What Are The Applications Of Probability In Real Life?

What Are The Applications Of Probability In Real Life?

In this article we are going to talk about the what are the applications of probability in real life? Probability is not a new word for any of us. It is nothing but chance. We all do not consider as an important factor in our life. We have come across many things related to probability from our childhood. Whenever we are about to do something new, a matter that always comes across our mind is whether the thing which we are about to do will become successful or not. Maybe we will think that there is high chance for we to fail in it, or we may think that chances are more for we succeeding in it.

For example, we are watching a cricket match between two teams and we want our favorite team to win. Therefore, by looking at the run rate and the game we will come to know which team has more chance in winning. That thinking done by us in deciding which team has more chance to win is nothing but probability.

There are different types of probabilities in the world. Also, we have studied more about probability during our school days for the subject of mathematics. But, what we do not realize is that, not just in study matter, probability has great importance in real life too. Many successful achievements have been achieved due to high probability. Here, we will be discussing about how probability is applicable in our real life.

10 Applications of probability in real life

Here are some applications of probability in real life mentioned below in detail:

1. Cricket or football

Cricket or football

Cricket and football are those games that are favorite ones for almost everyone. There are different tournaments and leagues where our favorite team is playing. Also, a mostly seen scenario is we predicting the match from our home itself. We will look at the progression of the match and predict the match. But, what we do not realize is that all such prediction is done due to probability. When it comes to cricket match, the match will be decided depending on the pitch. If it is a wet pitch, it will be more suitable for bowling and the team that is bowling first will have a higher chance of winning.

When it comes to football, making a substitution of a string player towards the ending of the game has a higher probability in making that particular team win because by the end of the match, almost all the players who have been playing from the beginning will be tired and this new player will have all his energy to play better than the others. All these probabilities will make the coach and other people related to the team in deciding how to make their team win. Therefore, probability plays a vital role in deciding the fate of a cricket or football match.

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2. Athletic events

Athletic events

Another area where probability plays a major role is athletics. There are people who are good at different areas of sports. For tall people, events that are related to jumping would be suitable. For people who are having more weights, events like short put would be more suitable. People who are having fit and slim body, events related to running will be more suitable. The head coach of the particular team can make the changes according to the physical fitness of the athlete. By giving an analysis on such factors, the probabilities of making your team win can be made easier.

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3. Toss of cricket

Toss of cricket

This is a factor in which the term equal probability is used. We all know that a coin contains two sides and the probability of getting any of the sides is equal. Tossing in cricket is done to decide which team will bat or bowl first. It is done by using a coin because since the coin will give equal chance to heads and tails, the players will not feel any injustice done to them. But, if any particular team wins the toss, as mentioned before they can decide what to do depending upon the condition of the pitch.

If the pitch is a wet pitch, there is a high chance for balls to swing while bowling and the team that is bowling first will have a higher chance of winning. This is because due to swinging of the ball, the batting team will be able to score very less runs and the other team can chase that easily. Therefore, probability plays a vital role in tossing of a cricket match.

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4. Cards


We all are well known about cards and the rules to be followed while playing with cards. Probability plays an important role while playing with cards. If we put a card, and the person sitting opposite to us gives a card that has a number that is greater than the one we put, he/she will win. But, probability plays an important role in deciding whether we can win or not. All we need to do is observe what the cards are being put forward by the other person. By noticing the cards that are put forward by others, we will get an idea about the cards and the numbers in it.

We will know which type of card is present more in them and which card is very less in them. Depending on that, we can increase the probability of we winning the game to a greater extend. Hence, probability plays a vital role in playing with cards.

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5. Census


Probability is a factor that has a very important and strong role when it comes to census. Census is nothing but taking the count of the people present in a country dividing them with respect to their genders. It is been done in many countries in order to get an annual count of the people so that the government of the country can make rules and responsibilities according to that particular count. If it is a country that has more women than men, the government will get to know that the probabilities of issues related to women will more, so they will make more rules in favor of the women and vice – versa. Probability will help the government decide what should be done to the country with the ratio of the men and women living in a particular country.

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6. Weather


This is yet another part in which probability can play a major role. Weather is something that keeps on changing from time to time. Some days will be sunny, whereas some days will be colder. We have had situations where it will be sunny from the morning, but all of a sudden it starts to rain. The weather forecast of a country gives their assumption of the weather on that day. Also, by looking at the sky and its condition, we can also get the probability of whether it is going to rain or not. Therefore, by getting a probability of the weather around, we can decide whether we can do certain activities during that time. Probability plays an important role in deciding the weather of a country.

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7. Traffic conditions

Traffic conditions

One of the major roles of probability is in the field of traffic. We all are now living in a world where the number of vehicles is increasing day by day. Different types of vehicles in large numbers can been now in towns and cities. But, there is a thing which all drivers must keep in their mind before driving. For people who drive heavy vehicles such as trucks, they must be aware that the probability of causing a traffic jam is much more when they drive their vehicles through small and narrow roads. Hence, they must always try making their drives through national highways. Same applies for other vehicle owners. The driver must know which type of road will give them less probability of causing a traffic jam and should use it. Therefore, probability helps in reducing such traffic jams.

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8. Deciding your career

Deciding your career

This is a very important area in life. You might be a person who’s good at a certain area in life. You must know that the probability of you succeeding in that area is more. For example, if you are person who is good at accounting, you must always prefer for bank jobs. If you are person who is good at speaking, you must concentrate on being a teacher or a lecturer. Likewise, probability helps you realize the areas in which you can succeed in your life.

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9. Taking decision

Taking decision

Everyone takes decisions in their life. Some succeed in that decision whereas some may fail with that. We must always think and analyze whether the decision that is taken by us will have a higher probability in achieving success and then only the decision must be taken. By doing so, probability will help us in taking right decisions always and will make us succeed with it.

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10. Money matters

Money matters

Money is something which everyone needs and are working more hard to earn more of it. But, probability plays a vital role here too. We all are people who deposit the money which we have made in an area which gives us the maximum profit in future. Some may deposit in gold, some in land, etc. But, what we must make sure is that if we are planning to deposit money in a particular area, it must have the highest probability of giving us the maximum profit. We should not put in an area that gives us loss. Hence, probability will help us deposit our money in the right are and increase our profit.

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