrive. Yes, you got my point right. Wise men will also like to know the disadvantages before making the apt decision. Here, we provide you the disadvantages of living in a city.

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Disadvantages of living in a city

The disadvantages of living in a city are discussed below:

1. More Expensive

Living in a city will always be expensive. Starting from your daily bread and butter to the water that you drink the prices will be sky touching. As the pages of the calendar turn, the prices are going to increase and increase. This is all because of the involvement of more than one middle man. The wholesaler buys the product from the farmer, the dealer buys the same from the wholesaler and we buy the product from the dealer. So the cost of transportation is included, the profit of the wholesaler, the profit of the dealer are also included. Thus, ultimately the cost is increasing very high.

city life

2. High levels of pollution

This is a very serious issue. A person who is suited to the open greenery and the fresh air of the fields comes to a city. He feels suffocated and turns to be sick. The government also have started many campaigns and is dealing with this problem seriously. Also, this is quite obvious too, in a city, there are more number of people residing and most of them have their own private cars with them which indicate to more pollution. Also in cities, most of the industries are growing their trading centre and the gases from these factories are harming the environment.

disadvantages of living in the city

3. Traffic congestion

As we know the size or the area of the land is limited, not the population of human beings. So, in a crowded city where most the people have their own cars, traffic congestion is quite a usual thing especially during peak hours like office time.

drawbacks of living in a city

4. Sewage system

It is another negative side of city life. All the population of a city use the same sewage system, thus it can get blocked if not maintained regularly.

5. Overpopulation

It is the disaster that is quite predictable. There is a lack of space, a lack of resources, and many such shortages of things. So, you basically need to compete for your living if you want to live in this harsh city life.

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