Advantages and Disadvantages of using plastic bags made of polythene


Advantages and disadvantages of using plastic bags made of polythene are discussed here in this article. Who does not uses plastic bags? In today’s world you will plastic bags in each and every person’s hand and shops here there. As we know plastics are harmful to mother earth but it has its own advantages too. Here are mentioned both the advantages and disadvantages of using a plastic bag in everyday life. It contains 5 advantages and disadvantages of using plastic bags made of polythene. Have a read.

5 Advantages of plastic bags made of polythene

The advantages of using plastic bags made of polythene are discussed below:

1. Light in weight

One of the top advantages of plastic bags is its light weight. Due to its light weight it can be carried anywhere anytime without any hassle. Suppose for instance you need to take just few of the items with you outside or elsewhere, at this point of time the light weighted plastic bags comes in handy as you don’t have to hold much weight. For example, when you go o buy stuffs in grocery shops or elsewhere they give you plastic bags to avoid hassle and let you carry items easily.

2. Durability

When compared to paper bags, plastic bags are more durable. Paper bags are for one time use and once you use, it almost gets ruined. But in case of plastic bags it is reusable and durable. It can be used for a long period of time over and again. In many cases, the plastic bags are washable; you can wash it thoroughly and use it the next time. Because of its durable nature many people opt for using plastic bags rather than paper bags, as everyone loves to save and use.

advantages of using plastic bags made of polythene

3. Multiple factor

Another advantage of plastic bags is its multiple factor. Plastic bags are strong; it can carry as many heavy items for a longer period and does not wears off easily. They are water and chemical resistant. You can use the plastic bags to protect your items against rain and if it falls in water by chance, no harm will take place on your items. Similarly, no chemicals can harm the plastic bags. In case of paper bags, it is not water nor chemical resistant, thus it gets destroyed at once when it comes in contact with water or chemicals.

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4. Preservation

We know about refrigerator preserving food items but we should also know that plastic bags also preserves items whether anything, food or things. Generally, most of the items in grocery shop and supermarkets are packed up in plastic bags. It helps in the preservation of products for a long period of time without letting the product get destroyed. Usually, many people keep their valuable items in plastic bags and store it. When stored in plastic bags, the items do not get ruined or dusted. Thus, plastic bags are of an advantage due to its preserving factor.

5. Unbreakable and Flexible

Plastic bags are odorless and unbreakable. You can’t really break a plastic bag until it tears off by its own. There is no specific smell or color of plastic. Colors are given to plastics by humans. The unbreakable factor of plastic bags is really an added advantage as it makes easier to carry heavy stuffs and carry it anywhere without any hassle. In addition to this, plastic bags are flexible it can fit in anywhere; it does not really needs an extra space. You can easily fold it up and carry it along with you anywhere.

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5 Disadvantages of Plastic Bags made of polythene

The disadvantages of using plastic bags made of polythene are discussed below:

1. Petroleum Based

Plastic Bags are made out of polyethylene; it is a mixture of crude oil and natural gas. Oil and gas are considered as non-renewable sources of energy and are considered as to be harmful for health and atmosphere. The whole of the mining process and manufacturing process creates a lot of pollution. Crude oil and natural gas are limited in quantity for which using of plastic bags aren’t that good and it is always recommended to save nature and its limited resources. Instead of wasting plastic we can use paper bags or other kinds of bags to save our mother earth.

2. Threat to animals

Plastic bags is really hazardous to the environment especially to the surrounding animals. When those plastic bags aren’t disposed properly, they pile up in water bodies eventually. This usually happens when they are washed away in storm drains, sewers, canals and streams. When a plastic bag floats down in water, it creates a havoc for the marine animals, getting wrapped around them, trapping them as a result they get killed due to suffocation. Many of the sea animals such as sea turtle swallow the plastic bags thinking it to be jellyfish.

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3. Creates waste

Over millions of people use plastic bags worldwide. From so many plastic bags only few of them are recycled while others go to the waste bin. This gets dumped and piled up in streams and canals. These bags get piled up in streams and as we know plastic takes 1000 years to decompose completely, thus creating havoc. So many plastic bags are produced every time, people just use it and throw which in turn jams up the whole of roads and water sides with so much of trash and garbage inside those plastic bags.

disadvantages of using plastic bags made of polythene

4. Toxic Fumes

When plastic bags are burned it creates toxic fumes which are harmful to the environment. Over the years and every time millions of plastics are burned and smokes are all over the atmosphere. The burning creates smoke, which when inhaled can cause nausea, irritation and ill health. People and animals suffer due to such a thing. The surrounding atmosphere gets corrupted thus suffocating the birds and damaging the mother earth.

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5. Recycling Process

The recycling process of the plastic bags is not that easy and is a lengthy process. The whole recycling process needs a lot of water thus you can say wastage of water. A plastic cannot easily withstand durability for a longer period of time. It is better to avoid plastic and the recycle process to save water and let it not waste.

So, these were some advantages and disadvantages of using plastic bags made of polythene discussed above. I hope you liked this article and will do share it with your friends.

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